It’s impossible to think of Crete just as a mere destination. Its unique essence is intimately attached to its culture and its traditions.

The flavors of Crete artfully blend with the landscape, the people, and the history of the island.

After years of exploring and writing about Crete, it was about time to bring you also the local taste.

You know me already, I’m Gabi, and for years I’ve guided you around the island.

Now, together with my partner, Tolis, we’re on a mission to help you cook (and recreate) the same delicious flavors that you have tried in Crete!

Cook the same delicious dishes you have loved on the island!

Gabi Ancarola - about the Cretan Diet
cretan recipe

Behind the pen, but also the pots and pans is Gabi. I am a Crete based journalist and travel writer that has fallen in love with the Cretan Diet.

I have spent the last 9 years helping travelers design their dreamy itinerary on Crete through the pages of her Crete travel blog, The Tiny Book.

Pressing the camera shutter and helping with the translation and preparation of old Cretan recipes is Tolis, a local foodie, passionate about Cretan traditions, forgotten cooking methods, and authentic local food.

Together, and through My Cretan Recipe, they bring you the best of Crete gastronomy and some of the most famous Greek cuisine for you not to miss Crete that much while waiting to return!

Welcome to our Cretan kitchen, and Καλή όρεξη!

My Cretan Recipe is the perfect place to fight nostalgia
after your trip to Crete…

Cretan Dakos

Cretan Recipes

Missing Crete? We know the feeling! That’s why we’ve created this page on this blog, to help you recreate and prepare the most delicious Cretan recipes at home.

Those unique flavors that you’ve tasted on the island will help you fight the travel blues.

You’re in the right place to find the most delicious Cretan recipes!

My Cretan Recipes

What Cretan Recipes you will find here…

Our Cretan recipes span from our beloved dips and mezedes, which we enjoy eating at the beginning of every meal or as a healthy snack, but also Cretan pies and other baked goodies.

There are main dishes that will undoubtedly bring back memories from Crete, from traditional goat and lamb to lesser-known recipes.

The island, with its immense variety of wild greens and vegetables, is often described as a paradise for vegetarians. From the delicious varieties of xorta to salads, you can find ideas to cook vegetables the Cretan way.

You might not be very familiar with soups and stews because they are typically eaten in winter, a period when there are not so many tourists around. However, they are ideal for those cold Cretan winters (because, yes, we do have winter, too!).

Last but never least, there is a section with various traditional Greek recipes you have learned to taste and love whenever you visit the country. We eat them in Crete, too, and we love them as much as you do! 


cretan recipe

On the island, we love to start a meal with a collection of small dishes bearing fresh, seasonal Cretan ingredients. They can be hot or cold and are perfect to share with friends.


cretan recipe

Bread goes with almost every meal, but a great traditionally made Cretan loaf can be eaten on its own and still be perfect… And when it comes to pies, Cretans love them, either sweet or savory.


cretan recipe

Crete has one of the oldest traditions when it comes to food, making it a very interesting variation of the Mediterranean cuisine that you already know.


cretan recipe

Thousands of wild greens and vegetables grow in Crete. They are great to be combined in salads, seasoned with olive oil and served as a side dish or on their own.


cretan recipe

Soups and stews are a big part in Crete cuisine, they feature vegetables, meat, fish, and plenty of legumes, mixing in the pot to create a flavorful dish. 


cretan recipe

Learn every recipe of syrup-soaked, sweet cheese-filled, and spoon desserts, as well as delicious pastries.


cretan recipe

Greece is famous worldwide for recipes that everyone should taste at least once in their lives, and trust me, once won’t be enough. 


cretan recipe

Crete is known for its many drinks and spirits that locals proudly produce. From relaxing tea to coffee, wines, and more robust alcoholic drinks.

cretan recipe

Bring the taste of Crete back home with our Cretan recipes

Together with my parter, I have gathered, tested, and cooked for you some of the most fantastic Cretan recipes!

We’ve also worked with an experienced Greek chef to help you find the right missing ingredient that won’t be easy to get far from Crete in order to cook the most similar version to those dishes that you simply can’t forget.

In this space, you’ll find both very popular and a few very rare dishes from the island, and some from other places in Greece. No matter whether you decide to cook them or not, they’ll certainly bring a bit of Crete to where you are!

About the Cretan Diet

Crete and the Cretan Diet

There are many reasons to fall in love with Crete. But none so significant and universal as the Cretan Diet. No matter your taste and preferences, the local cuisine will fascinate you with its unique characteristics.

The Cretan Diet is healthy, seasonally fresh, relatively simple, and genuine, and… precisely for all those reasons, it’s delicious!

Although not always easy to make, either for lack of time or for lack of ingredients, this blog will certainly help you find the best way to eat Cretan at home.

:If you’ve been to Crete, you know it already: fantastic beaches, stunning landscapes, hospitable people… and food.

Yes, the food is one more highlight of the island. So why not keep reading to get a taste of Crete? 

Read more!

Travel Foodie

Travel Foodie

Isn’t food the best way to know a new place?
Learn where to eat in Crete or find unique foodie corners on the island and beyond!

Read more about Cretan Food!

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