Where to Eat in Chania: Guide to the Best Restaurants in Chania for a Tasty Experience!

Where to eat in Chania

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Chania, in Crete, has one of the most vibrant environments on the island when it comes to its gastronomy. The city hosts dozens of unique places to eat and discover not just traditional flavors.

You’ll be able to find ethnic, fusion, and international cuisines as well as some delicious dishes from the Cretan Diet.

This guide to Chania’s best restaurants is the perfect starting point to find where to eat in West Crete during your adventure on the island!

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Best Restaurants in Chania, Crete

The Five Restaurant Chania
The Five Restaurant, Chania

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Greek cuisine has some of the most loved and delicious dishes in Europe. Everyone wants to have a Greek dinner.

However, no matter how good you are at cooking and following online recipes, it is an altogether different story and experience if chefs prepare the dishes for you.

When you are in Chania, you want to go to such places. First, because you need to eat. Secondly, because the food is delicious.

But most importantly, you want to go to a Greek restaurant because it is a place you will find original Greek dishes.

So here is a list of more than 20 of the best restaurants in Chania!

Prepare yourself for your Chania trip and mark the restaurant you want to visit. There will be many of them.

Where to Eat in Chania

where to eat in chania

In no particular order, these are some of the best places to eat in Chania and I totally recommend visiting each and every one of them!


  • Location: Zampeliou 49, Chania
where to eat in chania
(Giaourtlou – Courtesy of Tamam).

In the center of Chania, right on the backstreet of the Venetian harbor, Tamam is a local restaurant with a unique vibe. An old European style is evident and will bring you to another era.

In perfect harmony, the menu offers simple Mediterranean food with some traditional Greek dishes and local specialties.

Although there is plenty of indoor seating, you will find only a few tables outside in the narrow alley. The place is usually full during peak hours.

At the same time, people are passing by almost non-stop. It is a convenient spot if you want to have your meal while watching the crowds passing by. 

Thalassino Ageri

  • Location: Vivilaki Str. 35 Tabakaria, Chania
where to eat in chania

If you would like to avoid the traffic and noise of the city center, Thalassino Ageri will be the perfect spot for a peaceful and romantic getaway.

Only 2 kilometers away from the harbor, this restaurant sits in one of the most scenic locations in Chania, right on the beachfront.

Enjoy your dinner over the majesty of the sunset and the melody of the waves. You will fall in love with it all. And the food is equally good. They serve modern and gourmet Mediterranean cuisine.

Also, don’t forget to order a bottle of wine from a local producer. All in all, you’ll remember your visit here for a long time.


  • Location: Akti Miaouli, Koum Kapi Beach, Chania
where to eat in chania
All year long, Maiami grants a unique journey into local simplicity.

A whole eclectic vibe for this brand new place by the sea, Maiami. Simple and delicious staples from Med cuisine, a touch of art, and Cretan wines from Manousakis Winery. In all, Maiami offers unforgettable dining experiences.

Amazing appetizers plus pasta, the way it has to be. Trust me, the place will put you in the right mood for an unforgettable evening in town.

Maiami invites you to discover authentic ingredients and a lesser-known area in the city: a more authentic facade that you should not miss.

Walk to the end of Koum Kapi to begin your trip into a new, undiscovered Chania.


  • Location: Chalidon 26-28, Chania
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Boheme).

Right back to the harbor, Bohème is another unique restaurant in the area. This time, however, the setting is a more serene one.

Even though you will be in the heart of Chania, it will feel as if you have traveled to a secluded mountainous village.

There is an open courtyard with plenty of seats between the greenery and the stylish decorations. In general, the place will remind you of the 90s with its mystique ambiance.

Although you will find some traditional Greek dishes here, the restaurant is ideal for breakfast or brunch.


  • Location: Akti Enoseos 3, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Salis).

For a more modern setting, you may want to visit Salis restaurant, located right on top of the promenade in the old Venetian harbor.

Unlike other establishments in the old Venetian Harbour, this place isn’t just another tourist trap. It is the epitome of a luxurious restaurant.

By any standard, Salis is a world-class restaurant, from the quality and innovation of its dishes to its extensive international wine list.

What you will love the most, however, is the service. Everyone here is attentive, friendly, and helpful.
Don’t hesitate to ask for any meal or a wine recommendation. 

The Five Restaurant 

  • Location: Akti Papanikoli 15, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: The Five).

Right in front of the local beach of Nea Chora, The Five is another modern restaurant. Here, you will find innovative dishes inspired by traditional Greek cuisine.

The owners and chefs pay meticulous attention to details. They want every single plate to be creative and delicious.

