Mykonos for Families: Everything You Must Know About Mykonos with Kids


Modern, transgressive, and cosmopolitan, Mykonos is probably Greece’s most famous party island. It’s a must-go destination for couples or adults traveling solo, but families might be reluctant to book a flight. Well… think it over!

Home to pristine, shallow coasts, Mykonos is a child-friendly destination. Besides, there are more things you can do in Mykonos with kids than you probably thought. Let’s talk about going to Mykonos with the kids!

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Everything You Must Know about Mykonos with Kids

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Mykonos can be considered a bit unusual destination for families with kids because it is considered more of a party island. However, it has some fantastic beaches, fascinating museums, and a relaxed vibe that kids will certainly enjoy.

These are Some of the Great Things to Do in Mykonos with Kids…

KIDS in Cavo Psarou, Mykonos
The kids at Cavo Psarou Beach.

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most famous islands. It belongs to the Cycladic cluster of islands and is in the center of the Aegean. Traditionally, Mykonos is known for its laid-back atmosphere, parties, discos, and fun. However, there’s a lot to do on the island, even for those who don’t go clubbing… such as kids and parents!

We chose Mykonos as a family holiday destination and had a fantastic time. We found stunning beaches and plenty of other things to see and discover.

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Mykonos for families

Best Beaches in Mykonos for Families

Mykonos needs no introduction. It’s a gorgeous island, and its coast is dotted with fantastic beaches. The island also offers tourist attractions, even for those who don’t go clubbing anymore. There are some fascinating museums, and Greek food is delicious.

Regarding natural landscapes, the island has a beautiful rugged coast that contrasts with shallow bays and turquoise shores your kids will undoubtedly enjoy. Let’s check which are Mykonos’ best beaches if you’re visiting with kids.

Platys Gialos Beach for Kids

Mykonos for families
Platys Gialos Bay at sunset, Mykonos.

Platys Gialos is a wide-open bay with a small harbor from which you can board a boat and visit some stunning, more isolated beaches. The boats depart every hour to different parts of the island.

A great feature of Platys Gialos is that, thanks to the natural shape of the bay, there was no Meltemi wind hitting on us all the time.

The Meltemi is usually a blessing (and on the days the temperature was over 40°C, it would have helped), but we were happy to avoid it because it can be a pain for the kids to leave the beach just because it’s windy (Yes, the Meltemi is that strong at times).

Mykonos’ Agia Anna Beach for Children

Agia Anna Beach Mykonos
Agia Anna Beach, close to Platys Gialos.

There are two beaches by the name of Agia Anna in Mykonos. In this article, I refer to the Agia Anna, located a few meters from Platys Gialos, which you can reach on foot with a short walk.

Agia Anna is a small sandy bay, sometimes affected by the winds, but shallow and great for kids. It can be pretty crowded sometimes, so I suggest arriving early.

The beach is pretty well organized, and an excellent restaurant by the sea (Nikolas Taverna) serves great fish dishes.

Psarou Beach for Kids

Cavo Psarou, Mykonos.
Cavo Psarou Beach, Mykonos

Cavo Psarou is quite an exclusive, secluded beach, surrounded by luxurious hotels and a favorite of yacht owners.

But you can access the organized beach perfectly and have a good lunch in the local restaurant with great views of the shallow bay.

Mykonos for families
Cavo Psarou Beach and a restaurant by the sea, Mykonos.

The secluded shore has crystal clear waters and white sand mixed with tiny, colorful pebbles. It is Stunningly beautiful. You can spend your day relaxing on a sunbed because the beach is safe and protected.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Mykonos for families
The beach of Agios Stefanos.

Agios Stefanos Beach is not close to the area we were staying in (Platys Gialos), but if you rent a car, it’s a good place to spend the day. The beach is near the new port of Mykonos, about 15 minutes by car from the chora (Mykonos Town).

The shore is quite popular among residents and tourists, so crowds are expected. However, it’s such an excellent point from where to enjoy the sunset that putting up with the crowds is not that hard after all.

Sunset port Mykonos
Sunset a few meters from Agios Stefanos beach.

The bay is narrow and shallow, so winds don’t bother you. Kids love it for its shallow shore, fine sand, and clear water.

The beach is well organized, and sports can also be practiced. You can choose among different restaurants or opt for a picnic on the beach, taking advantage of the local convenience store and markets.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Mykonos for families
Agios Ioannis.

The romantic comedy Shirley Valentine made Agios Ioannis famous. Some tourists even call it Shirley Valentine Beach. However, it takes its name from the small chapel of Saint John (Agios Ioannis) that overlooks the bay.

