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Can you name your top priority when deciding about family holidays? In our case at least, during the scorching summer season, we need to go to the beach. And Greece is a fantastic destination, home to some of the most amazing beaches in Europe! So, if you’re like me and find yourself wondering which are the best places in Greece for families, don’t go any further, here you can find out the top three destinations that redefine the meaning of Greek hospitality. For us, the choice is simple: Crete, Corfu… or maybe somewhere in between.

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Best places in Greece for Families

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Is Greece Good for a Family Holiday?

kids, sea, sunset

Saying that Greece is a kid-friendly country is an understatement. Children are really loved in Greece and can quickly become the star in restaurants and small family hotels, where they will be treated and pampered in every possible way.

Families come first in Greece, and children even more so. I’ve learned that during my years living on the island with two small kids. And now that the kids are not so small any longer, things haven’t changed a bit.

Greece is also a very safe destination. Of course, places such as Athens or Thessaloniki pose the same usual risks you can run in every important city, but in general, the atmosphere is quite and there aren’t any major risks to be aware of.

When it comes for food, beaches, landscapes, cultural activities, outdoor experiences, and fascinating archaeological sites, there’s a plethora of things that kids can enjoy in Greece. Both in the mainland and on the islands. So if after reading all this, your question still remains, let me put it bluntly: Greece is really a great place for family travel.

Which Places in Greece are Best for Families?

Some of the bigger islands are the obvious choice. Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, and Naxos are my top pick when it comes to places for families in Greece. But that’s not all. Older children can really enjoy less traditional places for kids such as Mykonos (for great beaches) or Santorini (with spectacular views, a unique black beach, and a stunning archaeological site).

Is Crete Good for Family Holidays?

Best places in Greece for Families

You’ll say I’m biased, and maybe I am, but just a little. In my opinion, Crete is the best place in Greece for families, and I don’t see myself changing my mind any time soon.

I will always choose Crete for children, it’s a perfect kid-friendly island with the right beaches for kids, beautiful landscapes, endless outdoor adventures to explore, healthy and tasty food, safe, and fun. Crete has every ingredient and even more to go with children.

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Things to Do in Crete with Kids

Crete is a blessed land and we can never get enough of it. We enjoy our trips around the Northwest coast, sometimes not as windy as the South (which kids also love because of the fantastic beaches), some of them among the best beaches for children in Crete.

The capital, Heraklion will offer your family the best of both worlds. Heraklion’s shore stretches to the East and to the West of its center. The bays of Ligaria and Agia Pelagia are good and safe places for kids to swim. Add to the beaches stunning theme parks, such as Dinosauria and the Labyrinth, the Archaeological Museum, and the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the result is a wonderful recipe for family Summer success!

Is Corfu Good for Families?

Best places in Greece for Families

Yes, Corfu definitely passes the test too! Corfu is another great contender for family holidays in Greece. I traveled with the kids as a solo mom and I always felt safe and cared for. Being a mom traveling alone with two kids can feel overwhelming at the beginning (it was my first trip with both kids), and from bus drivers to waiters in tavernas, to just random people on the streets and on the beach, everyone was hospitable and willing to help.

We stayed for two weeks on the northern coast of the island and on that particular occasion I decided not to drive and try organized tours and public transport. It was quite easy to book excursions fit for children. We even sailed to Antipaxos, jumped off the boat, and enjoyed snorkeling in a really deep shore and everything went super smooth.

Things to Do in Corfu with Kids

The beaches of Corfu, as most of the beaches in Greece, are stunning. Some of them are particularly safe and ideal for kids. Coves well-protected from winds and waves are easy to find all over the island. One of the days we enjoyed the most was when we jumped on a bus and visited a kumquat marmalade factory. The kids went crazy tasting sweets, jams, and biscuits, while I discovered the wonderful liquor that can be made from this exotic fruit.

Next up on that same day, we visited the beautiful beach of Paleokastritsa where we had a picnic on the beach and explored the sea caves on a boat.

Is Rhodes a Good Place for Kids?

Best places in Greece for Families

Another favorite for family travel in Greece is Rhodes. This huge Greek island has plenty of opportunities for kids to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. One of the places that children will love the most is the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights.

The castle, which is one of the prettiest in the world is a fantastic fortification overlooking the harbor of Rhodes. I still have to meet a kid who didn’t enjoy such a visit.

There are also several tranquil beaches in Rhodes for children. The weather is good almost all year long, so small kids that are not subject to any school schedule can also enjoy the warm sea in less crowded months. If this is your case, prices off-season will make the island even more attractive!

