The Most Stunning Things To Do In Thassos With Kids

Things to do in Thassos with kids

Ever thought of a family vacation on a Greek island? The options are plenty, but some islands stand out for how family-friendly they are. Thasos is one of them. Wondering why? Here are ten unmissable things to do in Thassos with kids. 

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Top Things to Do in Thassos with Kids

Things to do in Thassos with kids

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General Information about Thassos

things to do in thassos with kids

As we’ve already mentioned, Thassos is an island situated in the North Aegean Sea, it’s easily reached from the city of Kavala (16 miles) or from the port of Keramotini.

The island has an incredible green landscape with a unique collection of beaches, some of them truly perfect for small kids.

How to Travel to Thassos

things to do in thassos with kids
Keramoti Port on the mainland.

Getting to Thassos by ferry: The island is connected to mainland Greece by different ferry routes. There are 2 ports on the island, one in the capital, Limenas, with daily ferries to the port of Keramotini (the trip is about 90 minutes), and another one in the villages of Skala Prinos from where all ferries from Kavala arrive (the route is shorter, about 40 minutes).

Both ferry routes operate all year, but the frequency increases during the summer months, between May and October

Getting to Thassos by air: The island has no airport, but it is possible to fly to Kavala and board one of the two ferries. The airport of Kavala is 30 km from Kavala and only 10 km from the port in Keramoti. 

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Family Holidays in Thassos: What to Do in Thassos with the Kids?

Best beaches in Thassos

Thassos is a relaxing, tranquil Greek island in the Northern Aegean, it’s quite an off-the-beaten-path destination of amazing beauty, perfect for family holidays.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know to plan a seamless family vacation in Thassos, read on and discover what are the best things to do in Thassos with kids!

Let the Kids Bond over a Horse Ride in Skala Prinos

things to do in thassos with kids
Riding by the sea can be a fantastic experience for children!

One of the most memorable family activities in Thassos is no other than horse riding in Skala Prinos. No matter how old or young your kids are, the experienced personnel will ensure your ride is spectacular and safe for everyone.

You can choose any route you may wish. Whether it is a stroll on a beautiful beach trail or an ascent through spectacular mountain paths, you will love every part of it.

Although the final route will depend on your family’s riding ability, one thing is certain. You will all have fun and love this bonding experience.

The rides can take anything between one to seven people. And in case you are less than seven in your family, you can share the ride with other visitors and make new friends along the way.

That is also a clever way to save on the holiday budget. After all, you don’t want to miss a chance to join a boat trip.

Explore the Other Side of Thassos with Kids on a Boat Trip

things to do in thassos with kids
Boats in Aliki.

If you want to discover the hidden side of Thassos coastline, look no further than a boat trip. Sailing through the waves and enjoying a never-ending spectacular landscape, your kids will love it.

Let alone the little dips they will take from the boat every time you stop in a secluded bay.

Did we mention spectacular remote beaches? Not only will your kids love every part of the experience, but you will also fall in love with the island – if you haven’t already.

There is nothing like crushing the crystal clear Aegean waters and discovering the beautiful shores of Thasos. 

You can take a boat trip from Thassos Town, Limenaria, Golden Beach, or Potos. Although you can find commercial options and share a large boat with other tourists, nothing beats the privacy and flexibility that a smaller boat will offer you.

A personal skipper can guarantee that you will visit the parts of the island that your kids will love the most. 

Alternatively, you can combine both a boat ride with a scuba diving experience like this one, perfect for an active day on the island.

Spend an Entire Morning on Platanes Beach

things to do in thassos with kids
Platanes Beach, Thassos.

Does all that sound like too much moving around? I am sure you would love some quiet time to relax on a Greek beach.

But you also have kids that are not so fond of sunbathing for hours. Don’t worry at all. Thasos has your match!

Platanes should be at the top of your list of beaches that you need to visit on the island.

While certainly not the most popular, Platanes is a perfect fit for families who would like some quiet and alone time. The reason? Platanes has a kids’ water park that your little ones will love!

Imagine sitting in the middle of a golden sand beach, with quality music in the background. You read one of your favorite author’s suspense novels, and all you want is some quiet time to focus on that last chapter.

