In the Northern Aegean Sea, there is a place away from the crowds and traffic of typical summer destinations.

The Greek island of Thassos is a quiet yet beautiful and most rewarding holiday haven you can visit off-the-beaten-path in Greece. Here are a few things you should know about Thassos Island. Prepare to be amazed, and -who knows-, it might be your next stop in Greece.

Well, it should be, at least.



No other Greek island resembles Thassos in its geography and natural scenery. Imagine a circular island with a 1200-meter-high mountain in the middle, surrounded by pristine beaches of unparalleled beauty. 

You may have been on an island with a similar lush landscape, but Thassos is different. Here, everything is connected with high-quality paved roads that receive regular maintenance. 

Driving and Discovering Thassos Topography:

It could never be easier to move from one majestic beach to the other, stopping by scenic viewpoints along the way. That is all thanks to the main road that circles the island’s coastline for its entire hundred kilometers. 

If that is not enough, know that every mountain village is easily accessible through the same road network, even if the settlement is at 700 meters altitude. Even the way to the island peak can be done by car on a smooth dirt road.

Imagine driving on the side of cliffs overlooking the Aegean below and on the horizon. Minutes later, you can head your way through pine forests and olive groves as you approach the mountain villages. The scenery is ever-changing but always captivating. 

If you want to discover Thassos at its best, you need to have a car, or at least rent one. Its many sites are scattered all around the island. Let alone that the views along the way will often be as rewarding, if not more. In short, Thassos Island will show you how the journey can be as fascinating as the destination.


Essential Thassos

  • Island Group: Eastern Aegean Islands
  • Capital: Limenas Thasou or Thasos
  • Area: 380 km2
  • Airport: No ( the nearest airport is Kavala International)
  • Nearby Islands: Samothraki, Limnos

When in Thassos don’t miss…

  • Marble Beach
  • The natural lagoon of Giola
  • Archangel Michael Monastery
  • The old village of Theologos
  • The archaeological site of Aliki


Thassos is best suited to couples and families looking for quality time in a scenic environment. While there is much to explore on the island, you will love the comforts and amenities you will find in hotels, resorts, and stores of any kind. It is a perfect combination of pure natural beauty and modern services.

Your kids will love playing on the water while you sunbathe and relax on a sunbed. Or visit a water park and treat your children to an unforgettable experience. When it is time for a family activity, head to a museum, stroll, or drive to the mountains for a small hike. The options are endless.

History enthusiasts will also love Thassos for its rich background and culture. Whether you are interested in mythology, classical Greece, or modern history, Thassos will surprise you with its archeological and historical sites, not to mention its new museums.

Nightlife in Thassos is also vibrant in certain parts of the island during summer. Although it is nothing like the cosmopolitan Aegean islands in the Cyclades, Thassos has a fair share of options for a romantic night out or for dancing until early morning. The capital, Limenas, and Potos are the two places to be if nightlife is a priority.

All in all, Thassos is a holiday destination that will never cease to surprise you. Off-the-beaten track, yet astonishingly developed. All while traditions are kept alive. You could never wish for anything more.

Unless that is more days to stay on the island, of course.



While you admire the natural beauty of Thasos, note that there is much to do in this remote part of the Aegean. And you better start with its beaches. Whether you are after golden sand, pebbles, or marble, Thassos beaches have your match.

It can be the two-kilometer-long sandy beach of Xrisi Ammoudia, the tiny marble beach of Saliara, or the charming pebble beach of Klisma. Wherever you go on the island, you will find a beach close by, either that is known or unknown. And if you rent a boat or join a cruise, you will be even more surprised.

Boat trips make for a thriving industry on the island. You can choose to share a larger boat to lower expenses or even rent your own boat. You can even join a fishing trip with a local fisherman, for an experience you will long remember. 

If the sea is not your cup of tea, or you are after a break from sunbathing, make no mistake and head inland. Before you notice it, the scenery changes completely. The tropical-like coastline gives way to pine forest, olive groves, and a dramatic landscape. 

Between the miracles and beauty of nature, you will find several mountain villages where life remains slow and traditional. Although the settlements on the coast have recently experienced rapid growth thanks to tourism, the settlements in the mountains have preserved their unique identity and traditions.

Apart from meeting the culture of the locals, there are hundreds of things you can do while in the mountains. Some activities, however, stand out, and you should not miss them. For one, discover the waterfall of Gourni in Theologos before you head to one of the local taverns to taste some of the best goat meat in Greece.

Visit the old capital of Panagia and stroll around the traditional houses and the network of creeks coming straight from the mountains. Most importantly, do not forget to hike to the island’s peak for a view you won’t stop admiring.

No matter what you choose to do in Thassos, one thing is beyond doubt: you will fall in love with the island in no time. Prepare to be amazed; you will soon start planning your next visit to Thassos.



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