The Five is the place to go if you are the kind who appreciates quality food and a complete dining experience. Read my review of this restaurant here.

And don’t forget that you can enjoy your dinner over a 180-degree view of the entire beach in front of you. It is a truly magnificent setting.

If you plan to come here late in the evening, make sure to reserve a table, as the place gets packed fast.

You might also want to read my review of The Five Restaurant here.

Adespoto Music Taverna

  • Location: Sifaka Street, Chania.
where to eat in chania

What a wonderful surprise it has been to book a table and enjoy the delicious food in Adespoto.

If you’re looking for a super romantic atmosphere, never-overwhelming local tunes, and fresh Cretan dishes, then this is a low-key restaurant in Chania that you must visit!

Try their delicious vegetable fritters, their selection of mushrooms, and the creative potato peels fried with Extra Virgin olive oil and sprinkled with pungent sea salt. Adespoto Music Taverna is another of my favorite places to dine in Chania.

Looking for a salad? Try their stamnagathi salad with local graviera cheese, pomegranate, figs, and petimezi!

Fan of street food? Check out the best street food in Chania.

Mirai Sushi Bar

  • Two Locations: Daliani 11 & Tsouderon 83, Chania.
where to eat in chania
Courtesy: Mirai Sushi Bar).

If you want a break from Cretan food and Mediterranean dishes, then the Mirai Sushi Bar can be a great restaurant to visit. Here, you can find some of the finest sushi in the town.

Just make sure to order and try their specialty: the salmon tartare.

For those suspicious of Japanese food on a Greek island, fear not. Mirai Sushi Bar is the place to go for many locals, too. The food is always of top quality, both in appearance and taste.

At the same time, the atmosphere is chill, and the staff is always friendly and polite, just like Japanese culture requires.

Are you in the mood for a drink after dinner? Check out the best bars, clubs, and pubs in Chania.

Matzenta Kouzina del Sol

  • Location: Elirou and Polirrinias, Chania.
where to eat in chania

Super off the beaten track and certainly not touristy, Matzenta Kouzina del Sol is probably the best place in Chania for an intimate night with the most delicious food you can imagine…

Do you like spicy, creative food? If you are a fan of Mexican dishes, then Matzenta will surprise you with a magnificent combination of Mexican gastronomy and Cretan ingredients.

LOCALS KNOW: This season, try their shrimp and apaki (cured pork from Crete) tacos and – of course – their guacamole.

Spoiler alert: Some of the best salads I’ve ever eaten in Crete come from this place. Not to mention their sweets… And the Margaritas are to die for!


  • Location: Akti Tompazi, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Pallas).

Back to Greek food and standards, Pallas is another top-quality restaurant in the heart of the old Venetian harbor.

You can sit literally 4 meters from the water and the closest boat.

Apart from the sunset and spectacular port views, you can enjoy your meal watching people passing by the narrow footpath in front of you.

When it comes to cuisine, you will find traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Because they always use local products and ingredients, there is a deep taste on every single plate. In addition, the service is fast and the staff professional and helpful. All in all, if you pass by Pallas, you have to stop by and try the food. 


  • Location: Theotokopoulou 61-63, Chania
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Oinoa)

On the other side of the old Venetian harbor, Oinoa sits in a quieter area with an equally splendid view over the Cretan sunset.

However, there are only a few tables available outside. Once they are complete, there are spots to sit inside, where the design is equally impressive. 

You will love the service here. The staff will make you feel at home with their informal and friendly attitude.

They also know much about Greek wines if you want to ask for any wine recommendations.
In sum, if you are into affordable fine dining, then Oinoa is the place to go.

Discover also these seaside restaurants in Crete.

Avli ton Thavmaton (The Miracles’ Garden)

  • Location: V. Roussou 1, Splantzia, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Avli ton Thavmaton).

This local place is a bit outside the tourist spots in Chania. However, it is always full of locals and, hence, you will have to wait to find a seat.

This is a testimony to the great work they do here. It is a lovely spot to have your raki or ouzo over delicious and well-prepared food.

Order a Tsikoudia and use it to clean your mouth while tasting different Cretan mezedes.

You can get an overview of all Cretan cuisine in this little paradise. It is no wonder they named it the Miracles’ Garden.


  • Location: Daliani 74-76, Chania
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Throubi).

Another restaurant that locals prefer is Throubi. This one is in the alleys of the old town and, hence, has easier access from the center.

You will find everything from proper Greek dishes to fast food options like Gyros. You will also love the on-the-house homemade dessert that the owners offer after every meal.

Because it is a less touristy restaurant, you can feel the difference in how waiters talk to you.

