Knossos with Kids: Family-Friendly Visit to the Minoan Palace (+Free Printable Scavenger Hunt!)

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Visiting the legendary site of Knossos with children is an adventure that promises discovery and wonder to the whole family. The magnificent site, restructured to look much like what it may have been in the past, clearly shows the grandeur of the ancient Minoan civilization, captivating the imaginations of young and old alike. If you’re […]

Crete White Mountains: Everything You Need to Know!

White mountains crete

Do you love nature and want an awe-inspiring adventure? Look no further than the White Mountains in Crete. Also known as Lefka Ori, these magnificent peaks dominate the landscape of western Crete. Offering breathtaking vistas, thrilling hiking trails, and enchanting picturesque villages, you are sure to be spoiled. So, are you curious to get a glimpse? Here’s […]