Amazing Beaches on Sifnos Island For a Great Holiday in Greece!

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Sifnos, an island rich in history and with a plethora of things to do and discover, is better known for its traditions, its gastronomy, and its whitewashed churches and monasteries perched on top of a uniquely rugged landscape. However, not everyone knows that the beaches in Sifnos, often cataloged among the top shores in Greece, are arguably the main ingredient of any summer vacation on the island. Often overlooked and forgotten, the island proves to be a great travel destination in any Greece itinerary.

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What beaches should you visit in Sifnos?

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The most amazing beaches on Sifnos island, Greece

The most amazing beaches in Sifnos, Greece

Basics about Sifnos

The famous church of the Epta Martiri, Sifnos.

Sifnos is a Greek island part of the group of the Cyclades. It’s surrounded by the islands of Kimolos, Serifos, Paros, and Antiparos and it’s about 75 nautical miles from the Port of Piraeus, on mainland Greece

Not as big as other Greek islands, neither as tiny, the top sights and points of interest on Sifnos can be visited in 3 to 5 days. However, if you have more time or are keen on outdoor activities (Sifnos’ trails are stunning!), you’ll be able to discover more, and even check many of its spectacular beaches.

As with many other islands in the Aegean, the rugged terrain is part of the landscape. On Sifnos, there are four different mountain ranges and a few peaks to climb.

How to get to Sifnos

There are no airports on the island, so you need to travel by sea.

There are ferry connections all year round from the Port of Piraeus, with an increased service in summer, both for fast ferries and regular ferries.

You can also travel to Sifnos from the nearby islands of Paros, Milos, Kimolos, Serifos, and Santorini among others.

In summer, it’s also possible to reach Sifnos from the Port of Lavrio, close to Athens.

Greece - Sifnos - Kamares port
Ferry leaving the port of Kamares, Sifnos.

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Top beaches in Sifnos

Vathi Beach

Latitude: 36.9325° N
Longitude: 24.6906° E
Characteristics: Sandy beach with shallow waters. There’s some organization and it’s possible to get there by boat too.

Bay of Vathi.

The quietness of the village of Vathi (also spelled Vathy) combines with the same relaxed atmosphere of its beach. Since cars do not have access to the area and are not allowed in the village, it’s still quite a tranquil place to spend the day by the sea.

Vathi is a sheltered harbor, as a matter of fact, until recent times, the only way to get there was by boat but now you can also do so by driving all the way from the capital of the island, Apollonia. If you’re traveling the island without a rental car, you can jump on a bus at the port of Kamares or in Apollonia, and reach Vathi within minutes.

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The beach, which is more than one kilometer long, offers enough secluded spots if you’re into naturism. The place is ideal for families with kids as the sea is safe, protected from winds and waves, and very shallow.

On the beach, there are tavernas and traditional restaurants where it’s possible to have a great Sifnian meal at any time of the day.

Church of the Taxiarchis, Vathi Beach.

While spending the day in Vathi, don’t forget to check the picturesque whitewashed Church of the Taxiarchis (the Archangel) located exactly where the boat from Kamares docks. If you happen to be on the island in September, don’t miss the celebration to honor Archangel Gabriel.

>> Vathi is one of the most traditional beaches in Sifnos!

Platys Gialos

Latitude: 36.929448 N
Longitude: 24.734321 E
Characteristics: Narrow sandy beach with shallow waters and well organized.

Platys Gialos, Sifnos.

Although not the best beach on the island, rather touristic and often crowded, Platys Gialos is a great choice if you want to spend a day at the beach in Sifnos and you’re staying in the nearby area. The sand is golden under the sunrays and the waters crystal clear. In the area, it’s possible to practice different water sports.

There’s a direct road that from Apollonia takes you directly there (about 10 minutes by car). If instead, you’re getting to Platys Gialos from Kamares, expect to drive for about 20 minutes.

Platys Gialos is a favorite beach among Greek holidaymakers who love the long line of tavernas by the beach serving delicious local food. the area is also known for an open-air theater located nearby. From this beach, it’s possible to take different hiking trails that take you to Vathi and to other settlements on the island.

Among the things to do in Platys Gialos, it’s a good idea to take some time out and walk for about 1.5 km to visit one of Sifnos’ best-preserved towers. Known as the White Tower (Aspros Pyrgos), it is one of the over 70 fryktories, or ancient beacon towers that you can bump into on the island. The White Tower dates from the 6th century BC and it’s 5.5 meters high.

Platys Gialos Bay and the islet of Kitriani in the distance.

A few nautical miles from the beach, you can admire the uninhabited islet of Kitriani home to the oldest church of Sifnos, dating back to the 10th century.

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Latitude: 36.9890 N
Longitude: 24.6748 E
Characteristics: Popular and well-organized, sandy, quite safe, and with beautiful clear waters.

View from the ferry as it approaches the port of Kamares, Sifnos.

