10 Great Reasons to Visit Greece on Your Next Holidays


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If you are wondering about the real reasons to visit Greece, I can easily think of quite a few… Ever since I was a kid, Greece was a mystery. My dad did not read me fairy tales at bedtime but everything about Greek myths. So, I grew up dreaming of Pandora’s vase and wishing to see Greece. Until I did and I fell in love forever… So much so that, a few years ago, I finally made up my mind and moved to Greece. So why should you travel to Greece for your next holidays? If you don’t mind some extra passion, let me tell you about them.

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Top Reasons to Travel to Greece

Top reasons to visit Greece

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Why You Should Visit Greece Soon

How to get from Heraklion to Santorini - Santorini

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and one of the most beautiful countries.

With an endless coast bathed by the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, the country enjoys mild weather and a long summer season when compared to other European destinations.

Greece boasts unique and varied landscapes, from picturesque seaside villages to mountain hamlets, and fantastic old towns.

The country is great both for summer and winter holidays, offering unique activities you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Top Reasons to Visit Greece

reasons to visit Greece

And if all those reasons still haven’t convinced you, you will only need to join a village festival with dance and music, or try the spectacular local food and some fantastic Greek wines

Need more reasons to fall in love with Greece? Read on!

Enjoy Breathtaking Landscapes

Skala and Windmils in Patmos, Greece
Patmos, Dodecanese.

The geography of Greece is as varied as you might imagine and even more. All the colors of the rainbow have a leading role in the Greek palette.

And it’s possible to find any landscape you want in Ελλάδα. I’m sure you’ve seen those pristine white roofs cut against ravishing blue skies.

And yes, that’s Greece too. But the Greek landscape doesn’t end there.

Sweet sunsets on the beach are as attractive as the high mountains of Crete.

More than half of Greece is covered with mountains, therefore, there are caves, gorges, and hiking trails. But also flat meadows, skiing resorts, and isolated plateaus.

Besides, not everything is about the islands.

reasons to visit Greece
Port of Sifnos.

Even if many of them have turned into super popular holiday destinations in Greece, including Santorini, Mykonos, or Corfu, there are stunning landscapes to discover in mainland Greece as well, such as Nafplion and Epidaurus in the Peloponnese, of Pelion and Meteora in Thessaly.

All these without forgetting the extensive list of things to do in Athens, the capital of Greece.

Greece is the Perfect Place to Relax

Elafonisi, Crete.

The Greek way of living is usually in a relaxed mode. Problems? Sigà, sigà, will be the answer. Or better, take it easy!

Greeks will certainly teach you that whenever you have a problem you can’t solve, there’s no reason to worry about it.

This is Greek philosophy at its best. What’s done cannot be undone, or so they say. Let’s enjoy life.

Everywhere in the country, locals will let you know what they think or how they feel through simple gestures. And those will stick with you forever.

Sailor repairing net in Greece

I love it when they thank you for something by putting their hand on their heart, or when they say now just slightly lifting their heads. When words are not needed, they won’t use them.

Greeks have also learned to enjoy the simple things, a cup of coffee, the beauty of the sunset, the joy of tasty Greek food, music, and family gatherings. All the rest comes and goes.

Pleasures are baking bread, talking with friends, and walking by the ocean.

When in Greece, take your time, disconnect the Wi-Fi, and connect with your inner self, in Greece, every single thing invites you to do so. You will go back to routine feeling better.

To Discover the Concept of Philoxenia

reasons to visit Greece

Philoxenia is a Greek word you will only learn about if you visit Greece. It’s so deep inside the nature of the people, that it’s difficult to explain.

Philoxenia is enjoyed, and you will feel nostalgia for it when you are away. It is related to friendship towards the xeno, the foreigner, and it’s the welcoming smile waiting for you at the airport upon arrival.

It’s a glass of ouzo with sweet grapes kindly offered after a meal. Greek will offer their help when you are lost, in need, or a very difficult situation. 

Fresh fish and cheese saganaki
Fresh fish and cheese saganaki.

Greece is a generous country made of generous people. Locals take pride in receiving their visitors and the best compliment you can make them is saying so.

In return, you will get the best of what they have: Their best food, their best wine, and their honest friendship.

To Travel on a Budget Greece

reasons to visit Greece

A holiday in Greece is by no means expensive. Accommodation is in general very affordable and the norm says that you usually get value for money.

When visiting Greece the range of accommodation opportunities is immense, you can be going on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation or can also be traveling on a budget.

There are always cost-effective destinations, hotels, and attractions. Generally, prices for good food, fun activities for children, water sports, guided tours, as well as car rentals, are also on the low side.

Greek oregano - herbs in Greece

Greece is still one of those places where it is not hard to find a good deal while still making a difference for the local community. Invest in buying local souvenirs, and local food and avoid international hotel chains or international coffee shops.

You’ll get better prices and will represent a valuable economic help for the communities. Also remember that many of these communities make a living mostly thanks to tourism, which is a seasonal activity.

Sometimes your holiday, your stay, your food, and your boat trip will make the difference in creating an income to live all through the low season.

By the way, do leave tips whenever you can, those few euros mean the world to seasonal workers.