Things to Do in Rhodes with Kids

When it comes to things to do with children on the island of Rhodes, you will be able to choose among ancient archaeological sites and museums, water parks, outdoor adventures, and water sports. The old town of Rhodos is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the continent, it has a unique fairy tale atmosphere that fascinates both kids and adults alike.

And if you’re after more castles and dreams of knights and princesses, head to the town of Lindos, and check the magnificent castle overlooking the city the magnificent beach of Lindos.

Santorini & Mykonos with Children

Best places in Greece for Families

Not as popular destinations for children, both islands can reveal tons of surprises if you visit with kids. You just need to get off the beaten track and find the right places that you know your kids will enjoy.

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Things to Do in Mykonos with Kids

Mykonos is not just a party island or a night, as many love to define it. There’s also a morning Mykonos that kids can enjoy, including the beautiful and safe beaches, the Folklore Museum, the wonderful seaside windmills of Mykonos, and the fantastic landscape of the houses by the sea in Little Venice.

Moreover, you can sail to the nearby Delos. A whole island is also an archaeological site with dozens of ruins and legends related to the most famous legends in Greek mythology. If you’re still wondering whether Mykonos is a good place in Greece to visit with children, trust me, the island won’t disappoint you.

Things to Do in Santorini with Kids

The island is known for being the perfect romantic place in Greece. And we must agree on the fact that those dreamy landscapes look much better when you’re enjoying them with someone you love. What can be more romantic than a sunset in front of the most famous caldera in the world?

Yet, apart from the fact that kids can also enjoy a sunset (can’t they?!), many things can entertain your kids in Santorini. The two black beaches on the island can be really intriguing for kids, as well as the volcanic landscape. Imagine what an adventure it can be for a kid to know they are on holiday on top of an ancient volcano… which is still pretty much alive!

To get a closer look at what the past civilizations that lived on the island at the time of the volcanic explosion looked like, the unique archaeological settlement of Akrotiri was buried under the ashes of the eruption for ages. So, pretty much everything was preserved and can still be seen, such as the houses and the roads of the settlement.

If then you also check the archaeological museum in Fira Town, kids will be able to see figures and impressive seals coming from the settlement.

Naxos & Paros with Kids

Best places in Greece for Families

Both Naxos and Paros are islands that kids can really enjoy. Both islands have dozens of great beaches for children, traditional mountain villages for outdoor trekking and exploring, as well as interesting archaeological sites.

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Things to Do in Naxos with Kids

When we visited Naxos with the family, we wished we could have had some more time to keep driving around the island. Everywhere we went, we enjoyed. One of the things our kids enjoyed the most was a walk in the Chora of Naxos. The old town is on a hill and crowned by a beautiful Venetian fortress. From there, the views of the Portara, the most famous archaeological place on the island are impressive.

Another thing they enjoyed was the hike in the hills to visit the Kouroi in Melanes village. Other than the wonderful walk in nature, the views of the mountains and the green valleys, the fascinating mystery surrounding these unique stone statues will keep kids interested and entertained for long.

Things to Do in Paros with Kids

Paros is another popular place to visit in Greece with children. We visited for just a few days, and again, we wished we could have stayed longer. Probably as beautiful as any other Cycladic island, the advantage in Paros is that the island is not as busy or as expensive as Santorini or Mykonos.

The environment is definitely more relaxed and traditional, and the Greek atmosphere is truly authentic. One of the best places to visit in Paros with kids is the Vally of the Butterflies, populated with abundant trees, bushes, and thousands of butterflies literally everywhere!

The beach of Kolymbithres is another spectacular place to check when in Paros. Kids will fall in love with the moon-like landscape made of smooth rocks that have been eroded by the wind and the sea. The waters are really shallow, perfect for toddlers and small kids.

If you have enough time, take a boat and sail to the nearby small island of Antiparos. The island is really small and laid-back, and there is not a lot of activities thought for kids, however, it can be interesting to check the Cave of Antiparos, one of the most impressive caves in Europe.

I wrote an article about things to do in Antiparos with kids which you should check if you’re planning to visit both islands.

One More Idea for Holidays in Greece with Kids

If your main intention is to chill out and relax during your family holiday in Greece, just make up your mind and visit any of the aforementioned islands. All of them will provide unforgettable family moments to take back home with you.

However, if your family is seeking for an adventure or if the explorer in you is dying to get out…

If you are thirsty for new views, exciting locations, and different destinations every day, then you can go for a cruise in the Aegean. Put the least amount of effort with the greatest outcome, several destinations in just one trip will offer countless visuals and images that you and your kids will treasure forever.

