Travel Diaries

Many years ago, this blog started as a travel diary of the different trips I took with my family. A long time has gone by and, little by little, The Tiny Book started focusing on travel in Greece: Athens and some of the Greek islands became my passion and the place I always longed to go back to.

One day, though, I discovered the island that became my place in this world. The Greek island of Crete turned into my most favorite place to return to…. until I settled on the island. Since then, I didn’t stop seeing the rest of Greece, but my real goal has shifted. It has become to discover every corner of this big island, and share the passion for Crete with those who have been following me, who have witnessed my transformation, and, of course, with those who share their passion for Crete with me…

Yet, I am not ready to cancel my past, the beautiful memories of the trips taken to other stunning destinations.

Becoming more aware of everything Crete has to offer, made me realize how inadequate it was for me to tell you what to do in other destinations. How could I write about places that I don’t know as well as Crete? Therefore, I decided to focus my knowledge on the island and share practical articles and guides about Crete. And still… I didn’t want to forget my previous Travel Stories. They’re all here.

Some have been transformed into thorough guides with the valuable help of locals. Others are just random experiences about some interesting places I’ve discovered through the years and still visit when I’m not in Crete. So… without further ado, in this section, you will find Travel Stories from different trips to countries other than Greece.

Most of them are just a bunch of informal stories and memories, travel diaries about destinations I’ve enjoyed visiting, both alone and with the family.

Travel Stories from Europe

Almost 20 years spent in Europe and a passion to explore have often taken me off the beaten path. Yet, some of these countries sometimes do feel a bit like home (well… one of them certainly was!)


Travel Stories from Africa

In this section, you can discover everything about some of my favorite countries in Africa. You can read about or unique adventures crossing the Sahara and riding a dromedary, sleeping in a nomad tent and having a birthday party celebration in the middle of the desert!



Travel Stories from Asia

This section features some of my family’s best moments in Thailand, and a few collaboration articles about other stunning places to see in Asia.

Koh Tao with children
Backpacking Southeast Asia

And if you’re traveling with kids, this section will also be useful to plan the perfect stress-free family trip!

Happy travels!