All while getting that tan color you deserve. Just send your kids to the water park and finish that book in peace.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thassos… Kids Love It!

things to do in thassos with kids
(Courtesy: Macedonian Heritage, CC BY-SA 3.0, Commons Wikimedia).

Apart from beaches and sunshine, Greece has a rich history worth discovering.

Although your kids may prefer playing with sand all day, they won’t regret a short visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thassos. The knowledge and insights into the island’s history will make them see Thassos differently.

Located next to the ancient agora, this internationally recognized museum will give you a feeling of how life used to be more than two millennia ago.

Here, you will find a rich collection of invaluable archeological exhibits, ranging from sculptures and statues to pottery and jewelry.

After you tour the museum, make sure to head to the center of Thasos Town and see the recently excavated ancient agora.

Thanks to the knowledge you got from the museum, the ruins will feel alive and will travel you back in time, when Thassos was one of the most significant Greek cities in antiquity. 

View the Scenery from the Monastery of the Archangel

things to do in thassos with kids

Standing on the edge of a cliff above sea level, the Monastery of Archangel is another must-visit for your family.

While you will appreciate the architectural beauty and rich history of the place, nothing beats the views of the Aegean from this monastery. There is no way your kids won’t love it!

Before you get to the monastery, the landscape turns to rough terrain with sharp turns and majestic views.

Although a scenic route, make sure that the driver focuses on the road. But let your kids look into the window and appreciate the panorama. That is a view they don’t want to miss. 

After you visit the interior of the main church and walk around the houses of the small community of nuns, make sure to witness the rare collection of religious artifacts.

Every Christian visiting the island will want to see one of the nails used to crucify Jesus Crist. And that nail is the most prized possession of the monastery.

Spend a Quiet Afternoon in the Village of Skala Kallirachi

things to do in thassos with kids

How about a calm, quiet beach in the middle of a traditional fishing village? Imagine sunbathing under a clear sky on a sandy beach while your kids play in the shallow waters.

And you are in the middle of a small village, a minute away from restaurants and bars. Thassos with kids can be all about that!

You are thinking of Skala Kallirachi, a traditional settlement in the western part of the island, known for its majestic sunset. It is no wonder the best time to visit the village is later in the afternoon so that you have the chance to view the sunset on the horizon. 

After your time on the beach, make sure to take a stroll through the picturesque fishing port right next to the beach.

You will be walking in the largest port in Thassos, where you can also find spots you can fish yourself. Alternatively, head to the nearest restaurant, or better, try some of the delicious pancakes in the square.

Explore the Depths of Thassos Waters

things to do in thassos with kids

If your kids would love some action, consider renting some snorkeling equipment and discovering the beauty of marine life on the island.

Some of the best spots to snorkel in Thassos are Agios Antonios near Potos, Plaka near Kallirachi, and Marble Beach.

Scuba diving is your best option if you want a complete picture of underwater Thassos. With the guidance of experienced personnel, your family will have the opportunity to discover a different side of Thassos, one that few see. 

No matter your kids’ age, the guides can offer the perfect activity for you – anything from diving courses to guided snorkeling tours.

And you can book a tour from Limenaria, Prinos, Thassos Town, or Potos. No matter what tour you take, your kids will love every part of the experience.

Check out this scuba diving experience in Thassos with kids!

Feel Some Luxury in La Skala Beach

things to do in Thassos with kids
(Courtesy: Skala Beach).

Not sure if you are after an activity or a place to relax? Worry not, since La Skala is an excellent option for every family.

Whether you are looking for a luxury beach bar to spend your entire day with quality drinks and food or indulge in non-stop water sports activities, the beach of La Skala is your perfect match.

Although your wallet may complain a bit, the luxury and king-like services you will get while in La Skala will be more than worth it.

White sunbeds and straw-made umbrellas decorate this small sandy beach, while a bar and an on-site restaurant will treat your every need. 

In short, La Skala offers everything your family can ask for – quality food, warm sun, water sports, comfortable lounges, and a lot more.

