Crete is a magical place that catches you by surprise and steals your heart without you even noticing…

This is my personal opinion, and yes, it’s totally biased, but I don’t really think that any other place could match the authenticity of this land. Am I passionate about Crete? Yes, I am!

You won’t find lukewarm experiences on this blog. That’s also why I stopped writing often about other destinations…
There’s so much to see in Crete that my wanderlust has shifted and it has the local travel bug!

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Crete Map

The four regions in Crete

There are four different regions in Crete, each of them with its own unique characteristics, fantastic landscape, and a collection for great things to do.

The most important region is Heraklion, which also hosts the capital of the island. Next up in importance comes Chania, one of the most beautiful places in Crete, with stunning beaches, mountains, and a traditional old town.

Rethymnon comes right after, a land of beautiful scenes and nature, churches, monasteries, villages, and a pristine South coast to discover. Finally, the Lasithi region, often overlooked and forgotten, Lasithi treasures arguably the most authentic side of Crete. 


Venetian fortress Heraklion - Koules at sunset
Visit Heraklion


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Visit Chania


Old windmills from Greece, Crete
Visit Lasithi

Crete travel blog

This Crete Travel Guide / Blog will be really handy if…

  • you’re planning your own itinerary,
  • you’re a fan of road trips & independent travel,
  • it’s your first trip to the island, or
  • you keep coming back year after year!

I’ve put all my passion, my experience, and a good dose of research into every post. And I know I will make you enthusiastic about the island. The island is a universe of its own… Discover the best of Crete with me!

This is a different travel blog. Everything I share comes from direct experience, from my own road trips, visits, restaurant nights, and from hosting a lot of friends and tourists on my gastronomic tour.

Ok, now that you know why I can show you a different side of Crete, let’s get to it…


Get inspired

Navigate suggestions, tips, and curious information about Crete! Read books, learn some odd and fun facts about the island, or check what films you can watch before landing on Crete.

Things to know

Discover what to do

Unique and super thorough guides divided by region, area, or city including ridiculously useful information and tips to explore more in the most convenient way… from the perspective of a local.

things to do in crete

Explore unique beaches

Imagine soaking in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and swimming in the most pristine waters you could ever imagine… Crete has that to offer, and much more!


Plan the perfect trip to Crete

Planning the trip

Get ready to visit the island, design itineraries, and learn how to plan a seamless trip to the island.

Plan for Crete


Super useful packing guides and tips on what clothes to wear when visiting different places in Crete.

Pack for Crete

Where to stay

Fantastic accommodation guides, hotel reviews and unique rental homes for your vacation in Crete!

Crete Accommodation
Bending road, mountains, Crete, Omalos, White Mountains

On the road

Moving around, parking, tips for driving in Crete, how to rent a car, and best routes to explore the island.

Crete on the road
Cretan food

Eat & Drink

Everything about food and wines, local spirits, best restaurant, top bars and coffee shops, street foo, and much more!

Eating in Crete

Crete with kids

Traveling to Crete with the family? Special guides with the best areas and things to do with kids in Crete!

Crete for families


I wake up every morning wanting to make this blog a unique place for you to find the best experiences on Crete. Not just collection of articles written by someone who’s been on Crete for a week… 

This is my Crete, my guide to the island. It’s my experiences to plan help you discover the things I’ve seen again and again… because I can’t live without them!


Recommended articles about crete

These practical guides are easy to check and include essential information that you need when planning your trip to the island, before booking where to stay, and when deciding if you might need to rent a car.


  • General information about the island.
  • Currency, language, insurance, internet.
  • Activities & places to see.
  • Ports, airports & moving around.
  • Where to stay & when to go.
  • Health & insurance.
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Car Rental

  • Crete on the road.
  • Tips for car rental on Crete.
  • Basic rules.
  • Highway and other roads.
  • Safety tips.
  • Documents to rent a car on Crete.
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Where to stay

  • Map & regions of Crete.
  • Where to stay in Crete for beaches.
  • Best places to stay for families & couples.
  • Nightlife & outdoor adventures.
  • Traditional villages.
  • Types of accommodation.
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  • Traveling from Europe.
  • Traveling from the US, Canada…
  • Getting to Crete by plane.
  • Ferries.
  • Getting to Crete from Athens
  • Island hopping.
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  • Basic things to know.
  • Dates and places to see.
  • How long to stay in Crete.
  • Where to stay.
  • Car rental.
  • Planning the itinerary.
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  • Hotel booking engine
  • Booking a flight
  • Sea travel
  • Travel insurance
  • Things to pack
  • Travel guides & more…
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These articles contain suggestions, tips, and curious information about Crete! Read books to get inspired, learn some curious and fun facts about the island, or check what fils you can watch to see some of the local landscape before landing on Crete.