They are all very friendly, eager to help, and have a good time with you. All in all, if you are looking for a value-for-money option, visiting Throubi is a must. 

The Well of the Turk

  • Location: Sarpaki 1, Chania.
where to eat in chania

If you do not want to walk far from the city center, then The Well of the Turk is your next-best option.
Located in the heart of the old town, this picturesque restaurant offers traditional Turkish and oriental cuisine. 

If you are double-thinking because you don’t want to have Turkish food in Greece, think again.
This restaurant will change your mind.

Their cooking is a whole new level and a nice break from the usual Greek plates. In addition, if you are a vegetarian, you will love this place.

Here, you can try a vegetarian version of one of the most famous Greek dishes: Moussaka. 


  • Location: Devkalionos and Ikarou, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Chrisostomos)

A few hundred meters to the north, Chrisostomos is the epitome of traditional Cretan food. They specialize in local dishes from Sfakia, made in their wood oven by renowned chefs and cooks. 

Their goal is to show you the warmth and quality of genuine Cretan hospitality.

Because of its high standards, the restaurant is usually fully booked, and thus, you may not find an empty table if you walk in. It is best if you reserve a table beforehand.

All in all, if you want to taste authentic Greek food in a pleasant atmosphere, Chrisostomos should be at the top of your list. 

To Maridaki

  • Location: Daskalogianni 33, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: To Maridaki).

Again, in the heart of the old town, To Maridaki is a small, no-frills restaurant. Here, you can find changing daily lunch dishes that complement the standard plates on the menu.

As a result, the food is always fresh and ready to serve fast. This is the main reason why this place is full of locals.

Another reason to visit Maridaki is no other than the staff working here.

They are all very polite and happy to help and make meal recommendations. After your main dish, they will serve you a complimentary dessert that comes free of charge. 

Discover these 20 authentic local dishes from Crete!

La Bodega

  • Location: Akti Kountourioti 60, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: La Bodega).

In another quiet spot of Chania, on the edge of the old harbor, La Bodega is a modern waterfront restaurant with a unique style.

Order fresh seafood, try elevated versions of traditional Greek dishes, or get a few mezedes to enjoy your raki while you gaze off the Aegean. 

There is also a wide selection of wines available, including local specialties and varieties.

Moreover, the staff are friendly and polite. All in all, it is no wonder why tourists and locals alike queue up to get a table in this serene location.


  • Location: Skoufon 8, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Semiramis)

Semiramis is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the heart of Old Town. The cozy atmosphere and polite staff create the perfect setting for a typical Greek meal.

The dining area is an open garden surrounded by traditional houses from all sides. 

The highlight of Semiramis is the live music that local bands play every day from eight to midnight. After all, the food tastes better when accompanied by quality live music.

And the owners know that. In any case, if you are looking for a typical Greek tavern, Semiramis should be among your options. 


  • Location: Daskalogianni 69, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Laganon).

It is difficult to get bored of Greek food. However, if this ever happens, or if you want to taste homemade pasta, then Laganon is the place to go in Chania.

On the outskirts of the old town, within walking distance from the center, this lively restaurant offers some of the finest pasta plates in Chania. 

Everything is homemade and tastes delicious. Kudos to the owners and staff who put their love into what they do. The results are simply outstanding.

When you visit, remember to ask the waiters about the story behind the restaurant. It is exciting to learn how a Sunday ritual with Mom and Dad became the core component of a successful business. 

Ginger Concept

  • Location: Sarpaki 36, Chania
where to eat in chania

Ginger Concept is a little restaurant hidden in a small alley in the old town of Chania. Surrounded by small traditional houses, the area has plenty of shade and lovely sitting areas out in the open.

Dinner in Ginger Concept circles the wine and how to elevate its taste. Depending on the variety of wine you will choose, the waiters will recommend specific plates.

In general, the menu is all about classic, light, and freshly flavored dishes with carefully selected ingredients to enjoy your wine.

Even if you are not a wine lover, again, you will want to visit Ginger Concept. This time, however, it will be for a refreshing and filling breakfast or brunch in town. 


  • Location: Katechaki 12, Old Harbour, Chania.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Kariatis)

Last on our list is Kariatis, a stylish restaurant built on the old Kasteli wall next to the Venetian harbor of Chania. Kariatis has carried a reputation for top-quality food and service since 1993.

Their menu is a mixture of Italian and Japanese dishes. The result is an elevated cuisine with elements of traditional Greek plates. 

If you are a wine lover, you will have an extra reason to visit this gourmet restaurant. Here, you will find an extensive selection of award-winning Greek and international wines from all around the world.

