What to Eat in Sifnos: A Delicious Culinary Trip to the Greek Island!


There are many reasons to visit the Greek Islands; the sun, the beaches, and the nightlife, to name but a few. Yet there’s one more reason that shouldn’t be overlooked: The food. Greece is renowned for its healthy and delicious Mediterranean Cuisine and the islands are among the best places in the country to try the most authentic Greek dishes. In this post, we will tell you what to eat on Sifnos island.

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Best Food in Sifnos, Greece

What to eat in Sifnos, Greece

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Basic Information About Sifnos

What to eat in Sifnos
Kamares Port, Sifnos.

Sifnos is an island belonging to the Greek Cyclades, on the South Aegean. It’s located near other popular islands including Serifos Serifos, Paros, and Antiparos. Sifnos stands about 75 nautical miles from the Port of Piraeus, on mainland Greece.

Not as big as other Greek islands, nor as tiny, the top sights and points of interest on Sifnos can be visited in 3 to 5 days, a perfect number of days to explore the island’s beaches, the delicious local food, and the fantastic hiking paths and trails.

As with many other islands in the Aegean, the rugged terrain is a fascinating part of the island’s landscape. In fact, on Sifnos, there are four different mountain ranges and a few peaks to climb as well.

Best Dishes to Try on Sifnos Island

What to eat in Sifnos
Green landscape and whitewashed Cycladic homes.

There are many reasons to visit the Greek Islands; the sun, the beaches, the nightlife, to name but a few. Yet there’s one more reason that shouldn’t be overlooked: the food.

Greece is renowned for its healthy and delicious Mediterranean Cuisine and the islands are among the best places in the country to try the most authentic Greek dishes. 

There’s one island in particular where food plays a very significant role. The tiny island of Sifnos in the Cyclades complex is home to a long culinary tradition that’s famous all over the country. In fact, food is among the top reasons to visit Sifnos in the first place. 

Looking for a place to stay on the island? Check the best holiday homes in Sifnos.

Food in Sifnos

What to eat in Sifnos

Sifnos is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt islands in Greece. From pristine beaches and picturesque villages to scenic drives and stunning traditional architecture, Sifnos has all those ingredients that are necessary for a perfect Greek summer vacation. 

That said, the island’s food is also a valid reason to visit Sifnos in its own right. Prepared with the freshest local ingredients and utter love, food in Sifnos is as authentic and mouthwatering as everywhere else in Greece but it also comes with a twist. Here’s why. 

Who Was Nikolaos Tselementes?

What to eat in Sifnos

Sifnos is the birthplace of Nikolaos Tselementes, a Greek chef who’s known for changing Greek cooking forever.

Tselementes published the first Greek cookbook back in 1932. This cookbook was such a huge success that it found its way to each and every household in Greece and changed the country’s cooking mentality once and for all.

Tselementes was responsible for introducing Western tastes to Greece’s thus far Eastern Cuisine. In other words, he is responsible for Greek Cuisine as we know it today, this fascinating mixture of Western and Eastern flavors.

Evidently, locals in Sifnos are really proud of Tselementes, and for a good reason.

This is why the island continues the great chef’s legacy by keeping food standards at the highest level and by constantly experimenting with new tastes, but without ever turning its back on the core of local gastronomy, which comprises no other than the island’s century-old, hassle-free recipes. 

Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy

What to eat in Sifnos
Whitewashed alleys, Sifnos Island.

Moreover, the people of Sifnos pay homage to Nikolaos Tselementes by organizing an annual culinary event, the much-loved Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy.

The latter takes place every September and it’s a unique feast where visitors can try exquisite dishes from all the Cyclades Islands, wash them down with local wine, and dance to traditional music in the company of locals. 

Top 5 Things to Eat in Sifnos

In no particular order, these are some delicious dishes you should try in Sifnos to taste the most authentic local gastronomy!


What to eat in Sifnos
Revithada from Sifnos.

The island’s signature dish is revithada or chickpea stew. There’s a dispute over which island, Sifnos or Paros, serves the best revithada version. Either way, revithada is a hearty, must-try dish that brings legume dishes to a whole new level. 

Slow-cooked to perfection in a clay pot for an entire night to ensure that chickpeas are incredibly tender, revithada is traditionally prepared on a Saturday night so that locals can enjoy it during their Sunday lunch.

Moreover, revithada is the main dish served at traditional festivals that take place in Sifnos throughout the year, especially during the summer months.

>> The best place to try revithada in Sifnos: Simos Restaurant in Kamares. 


What to eat in Sifnos

Another chickpea-based dish not to be missed in Sifnos is revithokeftedes or fried chickpea balls.

Revithokeftedes are usually served as a meze dish or starter but they can definitely be enjoyed as a main alongside some salad or freshly cut French fries.

Revithokeftedes are always meat-free but they may contain cheese sometimes.

>> The best place to try revithokeftedes in Sifnos: Mosaico Restaurant in Artemonas. 