The beach is well-organized, and there are watersports available. Despite some rocky areas, the spot has crystal turquoise waters, making it a favorite place for snorkeling. The beach has fine sand, which makes it suitable for kids.

The beach is within walking distance from Ornos Beach. Buses to Agios Ioannis depart from the area of Fabrika in Mykonos Town.

Ornos Beach

I will add a few words about Ornos Beach here, as I’ve often seen this beach included on lists of family-friendly beaches on Mykonos. Ornos is, in fact, a very noisy beach, dotted with expensive restaurants, and loud music all day.

Young crowds gather here all day (and all night) leaving it often in rather a bad shape (litter and empty bottles are common). Not the most relaxing, and I certainly won’t recommend Ornos for families, but it’s perfect for those who want to be seen.

Elia Beach… for kids!

Elia Beach, Mykonos.

The atmosphere of Elia Beach is completely relaxing. Besides, the beach is wide enough to allow for different isolated areas.

Elia Beach is gay-friendly, but it’s also genuinely family-friendly. This heavenly beach is located about 50 minutes from Platys Gialos by boat. To reach Elia Beach, you can catch the boat in Platys Gialos port and Ornos Beach or jump on a bus in Mykonos Town.

This is one of the many southern beaches on Mykonos. Naturism is allowed in some areas. Personally, it’s one of my favorite beaches of all the Cyclades.

Mykonos for families
Our favorite beach on Mykonos, Elia.

Things to Do in Mykonos Town with Kids

>>The activities described below are suitable both for kids and adults<<

Mykonos for families
Little Venice, sunset.

Little Venice

The quarter of Alefkandra, or Little Venice, was born in the 18th century as the island started developing its commerce and sailing activities.

The three-story houses that faced the sea were the most expensive in town and used to belong to wealthy merchants and ship captains.

Mykonos for families
Mysterious houses by the sea, Mykonos.

The windmills by the sea

Every house has a main entrance on the street, a back door, and a balcony facing the sea, a source of infinite legends about pirates and hidden treasures. Kids love to hear that mysterious side of Mykonos.

Mykonos for families
The windmills at sunset might get crowded, but your kids will love the views!

Being years and years old, Mykonos windmills have been fully renovated; some are even museums now, and your kids will love to visit them

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Mykonos for families
The view of the sea from the windmills.

The windmills are a common sight in the Aegean Sea. For instance, you can find this typical Greek landmark on Paros, Santorini, and even Crete islands!

On Mykonos, they are no longer in use. However, they represent a vivid memory of the island’s agricultural past and a continuous reminder of the Meltemi.

Mykonos for families

The chora and the museums

Taking a walk in the center of Mykonos Town, the Chora, is certainly fun for kids. And parents! First, every alley is pedestrian, so there are no risks, and everyone can relax. It’s crowded at times but never dangerous.

Mykonos for families
Mykonos for families

Children like the colors of the doors and windows, the cobblestone streets, and the pretty views created by bougainvillea, souvenirs on sale, and colorful paintings. Besides, there are squares and museums they can also enjoy.

Mykonos for families
Mykonos’ chora, Greece.

Nautical Museum of the Aegean

The Nautical Museum of the Aegean is in the center of town, in the trendy quarter of Matogianni. It is hosted in what used to be the house of a former ship captain. On display are ancient coins and objects related to the country’s maritime past.

Mykonos for families
Nautical Museum of the Aegean.

Address: Enoplon Dynamenon street. The museum opens from 6 pm to 9.30 pm. On Sundays, it closes at 9.00 pm. The entrance fee is 4 €.

Lena’s House, the folklore museum of Mykonos

The folklore museum of Mykonos, Lena’s House, is right next to the Nautical Museum, and the entrance is free. It’s in a beautiful house built back in the 19th century. Inside, kids will be able to learn about houses on the Greek islands in the past.

Mykonos for families
Lena’s House.

They can see how rooms used to be, the main tasks men would do in the fields and women in their homes, and which tools they would use.

A few meters from the two buildings, your children can also check the Tria Pigiada, three wells that would provide water for the inhabitants of the chora.

The young women who stopped to fill in their buckets would drink water directly from the well since the legend said this was the fastest way to get a husband!

Mykonos for families
The wells of the chora.

Panagia Paraportiani

You will easily find the church of Panagia Paraportiani (well, five churches, in fact) walking past the art galleries and shops in Little Venice.