Kamares, the main port of Sifnos and the first place you’ll set foot on the island, is a pristine sandy bay, long and quite wide, with spectacular turquoise waters Kamares, and the nearby area of Agia Marina, is probably the most popular place to stay in Sifnos. There is plenty of accommodation as well as restaurants, bars, and some night entertainment. All reasons that make the place quite crowded during most of the summer.

Since this is the most importance coastal center on the island, you’re likely to find the beach quite overcrowded, so it’s always a good idea to head there quite early in the morning to find the perfect spot to spend the day.

Beach in Kamares.

Are you a fan of photography or simply love to enjoy the unique sunsets on the Greek islands? Then Kamares is the perfect place to be at this hour of the day. Due to the orientation to the west, it’s in Kamares where you can get the best sunset pictures on Sifnos island.


Latitude: 36.9944091 N
Longitude: 24.751530 E
Characteristics: Gorgeous beach in a sheltered harbor with crystal clear waters and trees for shade. Organized

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Faros Beach.

Faros, which was Sifnos” main port until 1887, is a gorgeous sheltered port with stunningly beautiful blue waters and a spacious sand beach. The word faros in Greek stands for lighthouse. I fact, the beach receives its name after an ancient tower in the area.

The beach has certainly fans that get to the area every year and who consider it to be one of the best corners in Sifnos. Clam and pristine waters, soft fine sand, tamarisk trees offering nature shelter, and a few tavernas on the waterfront make this place the utmost example of Greek summer.

Faros, Sifnos.

If you also adore this settlement, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few rooms and studios to let, as well as a good Airbnb where you can spend your vacation.

Right next to Faros, no more than 3 minutes away on foot, you can discover the small Glyfo Beach featuring huge tamarisk trees offering natural shade for your stay. From Glyfo, different paths start to reach the beaches of Apokoftou and Chrysopigi.

Glifo, Sifnos.

Fasolou Beach

Latitude: 36.9944091 N
Longitude: 24.751530 E
Characteristics: Small, sandy beach with beautiful and calm waters.

The small bay of Fasolou.

Fasolou is located towards the east of Faros, it’s a tiny settlement with a picturesque beach well-protected from winds and waves. At the end of the beach, there’s an imposing peninsula that hosts the picturesque white monastery of Timios Stavros. A hiking trail in the area leads directly to Kastro, the former capital of Sifnos.

Apokofto Beach (Chrisopigi Beach)

Latitude: 36.939433 N
Longitude: 24.744948 E
Characteristics: Paradisiac bay with a transparent sea with a shoreline that features both sand and pebbles. Parking available and places to eat.

Apokofto Beach as seen from Chrisopigi.

Also known as Chrisopigi Beach since it’s quite close also to Sifnos’ famous Chrisopigi Monastery, Apokofto beach is located est of Faros Beach.

If you reach the area from Faros on foot, you’ll be able to discover the magnificent hidden coves along the coastline. Instead, those driving from Apollonia can marvel at the spectacular scenery that unfolds right in front of you. The ride is worth more than one stop if you love taking panoramic pictures.

Chrisopigi Monastery.

The bay not deep but awesome for snorkeling features a mixture of sand and colorful pebbles that make the underwater experience quite unforgettable. Although the beach is partially organized, you can easily find a shady spot under the many trees.

The beach is not really crowded with allows for a relaxing experience. Most visitors to the area only focus on the magnificent monastery (they’re not to blame!) and ignore the spectacular beach of Apokofto. If you also want to visit Chrisopigi, it’s located at the end of an imposing headland towards the south of the beach.

Several coves and unknown small pebble beaches populate the area, just walk along the coast and discover them!


Latitude: 37.034211 N
Longitude: 24.650965 E
Characteristics: Small sandy beach, shallow, and crystal clear with some organization.

Located on the northern coast of Sifnos, Herronisos is about 15 km from Sifnos’ capital, Apollonia. The settlement is a tiny fishing village with just a few shops and places where you can rent a room. Although many don’t consider this corner of the island worth a visit, I personally believe that the peace and quietness of the area is quite difficult to find anywhere else on Sifnos.

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The beach is fairly small, sandy, and with a very familiar atmosphere. If you’re exploring the area on a day trip from the more important villages of Kamares or Apollonia, it’s a good idea to set some hours aside and visit Vroulida Beach, just minutes by car from Herronisos.


Latitude: 37.023674 N
Longitude: 24.655434 E
Characteristics: Large bay with wonderful crystal waters and fairly shallow. Small white pebbles. There are some tavernas in the area.

Vroulidia, Sifnos

Among the least visited but most spectacular shores on Sifnos, Vroulidia can be a little hard to visit but it’s definitely worth the effort. The hike down to the beach is not as hard as the way up after a day of swimming!

The crystalline sea bathes an extensive bay of white small pebbles. However, if you don’t really love walking on pebbles, or left your swimming shoes back home, two wooden piers will make it easier for you to get in the sea. It’s a relatively calm bay, but better avoided on windy days.

There are also two tavernas serving fresh fish, ideal for a quick lunch or cold drinks.

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The Most Amazing Beaches in Sifnos, Greece
Best beaches in Sifnos, Greece

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