There is no way your kids won’t love this place. Did we mention a small kids’ pool? La Skala has that as well!

Relax with the Whole Family at Tripiti Beach 

things to do in thassos with kids
Tripiti, Thassos… a perfect place to spend a fun day with the kids.

Wait. What about a typical Greek beach? After all, you expect a classic Greek beach to be on a list of top family things to do in Thasos. And that beach would be no other than Tripiti.

Known for its rock formations and lengthy sandy enclave, Tripiti is one of the most popular stopovers for families on the island. 

Relax in a sunbed getting your tan while your kids play with the sand or swim in the clear waters. For a scent of action, get to the beach volley area and have fun playing altogether.

And in case you get thirsty or hungry, you can visit the nearby hotel or restaurant and treat yourself to a full meal.

Sounds too typical? Well, Tripiti Beach has a twist. In the north corner of the beach, a majestic cave connects a small isolated 10-meter beach with the Aegean waters.

You can even swim the whole way from Tripiti Beach, through the open cave, to the tiny shore. You will love every part of it. 

At Sunset, Have a Family Dinner at Klisma

things to do in Thassos with 

After all the fun with the family activities, venues to see, and beaches to visit, you deserve a quality family dinner next to the water.

And the best option is no other than Klisma, situated between Skala Kallirachi and Plaka.

Located on a pebble beach, you can choose to dine right where the waves fall into the bay. And while you enjoy the views and the fresh Aegean breeze, your kids can play with the pebbles and build castles they will love. 

And if you get here before darkness sets, you will come across some of the best sunsets in Thassos.

There is nothing like enjoying a traditional Greek meal overlooking a breathtaking sunset—memories of a lifetime. 

Where to Stay in Thassos with Kids

These are the best family hotels in Thassos to spend a wonderful (and very relaxing) time with your children, take a look.

Best 5-Star Hotel for Families in Thassos

Blue Dream Palace Trypiti Beach Resort & Spa

5 stars
Location: Tripiti, Limenaria, right on the beach!

If the budget is not an issue, then check this unique family-friendly resort in Tripiti, it’s really a dreamy place for a family vacation. Located only 2 minutes from the beach and surrounded by well-kept gardens, this beachfront accommodation features modern superior rooms and suites for up to 4 guests while extra cots are available for free. Besides, the accommodation is also pet friendly.

For the whole family: 2 outdoor pools and an indoor heated pool with an attached hot tub.
For mum and dad: a spa center is also available with a gym, sauna, and hammam, you can also choose one of the several massage treatments.
Kids love the playroom and the children’s playground. Greek nights are organized by the hotel.


Best Thassos Family Resort in Potos, Thassos

Alexandra Beach Spa Resort

5 stars
Location: Within walking distance from the picturesque villages of Potos and Pefkari, less than 2 minutes from the sea.

Featuring comfortable junior suites on split levels and deluxe double rooms, this hotel can host families of up to 6 members in one accommodation. The hotel is just steps from the beach, surrounded by a lush garden with roses and palm trees. There’s a delicious Greek buffet breakfast served by the pool.

Special activities for the whole family: Happy hour and evening entertainment are part of the activities that you can enjoy with the family. The hotel also offers opportunities to play tennis, and table tennis, go snorkeling and discover other water sports, including diving.
For kids: there is kids’ outdoor play equipment, mini golf, a children’s playground, and a kids’ club. Babysitting services are also available. 


Best Budget-Friendly Family Hotel in Thassos

Studios Plaka

3 Stars
Location: Skala Kallirachi, steps from the sea about 1.3 km from Klisma South Wild Beach.

This is our go-to hotel in Thassos! You will find fantastic hospitality in a tranquil environment with unique sea views. This family-friendly accommodation is in one of the most relaxing areas of Thassos. Studios Plaka provides housing with a shared lounge, a garden, and a shared kitchen for your convenience. The aparthotel also features free private parking, a patio, and an à la carte breakfast available daily.

For the whole family: The area is perfect for snorkeling.
For the kids: Check out their comfortable family apartment with sea views with comfy bunk beds for the little ones!


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things to do in thassos with kids

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Things to do in Thassos with kids

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