I clearly remember wanting to get the best possible pictures of the area, so I got up early and visited the neighborhood of Kastro.

Mykonos for families

It was a sunny day, very early in the morning, before cruise ships arrived on the island. Its dazzling white walls seemed to dance against the blue skies, shimmering along with the blaze of the sun.

The strong scent of incense invaded the streets, mixed with the litany of Mass, and the smell of salt from the sea. All of them are authentic snapshots of Mykonos.

Not the regularly portrayed one, not just an island for all-night-long parties. You can get that too if you want. But there is also so much more.

Mykonos for families

Mykonos for families: Where to stay

We chose to stay out of the old town and near a family beach. Kids were still small, so the basic organization needed to be covered.

Mykonos for families
Enjoying Platys Gialos beach minutes after we checked in.

Just a few minutes away from the capital, Mykonos Town, we had a great time on a reasonably quiet beach, Platys Gialos (meaning “Big Beach” in Greek). The bay was shallow, and the area was perfect for kids.

We stayed at Hotel Akrogiali, it was right on the beach. The rooms were in individual bungalows surrounded by a tranquil Cycladic garden. It was a perfect location that made it easy to go down for breakfast by the sea and spend the rest of the morning playing with the kids on the sand. Our umbrella was already waiting for us!

Akrogiali Hotel Mykonos
Mykonos for families
Mykonos for families
The Cycladic atmosphere of the hotel’s garden.

The hotel was recently renovated. The quality of the service and the friendly staff make this hotel stand out on the island. They were extremely helpful and provided a free-of-charge airport shuttle which was super convenient for traveling with kids. They were waiting for us upon arrival, and a few minutes after, every one of us was on the beach.

I eagerly recommend Akrogiali Hotel for your holiday in Mykonos. The quality of service is flawless and it has a very fair price on a very expensive island.

Mykonos for families
Mykonos for families
Mykonos for families
We loved this hotel.

Mykonos: Gay-Friendly Island

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan pearl of the Aegean, has been a gay tourism destination since the 60s. It’s a touristic sector in continuous expansion on the island, which currently counts with exclusive beaches, events, and cruise ships. On the island, there are gay-friendly hotels for every budget, pleasing a happy public to find themselves in a joyful, safe environment without being judged.

Mykonos for families
Elia Beach, Mykonos

Despite Greece being a deeply traditional country, where the values of religion are pretty much alive, Mykonos is quite an exception. The gay community accounts for much of Mykonos’ striving economy and prosperity, and the local community acknowledges that.

Elia Beach is one of Mykonos’s most famous gay-friendly beaches, remaining rather low-key. We personally support beaches for everyone. Our family has always felt comfortable with sunbathing naked or couples of the same sex. But I’m aware that not all families are created equally.

It’s all up to you, of course. According to us, gay is okay. We think diversity can only enrich our lives. We understand there’s nothing wrong if our sons play with children with two dads or two moms.

Since this is an article for families planning a holiday on Mykonos, parents should exercise their judgment on deciding whether to take their kids to beaches such as Paraga or Super Paradise.

Mykonos for families
The rainbow flag, Elia Beach.

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Mykonos for Families

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    I love Mykonos… We went there when it was just the two of us (pre-kids) and loved every minute of it. You jogged my memory on the beaches and remembered that we saw lots of families there…. We went in September so the beaches were less busy and less crowds (which I recommend). We are from Canada though, where September in Greece is still hot for us 😉 One day I hope to take the kids back and see if Petros the pelican is still on the island!

    • Gabi says:

      We also had our trip in September, but we were lucky enough to find extremely high temperatures (even the Mykonians were astonished and kept saying how strange it was), indeed, we had days with 40 °C and no Meltemi wind at all!!
      When we were there the old Petros had just had a “car accident” and was not on the island, but I was told they have replaced many Petros over the years, and a new one was about to come!

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    I have never been to Mykonos and its crowd and reputation has put me off for a long time: I just imagined it was one of those places I would just have to skip and this saddened me as it is so obviously beautiful. It’s great to see that it is possible to visit with kids: a trip to Greece is in the pipeline for us and I’m starting to look at where to go – Mykonos is now one of the very possible stops (I’ll ask you closer to the time to help me with a full itinerary 🙂 )

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      I’d be more than happy to help. Mykonos was such a surprise!!
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    • Gabi says:

      I saw one of them functioning as a shop. In other islands they have been refurbished and sometimes used as luxury lodging… They are so pretty indeed. Thanks for commenting, to be honest, it is such a nice place I’d be back there without giving a second thought.

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