Fun Holidays in Greece

reasons to visit Greece

If what you are looking for is fun, you will also find it. I was once told by a local that life in Greece is pretty much about eating, drinking, and dancing.

After three years of life in Greece, I can’t help to agree.

Eating is all about great tastes, but also about enjoying a table together, with family and friends, sharing whatever simple delicacy is around.

Even just a piece of cheese, some bread, good olive oil, and homemade wine. And everything comes with moderation.

Dancing in the sunset - greece
Dancing by the sea

Greeks enjoy their alcoholic drinks wisely, with a unique timing, and usually, a glass of water comes with it.

There are many myths about Greeks’ drinking habits being exaggerated, I’ve heard it many times, especially in Crete. Yet, I still have to see a drunk Greek around. I never did.

On many islands, partying comes with Greek holidays, hand in hand. You just have to choose the right spot. And there’s plenty of fun for all tastes.

reasons to visit Greece

Whether it’s extreme adventure sports or even if it’s just dancing all night long in discos, pubs, or clubs; you name it, you have it.

What’s more, Greeks’ easy ways towards sex can make some of their destinations a paradise for gay couples as well as for people open to new experiences.

Nobody is going to judge you wrong in Greece, freedom runs in their veins.

Greece is Perfect for a Romantic Escape

Couple in Santorini

Who has never dreamed of a wedding with a romantic background? Or even a dreamy honeymoon destination? Greece is perfect for both.

More and more couples are choosing Greece not only for their honeymoon trip, but many are also planning a wedding in the country.

It can be a luxurious wedding in Santorini, a private ceremony on a yacht sailing the Aegean, or even on a beach in Crete.

Greece is also ideal for a romantic getaway. Perfect for your first trip as a couple. a variety of activities, sports, sceneries, and proposals will suit the need of everyone without compromising.

Church bell santorini
An iconic Santorini photograph.

If you love to take pictures but your partner enjoys sunbathing, or if one is into shopping while the other prefers a more natural atmosphere, Greece has it all.

Moreover, is there anything more romantic than watching a sunset by the sea? It will be a dream that comes true.

You and him enjoying a breathtaking landscape only seen in luxury magazines before. Those landscapes are nothing but the truth when you are in Greece.

Greece is a Great Family Holiday Destination

Family aegean sea

For those looking for family holidays, Greece is truly a paradise. There’re some beaches where you can completely relax because they do not represent any risk at all.

Shallow and calm waters, as well as coves repaired from the wind, are almost everywhere. You can check our list of beaches in Crete, but also in Naxos or Antiparos.

Endless extensions of white sands such as Elafonisi,  seem to be just there for children.

Kids will play for hours feeding bread to the fish, playing with the sand, or just learning to swim. Natural bays protected from big waves are little family paradises.

And – of course – children will love Greek food. Treats such as the most delicious, homemade French fries, unique varieties of cheese, and tasty seasonal fruit are among kids’ favorites.

Corfu with kids

Especially on the islands, Corfu, Crete, and Rodhes are good examples, the only way locals cultivate is bio… but not because it’s trendy, because that’s the way it’s always been in Greece!  Genuine vegetables taste good.

You can start the day with some rich Greek yogurt and honey. Is there anything better? And let’s face it, in some locations, kids are the true stars in some locations…

Greeks adore kids and always go one step further to make them feel great.

Greece is the Right Place for Those Who Love History

Parthenon Aropolis Athens from the article: 10 Reasons to Visit Greece (on your next holidays)

Greece is a land of millennial culture and rich history. A place made of a past that can still be seen and felt almost everywhere you go. Not just in Athens, as many believe, but everywhere.

On each of the islands, there are secrets and treasures from the past, and locals are eager to share them with visitors.

Old settlements, ruins, and windmills… but also impressive castles, museums, and archaeological sites from every historical period. Sometimes there’s so much to see that it’s hard to choose.

Of course, a visit to Athens can prove unique, but find cultural proposals everywhere and not just in Summer. Greeks love exhibitions, museums, and art galleries.

If you happen to visit on May 18th, Greece celebrates International Museum Day opening every one of the museums in the country which anyone can enjoy for free.


But traditions are also part of the Greek rich past. Even if you visit an isolated mountain village, just take your time to see how people bake, cook or brew…

These everyday chores carry traditions and habits, they are part of a culture that is passed from one generation to the other. 

Greece is The Place to Go for Foodies

Delicious home-made food from Crete.

Mediterranean cuisine is at its best in this region. Every part of Greece has its own specialty and traditional dishes that are easy to appreciate and love.

However, as a general rule, when tastes are genuine and the soil is generous, the result can only be luscious.

Besides, mild weather, plenty of sunshine, and enough rain during the year are also key to the favorable agricultural panorama in Greece.

All of these combined are simply a feast!


The best olives will give you the best oil; the best grapes will produce the best wine. The sea, the land, and the wise hands of the inhabitants, all together produce a unique combination of flavors you will never forget and you will long to take home with you.

And the Best reason to Come to Greece? To Get That Comforting Homeland Feeling!

Cat in greece
Could be your cat, right?