In family-friendly cruises, activities for kids on board can be limited. But you are a Tiny Book reader, so you already have a bag packed with activities for your kids for them not to get bored (like I do!). The main attraction on a cruise is simply to enjoy the beauty of smooth sailing…  A beauty that can be fully enjoyed by kids too!

Are you visiting the Greek Islands with your kids soon?
Let me know in the comments below!

Travel Plans for Greece?
More Resources to Organize Your Trip!

Best places in Greece for Families

Start by heading right to my Greece travel guide for in-depth details you need to know about Greece. You can also check my post to plan a trip to Greece with children!

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Best places in Greece for Families

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For accommodation, I use
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43 thoughts on “Discover the Most Beautiful Places in Greece for Families

  1. sophie nadeau says:

    Oh my goodness; Greece looks so pretty- and that water is just so so blue! Sounds like you had a great time and that it’s the perfect place to travel to with kids!

  2. Anamika Ojha says:

    My friend went to Santorini and Crete last year and just loved it! I heard many stories about exotic beaches of Greece! This place is definitely on my list and hope to visit there soon! Glad to know that you had an amazing time with your family out there!

  3. Tamz says:

    Last year my friends went to Greece and they could not stop raving about Corfu. Since then I have always wanted to visit the beaches of Corfu when I would be in Greece. But today Crete also joins my list. That is an amazing place with beautiful beaches. Really lovely

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Tamz, I was in Corfu this year and let me tell you it’s an ideal island to outline a trip similar to the one you could prepare for Crete, renting a car and going along the island, on the road and at your own pace, from village to village to see the most beautiful beaches you can only imagine. And it’s true, the color of the waters in Corfu can leave you speechless…

  4. Shane says:

    I am bummed that I didn’t make it to more areas than the typical Athens and Mykonos while in Greece. It has so much to offer beyond the tourist areas for sure. Crete looks stunning for a family getaway!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Crete is a small country within the country. It’s a reality in itself and there are so many options for families, solo travelers and every size of pocket as well!

  5. Subhadrika Sen says:

    I have never been to Greece but I am sure this is a place that my family would love to spend the weekend relaxing in. Im mostly an outdoor kind of person so Id rather have a peek around the city as well instead of only relaxing near the beach.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Greece has it all for all tastes, if you move around the blog you’ll find much more posts about cities than about beaches, that’s for sure.

  6. Joanna says:

    I have never been to Greece because I always thought it was way too touristy (when I used to live nearby). Now, that I live about 3000 miles away, I’d love to visit. A Couchsurfer once told me about the beauty of the the greek islands, the non touristy ones, where you can be the only tourist on the entire island. How amazing is that?

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      That’s true, we normally avoid visiting touristy islands in peak months, we prefer May and June or September and October, when the weather is still good but hods of tourists are already gone, it’s normally easier to get your own private beach, easier to find better deals for accommodation and prices are even more convenient as well. I love Greece in the shoulder season. August is a no-go month for us…

  7. Tae says:

    There’s nothing better than spending a week at the beach as a kid. I’ve never been to Greece, but now I can definitely see the appeal of choosing Crete. How cute are those bungalows, too?! I’m sure you could use the downtime and your kids will love the memories from here!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Homeschooling, working from home, running a blog are all stressing activities in a way, some relaxing free time is always welcome, specially if there’s a beach around and you’re supposed to do NOTHING but relax for a few days πŸ™‚

  8. Thuymi @ says:

    Crete seems like an amazing place to go. I loved Greece so much and can’t wait to go back. So many islands to visit I don’t even know where to start!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      If you start with Crete, you won’t be wanting to see the rest πŸ˜€ Start with Mykonos or other busy islands, then move on to explore the less known ones.

  9. whisperwanderlust says:

    Those turquoise shades of the water are enough to convince me to book a vacation on one of the Greek islands that you’ve mentioned. Same as you, I would always choose the sea for a relaxing time. Love the pictures!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      The color of the Mediterranean is so soothing, indeed. And yes, there’s nothing like the seaside to “go offline” and relax.

  10. Blair Villanueva says:

    Oh if only Greece is just so near in Asia, I would definitely go! Going to Greece is actually cheap, but expensive flights .. ah I want!

    For Urban Women

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      I have exactly the same thoughts about Asia… moving around Southeast Asia is beautiful and cheap as well, but getting there is something a bit expensive when you’re not alone but in a family… We have the same problem I guess!

