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Super Traditional Greek Baklava Recipe

An easy peasy Greek baklava recipe to prepare the best syrup-drenched pastries you've ever tried! [...]

How to Make Kourabiedes: The Perfect Greek Christmas Cookies!

Learn how to make Kourabiedes: delicious Greek Christmas cookies!

How to Make Melomakarona: Delicious Greek Christmas Cookies

Learn how to make Melomakarona, a typical honey Christmas cookie from Greece. We have added [...]

How to Make Vasilopita: Greek New Year’s Cake

How to Make Vasilopita: In this post we tell you every secret to prepare the [...]

How to Make the Most Delicious Greek Salad Dressing

Nothing more disappointing than a tasteless, dry salad, right? Check this delicious Greek salad dressing [...]

How to Make Classic Greek Tzatziki

A bowl of classic Greek tzatziki dip is a no brainer if you want to [...]

How to Make Original Cretan Dakos

Learn how to easily cook one of Crete's staples, Cretan Dakos. Try and enjoy this [...]

10 Famous Recipes from the Greek Islands

In this post, we disclose some of the most famous recipes from the Greek Islands [...]

Everything About the Cretan Diet!

Discover every you want to know about the Cretan Diet: Its ingredients, its cooking methods, [...]

The Best Vegetarian Food in Crete That You Must Try on the Island

Are you fed up with meat-based dishes while on holiday? Worry not! Especially if you [...]

Not Your Usual Greek Food Guide: What to Eat in Crete + 20 Authentic Local Dishes!

If you want to explore the unique Cretan cuisine and its dishes, this small guide [...]

Where to Eat the Most Delicious Gyro in Crete

Visiting Crete and want to taste the best gyro wrap on the island? This guide [...]

Best Cretan and Greek Cookbooks to Prepare Authentic Dishes at Home

If you can't travel for now, why not trying your hand at Greek cuisine. Check [...]

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Crete Travel Blog: Essential Things to Know about Cretan Raki (Tsikoudia)

Raki or Tsikoudia is a local Cretan distilled drink with a very high volume of [...]

The Best Olive Oil from Crete – Extra Virgin Olive Oil: All You Need to Know About Crete’s Green Gold!

This article walks you through the unique properties of Crete's green gold, the top-quality Extra [...]