There’s nothing to do about it when you are in Greece you feel at home. And it’s not just me saying so, it’s also hundreds of tourists I’ve met these years here in Crete.

All of them agree on that… so I can’t be that wrong.

The Greek way to say “Welcome” is “Welcome home”. It may sound strange indeed since their language is unique; it’s spoken almost only there…

So how could a place with such a different language be home if language is usually a defining part of one’s identity? Still, when you set foot in Greece you feel at home.

reasons to visit Greece
Chios, Mesta village.

Could it be because most Occidental countries set their roots in Greek history, culture, and traditions? Maybe… but then, how do you explain Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or other more remote cultures also feeling “at home” in Greece?

From Greece, we’ve inherited democracy, philosophy, ethics, theater, and many other things. A great part of our words is Greek too.

Why is it that we love Greek music so much? We did not grow up dancing it… and still, who can stay still when watching that famous scene from the film Zorba?

Why is it that we love a culture that has evolved with time to become so different from ours?

Never mind the reasons. We’ve learned to love Greece, for its culture, its natural beauties, and its picture-perfect landscapes.

We’ve learned to feel happy and excited about our arrival. And we cannot wait for that moment when Greece welcome us home.

Are you planning a trip to Crete and you have no idea where to start from? Check these insanely practical tips for holidays in Crete!

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Top Reasons to Visit Greece
Top Reasons to Visit Greece

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17 thoughts on “10 Great Reasons to Visit Greece on Your Next Holidays

  1. Evangelos says:

    Dear Gabi as a Greek I feel the need to say thank you and express my gratitude for everything you write about Greece and Greeks. I am grateful. We expect all of you to come to Greece to experience Greek Xenia or “Φιλοξενία” Philoxenia ( “Φιλοξενία” is a compound word consisting of two separate words that are pronounced as one.Τhe word “φιλώ” = love and “ξένος” = stranger). Greetings from Greece!

    • Gabi says:

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I love Greece, I adore to write about it but what thrills me the most is when Greek people read my posts and appreciate my love for their country.
      Your words make me completely happy and proud.
      I have always said Greece is a magnificent country I love with all my heart. I feel it as my Home. Believe me, I am convinced that among all the reasons that make Greece so beautiful, the landscape, the nature, the amazing food, the real richness of the country is their people. You Greek make that land a wonderful place to be. Thank you for all the love you express to visitors… I am honored to be your guest.
      Σας Eυχαριστώ Πάρα πολύ.

  2. Tatiana Bastos says:

    Hi Gabi! I tottally understand your love for Greece, as I live in Santorini for 8 years now, and am a tour guide! 🙂 I am brazilian, but to speak greek is one of the things I am proud of! Your blog is super cool and I love the illustration on the headboard. Keep on with the good work!

    • Gabi says:

      Hi!! How nice to welcome you here. I’ll be in Santorini in April to make some articles for the Blog, it could be nice to get in touch!! Do feel free to send me an e-mail or contact me so I can reply you. I would like to forward you some questions, since you are a guide we can work on something together. I’d be happy to connect.

      Hope to hear from you soon

    • Gabi says:

      I read somewhere the temperature was close to 26° in Crete last week… so if it’s not Summer, it might be close. Oh my beautiful Greece… I’d just love to have the possibility to travel there any moment I want, can someone love a place that much?

    • Gabi says:

      Hi Iman,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Yes, it was a Greek friend who first introduced me to this concept, and let me tell you it is something you can only understand when you share sometime with Greek people, they are really special people, open-hearted and so caring. You will love it.
      Hope to see you around soon!

  3. Katrina Stephens says:

    Read your post, sounds so amazing so I shared it on facebook. Would love to one day travel to Greece. The architecture, landscape and people seem amazing. Pretty sure I’ve got some Greek Ancestry down the line 😉

    • Gabi says:

      Hi Katrina!
      Well first of all thank you so very much for sharing! That’s something we bloggers can’t never thank enough!!! 😉 I really appreciate it.
      Then, your name has some Greek in it, I’ve met some Greek Katerinas in my life, so… why not?
      Yes, definitely put it in your “to visit” list of places. Greece is amazing, the weather, the food, the people, the music, the landscapes.
      I guess there must be a drop of Greek blood or two running in my veins as well. Otherwise I cannot understand such a love affair 😉

      Cheers, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sabine says:

    This article about Greece is so true, all 10 reasons of it. My favourite reason to visit Greece is the tasty food. I’m lucky that in my hometown in Belgium there are lot’s of Greek immigrants, who opened lot’s of good restaurants with tasty food.
    And furthermore, Greece is so beautiful and so much culture to visit…I guess I need to go back soon!

    • Gabi says:

      Hi Sabine!
      Thanks for your comment… I had to set myself a limit, because I could have found another ten reasons in no time if I wanted to… But yes, life in Greece is just like that, simple when it has to be simple and enjoyable when there’s need for joy! I guess we all have so much to learn from mother Greece.
      You’re so lucky to have Greek food around you. I have to just search for recipes online and do my best to imitate those amazing flavours, with doubtful results, of course… What can I say? The perfect excuse to keep coming back! 🙂

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