  • Historical facts about Crete.
  • Myths & Legends.
  • Stunning nature.
  • Curiosities about Crete.
  • Surprising numbers.
  • Controversial data.
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  • Travel guides.
  • Books about Crete’s Ancient and Modern History.
  • Novels and other stories.
  • Books for kids.
  • Travel maps of Crete.
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  • Classic movies.
  • Best war movies about the Battle of Crete.
  • Movies about Crete’s mythology.
  • The best thrillers filmed on Crete.
  • Bonus: Two series set on Crete.
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Best places to visit in Crete

Crete is an island gathering a variety of stunning landscapes and outstanding traditions, pristine beaches, imposing mountains, and some of the most hospitable people in the world. Here are some generic travel guides that highlight the best of Crete.


Balos Beach, Crete, winter landscape

There are endless things to see and do in every region of Crete. These are some of the top highlights on the island.

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Pink sand, white pebbles, unique sunsets, and hidden shores are some of the distinctive traits of Crete’s beaches.

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Despite being such a popular holiday destination, Crete is also a huge island hiding unique unknown jewels.

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Islands Off the Coast of Crete

Make some time to visit the beautiful and interesting islands that surround Crete:
Dia, Spinalonga, Gavdos, Imeri Gramvousa, Chrissi… 

Check all the articles about Crete

General information about Crete

FAQ about Crete

These are some of the many questions you send me via e-mail about Crete and how to plan a visit.

When it the best time of the year to visit Crete?

Crete has a fairly good climate all year round. Winters can sometimes be cold and rainy, but on some seasons it can be surprisingly warm. In spring everything blossoms, fields get covered with beautiful flowers and lush trees, but the sea has still not received enough sun to be really warm.

The central summer months of July and August tend to be extremely hot and super crowded, but if that’s something you don’t really mind, summer is a great season to discover the beaches of Crete. The best months are certainly September and October. The sea is warm, the extreme heat subsides and the atmosphere is pleasant and very quiet. 

What are popular places to visit in Crete?
The most popular places include archaeological sites such as the Minoan Palace of Knossos and Festos, the pink sand beach of Elafonisi, Balos Lagoon and the coastal town of Paleochora.

The old towns of Rethymnon and Chania, Falassarna beach, Matala beach, the palm beaches of Preveli and Vai, the seaside village of Loutro, and the gorge of Samaria are other of the most visited places on Crete.

Where is Crete?

Crete is a Greek island located in the southern part of the Aegean sea. It’s Greece’s largest and the fifth-biggest island in the Mediterranean. The northern coast faces the Sea of Crete while the southern side of the island is bathed by the Libyan sea.

Is Crete a dangerous destination?

Crete is a still a very safe place to visit. You should always be careful, as in any crowded or very touristic place, but there’s not high crime rate on Crete, especially if you compare it with other destinations in Greece and in the rest of southern Europe.

Is Crete a family-friendly destination?

Crete is one of the best family destinations in Greece. Not only your kids will find super safe beaches, with shallow waters, fine sand, and protected from the winds, but they will also be able to enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. Cretans love kids to the point of spoiling them.

Besides, there are countless entertainment opportunities, dedicated museums — sometimes even interactive, interesting archaeological sites, water parks and theme parks, and hotels specially thought for children. Besides, Greek food in general, and Cretan in particular is not only tasty and appealing for kids, but also extremely healthy.

What’s the landscape like in Crete?

A large part of Crete’s landscape is made of high mountains and a very rugged terrain, there are deep and long gorges, plateaus, and caves, but also soft valleys, rivers, lakes and some of the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean.

Is Crete a romantic destination for honeymooners?

Crete is ideal for a romantic holiday, a honeymoon, or a couple escape. There’re even themed and adult-only hotels if that’s what you’re looking for too. On Crete, you’ll find romantic shores every step you take, perfect spots for sunset or sunrise, cozy mountain stone-houses, and romantic views.

Can I see all Crete in one week?

You might be able to have a quick panoramic view of the best of Crete in a week, but 7 days aren’t enough to see such a huge island. We recommend to plan to spend at least 10 days on the island.

If you have more time, even better! If you have just a few days and travel to Crete for a short city-break, don’t try to rush around from one region to the other, just concentrate on one city and the surrounding area and if you like it, plan a second trip. Second and even third-time visitors to Crete are quite the norm in every season.

Several areas in Crete are at risk because of savage urbanization and massive hotel developments.
Learn more and help us stop the abuse in the regions of Falasarna and Plakias.