10 Famous Recipes from the Greek Islands

Recipes from the greek islands

If you have visited Greece at least once, you have tasted some of the most delicious and traditional whole-world dishes that have become the most famous recipes from the Greek islands. Even people who haven’t ever been there can pronounce the names of certain dishes, and we instantly know they’re talking about Greek food. 

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Every different region, and especially every island in Greece, has its trademark dish, and here we are, ready to show you some of the must-try if you ever visit some of these remarkable islands. 

Spoiler alert: Get ready for an increased appetite!

Keep reading to learn about the most famous recipes from the Greek Islands… and everything you must try when you visit!

Crete: Dakos

famous recipes from the greek islands
Cretan dakos with feta cheese is valid when myzithra cheese is unavailable.

Crete is the biggest island in Greece, and the local people are all about tradition. If you are reading this blog, you already know this!

If you visit Crete, you will be treated to a shot of tsikoudia or raki (well, more than one!) and most likely invited to try Cretan cuisine. One of the most popular meze (appetizers) on the island is dako (ντακο). 

Sometimes also served in salads, dako is made with fresh local ingredients like tomatoes, feta cheese, oregano, and olive oil. All these spread on a crunchy rusk, known as paximadia, which often undergoes double baking. 

Nothing can smell and taste more Greek than this traditional starter. Want to give it a try? We have published the original dako recipe here.

Skopelos: Fish Stew

famous recipes from the greek islands
More of a soup than a stew, Skopelos shines with this dish.

If you plan to visit Skopelos and sunbathe on all its exotic beaches, make sure to try some of the island’s popular dishes. One of the greatest recipes from Skopelos that you shouldn’t miss is fish stew. 

Made with fresh fish and extra virgin olive oil, this light and tasty soup also makes a healthy and nutritious meal. 

Tasty tip: it pairs extra well with a glass of rosé. 

Sifnos: Amygdalota

famous recipes from the greek islands
Who doesn’t like fragrant almond cookies?

Sifnos Island is popular for two things: Great architecture and great food. And yes, we know that revithada is a staple in Sifnos’ cuisine, but today we want to discuss amygdalota, and you’ll soon understand why.

You don’t have to be a sweet lover to realize that this cookie that locals love to share tastes nothing less than delicious!

These almond pastry sweets made with pure almond flour have a long tradition in Sifnos. If you visit, you cannot leave without trying them.

Corfu: Sofrito

famous recipes from the greek islands
Hands down, Corfiot sofrito is one of my favorite Greek dishes.

If you ever plan to visit Corfu, you may notice that it is one of the few islands of Greece that never fell under Ottoman oppression. Yet, it was conquered by the British, the French, and the Italians, all of whom left a strong gastronomic influence. 

One of the island’s most classic recipes is sofrito, which has Venetian origins. Sofrito is made of small bites of fried beef meat and onion. 

It might sound so plain, but I bet you will change your mind once you taste the sauce in which the meat is soaked. Crushed garlic, chopped parsley, white wine, and other delicious ingredients make sure to make an explosion of taste in your mouth. 

Naxos: Kalogeros

famous recipes from the greek islands
Who doesn’t like eggplant?

The largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos, uses 99% of its local food resources. Unlike on many other islands, most of the popular dishes from Naxos contain meat and poultry. 

One of Naxos’ most famous dishes is kalogeros, which takes its name from one of the islands’ mountains… or maybe also from the Castle of Kalogeros, sitting high on the northern coast near the village of Apollonas. 

Although it is often described as a summery food, Kalogeros is a delicious stew traditionally made with fresh halved eggplants, soft beef, a delicious sauce, white cheese, and pure magic!

Santorini: Fava

famous recipes from the greek islands
Another dish that I love to keep in my refrigerator… always!

Santorini island is famous all around the world for its whitewashed landscape sitting on top of the most famous caldera around the world.

Popular like no other Greek destination, with its volcanic soil, the island is rich in minerals and produces some of Greece’s best tomatoes, capers, eggplants, and wines

And this is also how Santorini represents Greece to so many foreigners… On the island, locals follow many recipes of the most traditional Greek cuisine and enrich them with some of their best products. 

One of the best things that the island is known for is their fava recipe. Fava is a spread or dip, sometimes served warm, that pairs perfectly well with octopus, rustic bread, and a glass of local Assyrtiko wine.

This mouthwatering appetizer is usually part of a larger meze platter to start your engines.

Fava is a creamy dip made of yellow split peas, lemon juice, onion, and extra virgin olive oil. It is sometimes mixed with aromatic seasonings.

Thassos: Peppered Cabbage

famous recipes from the greek islands
Also known as pipperolaxano, have you ever tried this delicious staple from Thassos?

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and its everyday routines, Thassos is the best place to relax and revitalize.

A well-known recipe of the island is peppered cabbage, made traditionally just like old generations did. This dish is usually made in the cold days of winter to help you warm up, although you can find it in the summer, too, as a spicy appetizer to dip your bread or pita in. 

It can be a bit… okay, a lot spicier than commonly made food, but believe me, the pickled cabbage in combination with white beans and peppers spices will give you the most delicious and unforgettable burning flavor! 

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Paros: Karavoli Stew

famous recipes from the greek islands
Karavoli is one of Paros’s best-known dishes.

Paros combines a modern way of life with traditional elements, making the island ideal for tourists who want to relax and experience legendary nightlife.

A famous dish you shouldn’t miss if you visit Paros island is karavoli (meaning of the word: big snails) one of the most famous dishes from the Greek islands. Locals prepare this tasty stew for obvious reasons around autumn when the first rains start.

Even though snails might not be something everyone would eat, I can guarantee having a hot dish of Karavoli will make you change your mind. 

The mixture of local and fresh aromatic ingredients, like red wine, garlic, and cinnamon, can give you a sense of heaven and warm you up on cold days.

There is also a tradition at the end of August where local people have a festival in which the main served dish is karavoli with skordalia, a strong pure with garlic paste that is the end of the world! 

Serifos: Marathopita

famous recipes from the greek islands
Marathopites, fennel fritters from Serifos.

The quiet Serifos island is the perfect destination for whoever wants to relax and spend some time on one of the many peaceful beaches. And if you want to eat something new and delicious, there is no better place than Serifos. 

Locals use a lot of fresh seasonings in their dishes, making their recipes some of the tastiest in Greece. 

Marathopita is a famous recipe of the island prepared healthy and by tradition. Marathopites are flat in shape, looking like pancakes made of fennel leaves, maybe some feta cheese, and, of course, olive oil. 

This is the perfect option for breakfast, a snack, or an appetizer, served with a good portion of Greek yogurt or even tzatziki

Ikaria: Sofiuko

famous recipes from the greek islands
Soufiko is another great and famous dish from the Greek islands.

People living in Ikaria island follow a traditional way of life and cooking that helps them live a long and healthy life. About 10 years longer than the Greeks from the rest of the country. For real! 

One of their traditional dishes is soufiko, a summer recipe that requires a lot of patience to prepare, but it’s always worth it. 

Eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers, and other seasonal vegetables are carefully sautéed one by one and then baked in tomato sauce, olive oil, and extra seasoning. This is a perfect meal that can be served hot or cold. 

Pair it with a glass of Greek red wine. Liatiko or Limniona are great red wines with vegetarian dishes if you want red.
Are you ready to try any of these stunning famous recipes from the Greek Islands? Let me know!

famous recipes from the greek islands

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The Most Famous Recipes from The Greek Islands!

famous recipes from the greek islands

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