The service is also outstanding and professional. All in all, for a top-quality dining experience, all you have to do is book a table at Kariatis restaurant.
You won’t regret it.

Mikro Kelari

  • Location: Daliani 80-82, Chania.
where to eat in chania
Cretan dishes at their best.

Mikro Kelari is one of my many recent finds when it comes to traditional delicious food that is closely connected to Cretan gastronomy.

Located on the famous Chatzimichali Daliani Street, probably the best street to go when visiting Chania to find the best food, this little gem serves incredible meat dishes, typical sauces, and some of the best baked and fried potatoes you could expect.

where to eat in chania
Photo courtesy of Mikro Kelari.

Everything you will be served is made in Crete, from the local sausages stuffed with Graviera cheese to the soft drinks. So forget all about Coca-Cola and indulge in a very Cretan Arpa Cola instead!

63o Mezedosxoleion

  • Location: 63 Daliani Street, Chania.
where to eat in chania
Don’t forget to leave your signature on their blackboard!

As you can see, nothing can go wrong when you walk along Chatzimichali Daliani Street at dinner time.

Other than being the right place where most locals gather for a great dinner, you will find some of the best traditional restaurants in Chania, one right next to the other!

Hard to choose where to eat? Well, worry not; in general, no matter where you go, most of the restaurants on this road offer top Cretan dishes at quite convenient prices. Just grab a table and enjoy the vibe.

where to eat in chania
A menu that pays homage to old-school notebooks.

If you’re looking for something special, then head to Mezedoscholeio. Check out the old-school decorations and taste some of the best meze (the Greek version of the more famous Spanish tapa) in town.

where to eat in chania
Tirokafteri is spicy and rich!

I love their tirokafteri dip, one of the best spicy cheese dips in the city, as well as their fried potatoes with truffle perfume and grated Graviera cheese: An incredibly delicious treat!

To Steki

Location: 5, Agio Deka Street, Chania

where to eat in chania

Traditionally considered one of the many instagrammable places in Chania, this small restaurant is located in a tiny ally of the old town.

It serves excellent dishes, many of them from the Cretan and Greek traditions, while others have a more international twist.

where to eat in chania

Do not miss their platter of Cretan starters, and go for the cold spaghetti with zucchini if the temperatures in town are high!

Lithos Restaurant

  • 7-9, Akti Kountourioti, Chania Old Harbor.
where to eat in chania
(Courtesy: Lithos)

One of the very few restaurants facing the Old Venetian Harbor that will surprise you with a creative menu based on fresh and genuine Cretan products.

Lithos is an all-day restaurant and café serving tasty dishes, creative cocktails, sweets, and coffee only steps from the waterfront, inside one of the best-preserved buildings in the old town. Aria, its owner, takes pride in supporting and highlighting local flavors and featuring creative Greek cuisine paired with fantastic Greek wines.

You might also want to read my review of Lithos Restaurant here.

Pinaleon Fine Kitchen

  • 86, El. Venizelou, Chania
where to eat in chania

My last successful discovery in Chania was this place, which literally blew my mind for the simple yet incredibly tasty menu featuring quality products.

Owned and run by chef Albert Hazma, Pinaleon is a new restaurant that proves perfect if you are in the mood for some Greek classics, traditional Cretan dishes, and top-notch flavors.

where to eat in chania
where to eat in chania

I suggest…

  • Kagianas as a starter, a delicious toast with scrambled eggs with grated cheese, Cretan style.
  • Kokkinisto mosxari, the most tender beef cooked in thick red sauce garnished with the most sumptuous sweet potato purée I’ve ever tried (and I’m a fan of purée, so I do know what I’m saying!)

In love with Italian food and craving a good spaghetti dish? Then Pinaleon is your place; they do know how to cook pasta al dente and how to make sauce the way Italians do. This place won’t disappoint.

Unfortunately (for tourists), the place is not really geared toward tourists but toward the local public, so it closes in August for holidays. …A great reason to visit Chania in September!

Want to end with a sweet on the go? We’ve got just the right place to visit…

Sketi Glyka

  • Location: 63 Vrison Street, Chania.
where to eat in chania
Sketi Glyka’s tiramisu.

Located in a small, hidden alley right in the heart of the old town, this traditional pastry shop serves some of the best sweets and desserts in town, including creamy Galaktoboureko, tiny lemon pies to go, original ice cream, and one of the best tiramisu in the city, both in sweet and bitter chocolate versions!

As you can see, Chania can be a one-of-a-kind foodie paradise; you just need to know exactly where to go, so bookmark this article, as I periodically update it with new incredible places to eat in Chania!
Have you ever been to any of these Restaurants in Chania?

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Where to Eat in Chania Crete

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