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Welcome to Crete!

We are locals with a passion for the island and offer you years of experience showing the best of Crete to hundreds of travelers with unique guided trips.

In the last ten years, The Tiny Book has grown to become the biggest online collection of guides, articles, and free resources to plan the perfect vacation in Crete. 

Balos Beach, Crete, winter landscape

Inside The Tiny Book, you will find free resources to explore the most popular corners on the island, but also those lesser-known places that not everyone gets to see… We can take you to places that nobody knows simply because… they don’t live here!

Let us help you discover the island through the eyes of a local. No matter what kind of traveler you are, Crete will never cease to amaze you… we will show you why!


The four regions in Crete:


Overwhelmed about the planning and don’t know where to begin?
Start by heading to this 50 Things to Do in Crete article.
It is a super helpful resource to plan your trip, knowing exactly what to do region by region!

50 Unmissable things to do in Crete!



In this section, there are more detailed guides to find exactly what you’re looking for to plan your perfect trip to Crete.

Crete coast


Come with us on a day trip to the best places on the island. Discover places that only locals know!

Join us!

Crete Travel Blog



Inside our Facebook Group “Things to Do in Crete” you will find immediate information to enjoy the best that Crete has to offer!


I created The Tiny Book to bring you closer to your dream vacation in Crete. Here, I share insider tips and ideas to plan your Crete escape, promoting local, authentic experiences and slow, independent travel.

As a permanent resident, I bring an insider’s approach through the eyes of a foreigner, writing accurate travel guides and crafting customized experiences. If you also enjoy adventures, the adrenaline of driving unknown roads, or if you adore heavenly beaches, then you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll find the best travel guides about Crete…

Ready? Let’s go!


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