Where to go for the next summer holidays

Those who know me, know I am not a fan of the winter holiday season. For me, it is a perfect time to think about our next trip. To get lost in a daydream, in between all the mandatory Christmas decorating, because I guess all mums “have” to implement the holiday spirit, you know? So, how do I survive the Christmas shenanigans? A favorite pastime is by thinking about wonderful summer holidays for the family in astonishing Greek destinations. Let’s see which one of the following wins over the other in these shortlisted destinations, you decide.

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The islands: Corfu vs. Paxoi

On the west side of the Greek coast lies Corfu, in the exceptional Ionian sea. Corfu belongs to the Heptanese cluster of islands and it’s a wonderful destination: full of green, full of history, full of stunning beaches. Exciting natural beauty. South of Corfu, you find Paxoi (Paxos and Antipaxos). We fell in love with these islands on our family visit in 2016 since both destinations boast impeccable shores.

If your family is up for adventures, then read our post on family cruising around Paxoi. It will inspire you to consider the islands them for next summer. In Paxoi you can completely unwind and be in touch with nature. The water caves and caverns, caves, crystal clear waters of azure and indigo blue hues will amaze you. However, there are limited facilities on the islands. For that reason, if you need a bit more to keep you interested while on holiday, you should better consider Corfu.

Where to spend your next summer holidays

Corfu is a large island where choosing your point-of-call can be a tough decision. But that is also the beauty of Corfu! You can either choose to stay in one place that satisfies all your senses or arrange day outings to discover the place. One obvious choice for comfortable family holidays by the beach in Corfu is Mayor Capo Di Corfu resort. Promising families a world of wonderful possibilities in a beautiful awarded Blue Flag beach for 2016. Besides they will arrange day trips to mentioned Paxoi on request so that you can discover both destinations.

Mainland Greece: Thessaloniki vs Halkidiki

Thessaloniki is also known as the second capital of Greece after Athens. The second-largest city in the country has a distinct character of its own. You just need a visit to the coastal promenade to enjoy the views onto the Thermaic Gulf and the White Tower,  the city’s most iconic landmark.

The history of Thessaloniki dates back to Byzantium times. In fact, the old Byzantine walls are still visible in several areas. Modern life in Thessaloniki is all about the foodie side to it: Delicious food that is quite affordable.

The picturesque area of ‘Ladadika’ is worth exploring during the evenings due to its laid back general attitude, certainly more relaxed than Athens.

Still, Thessaloniki remains a city and not everyone’s piece of cake for summer. However, its major summer advantage is that it’s near Halkidiki. A popular mainland alternative to the Greek islands for your next summer holidays. On its three peninsulas, there are ample opportunities for exploring.

The natural morphology allows for some incredible vantage points. Panoramas will leave you speechless. And as for family vacations, Halkidiki offers a lot. Apart from the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort and its comprehensive list of luxe facilities and services for every family member, it can be the starting point for a family adventure!

With endless possibilities in terms of activities, Halkidiki is a playground for discovering an alternative destination in Greece. It has all the benefits of the islands, but also offers some insight into the less beaten track of travels in Greece.

Staycation: Crete

Option three is always a tempting one when you live on the most beautiful island on earth. It’s been a while since the fantasy of a new on-the-road trip around Crete has turned into a recurrent idea. After several trips to the island while we lived in Italy; and, of course, after a year living here, we don’t seem to get tired of the local beauties.

We’ve been south, north, south again and in some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. And there’s always something new to explore, discover and fall in love with, so why not Crete for the next summer holidays?

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The idea of driving around Crete over and over can never abandon me. Because there’s always a story to hear, people to meet… and incredible tastes to try.

Because only when you genuinely love a place like we love Crete, and only when Cretans care for you in a way you’d have never imagined, then staying home is also a privilege.

What about you? Where are you spending your next summer holidays?
Let me know in the comments below!


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Where to spend your next summer holidays
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