What to eat in Sifnos

Second only to revithada in popularity, mastelo is the island’s typical meat-based dish. It consists of lamb or goat’s meat, washed in red wine, and doused in dill. It’s then slow-cooked inside a clay pot also called mastelo. 

It should be noted here that, apart from all its other charms, Sifnos is also renowned for its rich pottery tradition. This is why most of Sifno’s traditional recipes are prepared in special clay pots, which are handmade in Sifnos for generations.

What to eat in Sifnos

There are a handful of pottery workshops scattered across the island, selling handmade pots, tools and decorative items made of clay. 

Mastelo was once a special dish reserved for a special day: Easter Sunday. However, it’s now easy to try mastelo at the island’s restaurants all year round. 

>> The best place to try mastelo in Sifnos: Meropi Restaurant in Kamares. 

Local Cheese from Sifnos

What to eat in Sifnos
Local soft cheese.

Sifnos produces some of the best cheese in the Cyclades. Cheese in Sifnos is made according to traditional methods and with the freshest ingredients.

In this respect, it’s very much like the cheese produced in many parts of Greece and other Mediterranean countries such as Italy, especially as far as Apulian Cuisine is concerned. 

The three main types of cheese produced in Sifnos are chloromanoura, gilomeni manoura, and xinomizithra. Depending on the producer, local cheese can be spread-like or firm.

That said, there aren’t any huge differences in taste, while it’s absolutely certain that cheese in Sifnos is always made of fresh local milk.

>> The best place to try local cheese in Sifnos: Any traditional restaurant on the island.

What to eat in Sifnos
Restaurant by the sea, Vathi.


What to eat in Sifnos

Kaparosalata or capers salad is a staple starter dish in Sifnos. Its main ingredients – capers and onions – are cooked together until they reach a chutney-like texture with a very distinct, sweet and sour taste.

Although Kaparosalata is a very popular spread in Sifnos, some people find its flavor too intense for their taste buds. 

>> The best place to try kaparosalata in Sifnos: Tsikali Restaurant in Vathi.

Bonus: Dessert

What to eat in Sifnos
Biscuits from Sifnos.

Of course, no culinary trip is complete without dessert. The typical dessert in Sifnos is melopita, a traditional sweet that’s made of local cheese and honey.

In essence, melopita is the island’s take on cheesecake. Furthermore, Sifnos produces fresh and delicious cookies that come in many flavors. 

>> The best place to have dessert in Sifnos: Any pastry shop or bakery on the island!

Travel is all about getting in touch with different people, cultures, and customs through immersive and authentic experiences. One of the best ways to delve into any destination’s local culture is by trying its food.  

What to eat in Sifnos

Apart from being one of the quaintest islands in the Aegean Sea, Sifnos is also a unique culinary heaven. Food in Sifnos can’t and shouldn’t go unnoticed, as it’s central to the local culture and lifestyle. 

Therefore, the best way to get to know and, ultimately, fall in love with the real Sifnos is through the island’s tastes.

Food in Sifnos manages to achieve the perfect balance between traditional cooking and experimenting, a blend that renders the local cuisine one of the best not only in the Cyclades but in the entire country.

So, which of these dishes would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Get to Sifnos

Greece - Sifnos - Kamares port
Ferry leaving the port of Kamares, Sifnos.

There are no airports on Sifnos Island, so you need to travel by sea. Year-round ferries from the port of Piraeus connect Athens to Sifnos, and there is a more frequent service during summer, featuring both fast ferries and regular ferries. In summer, it’s also possible to reach Sifnos from the Port of Lavrio, close to Athens.

You can also travel to Sifnos from nearby islands such as Paros, Milos, Kimolos, Serifos, and Santorini among others.

Where to Stay in Sifnos

Greece - Sifnos Island

If you’re thinking about spending your summer on Sifnos Island, it’s a great idea to plan where you’ll be staying in advance, I’ve written a guide to the best rental homes on the island, but you can also check these hotels that I recommend.

Budget Hotel in Sifnos
Aerides Boutique Rooms is located in Vathi, one of the most gorgeous corners of the island, features comfortable studios with comfortable amenities and there is also a shared kitchen in the property.
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Mid-range Hotel in Sifnos:
Ammos Sifnos Village is located right on the beach of Platys Gialos, one of the best shores on the island Click here for more information and to get the latest prices.

Luxury Hotel in Sifnos:
Niriedes Hotel will offer you an unforgettable stay right by the beach of Platys Gialos, featuring a fantastic seaside terrace where you can enjoy one of the best breakfasts on the island!
Click here for more information and to get the latest prices.

Rental Home in Sifnos:
Eutixia Sea House is a beachfront home located in Vathy featuring one bedroom and a convenient kitchen.
Click here for more information and to get the latest prices.

Looking for more places to stay? Check the best rental homes in Sifnos.

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What to eat in Sifnos, Greece

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What to eat in Sifnos

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