  11. The Solivagant Soul (@Thesolivsoul) says:

    I was in Greece this past May and I think I was robbed. I didn’t go to any of the islands, only to Athens and it’s surroundings, and it all looks so different! It’s like two completely different places. Near Athens, all the beaches were of rock and big (and painful) sand. Don’t get me wrong, I love these type of beaches, but it looks like completely different to your pictures. I guess I will have to go to the islands next time! Thanks for sharing!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Even if I love the beaches near Athens, the atmosphere can’t even compare to what you get on the islands. For me Athens is a whole different world, and do not misunderstand me, I love Athens, I simply adore that city, but the beaches on some islands are stunning! Want a tip? Go for the less known islands… You won’t get much of a beach-life in Santorini, but try some Sifnos, Serifos or even the trendy Antiparos. They have beautiful bays, some of them pretty lonely as well, and you can get a completely different experience.

  12. theglobeater says:

    When I was a kid I would always spend holidays with my parents at a seashore venue too and I must say that’s something that I miss doing. We’d always stay in Italy or go to neighboring Croatia, but Crete is definitely a destination we should have considered. I will definitely keep it in mind for my next summer travels with friends!
    Santorini is also a place I’ve long wanted to visit, it must be extremely picturesque. Many short cruises leaving from Italy actually stop there, but I’m not sure if half a day would be enough to really appreciate it to its fullest, what do you think? πŸ™‚

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      I’d say go for more days if you are a real explorer, if you want to go past the postcard picture. A day would be enough to take back home a good collection of photos of the famous towns perched on top of the caldera, but that’s not all. Most people don’t know that the island, despite being small, has much more to offer. Devote at least a day to the archaeological sites (two of them are worth seeing, Ancient Thera and Akrotiri), the south and the part opposite to the caldera can take you another full day, and the little towns in the hinterland are not to be missed, a whole four-day visit could give you a much better perspective and show you that Santorini is not only about postcard pictures! You won’t be sorry, trust me!!!

  13. Ami Bhat says:

    I love all of them and with this you have spoiled me with choice. The beaches are just amazing everywhere in Greece. Crete looks quite organized too. And those bungalows definitely add to the fun.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      I shouldn’t say this… but Crete is my favorite (I’m moving there by the end of the year, this is how much I love it!!!). And yes, the choice seems endless… all islands seem similar, but they are all unique and have things that highlight their beauty and make people prefer one or the other for those characteristics. Each island has a bunch of fans who wouldn’t trade it for any other island on Earth (I’m among the fans of Crete, even if Santorini has a bit of my heart too!)

  14. Punita Malhotra says:

    Your post offers a concise and crisp reference point to choosing appropriate accommodation! So much needed in a time when endless options confuse travellers. Very useful information!

    • Gabi says:

      I spend hours (and months sometimes honestly!) doing research, and when I do come up with good places, I do want to share the information to avoid the hustle to other travelers, the best of a trip doesn’t have to be the “dirty job” behind of it. I honestly prefer to write about beautiful beaches, nice museums and fantastic hiking trails… but if I can help someone skipping the hard work too, much better!

  15. verushka says:

    I have not been to Greece except via transit. Looking forward to visiting! Looks gorgeous.We travel with my 83 year old gran who is not very mobile so we always looks for places with ground floors and wheelchair access.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      I must say Greece needs improvement on that, but it did amazed me to see an old person on a wheelchair been helped up the Acropolis, because even if they do lack on the structural point of view, it’s very hard to beat the Greek in kindness and hospitality, they would definitely go the extra mile to help your granny (I’ve seen them do so helping people board a plane, board boats and in difficult trails, and I would be most happy to offer help and tips if need be, or contacts, just drop me a line if you need to or if you ever want to travel there I might help you get in touch with locals that take care of this kind of cases being the Greek soil so harsh πŸ˜‰ ).

  16. Carmy says:

    While on vacation, one of my main goals is to stay as active as possible whether it be through hikes or through a gym in the cruise boat. I noticed you said that there were some adventures around, so other than the beaches and the cruise, what else do you recommend? Any good spots to hit up off the resort?

  17. GeekGirlGoes says:

    I loved Corfu when I went there with my family! Granted, I was the youngest child at 22, so not quite the same family experience as yours! haha

  18. Rashmi and Chalukya says:

    Greece has some of the gorgeous islands and nothing can beat the beaches when looking for some family fun day. It looks amazing with the bungalows right on the beach, who wouldn’t want to wake up to those views of blue waves.

  19. John Rodgers says:

    We spent a few weeks in Santorini a year ago and Crete has been a place to visit for us for a long time we just haven’t been able to work it into a schedule yet. This gives us some great information on places and areas to stay. Thanks for the information.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Thank you, Crete is an island where at least a bit of planning is needed, being so big and with so many things to do there!

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