Labyrinth Park Heraklion: Top Things to Do in Heraklion, Crete with Kids


Truly a child-friendly island, Crete has lots of places especially thought for kids spending their holidays here, one of these places is The Labyrinth Park, which not only entertains but also tells some of the best legends of the island.

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Day Trip to Labyrinth Park Heraklion with Kids

Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete
Us and the Minotaur.

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When visiting Heraklion, don’t miss a visit to the archaeological site of Knossos. The Palace, about 10 km from the city, is a great experience for those interested in Ancient Civilizations.

But Knossos isn’t enough without a stop at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

However, what happens when you’ve got small kids? To make this visit a full-immersion experience, start with a didactic approach. It will prepare kids to visit both the Palace and the Museum.

There’s an interactive way to introduce them to the wonders of the Minoan civilization: the Labyrinth Park in Heraklion, full of interesting cultural ideas that get kids asking for you to take them back.

About Labyrinth Park

Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete
Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete

The Labyrinth Theme Park is a destination park with activities available for all families and attractions for all ages. There’s a basic entrance fee and then you decide on the itinerary for the day.

As the name suggests, the main idea of the park is developed about the Labyrinth.

The Minoan labyrinth allows you to get lost and spend some time trying to discover secret rooms and mysteries (you must get the stamps from every room to get your Labyrinth diploma sealed) belonging to Greek mythology.

Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete
Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Since we had already visited both the Museum in Heraklion and the Palace of Knossos, we combined the Labyrinth Park with a visit to the Archaeological Site of Malia, just a few minutes away… and it worked great!

Many Labyrinths, Golf, and Animals

Cretan Maze.
Cretan Maze.

After completing the maze, we all got stamps for Mini Golf. There is also a Cretan Stone Labyrinth.

Probably the maze I found most stimulating, not because of the way it develops, but for all the hints of ideas to ponder while walking through the maze. It boosts your self-confidence and teaches you more than one lesson.

Things to think about in a Labyrinth...
Things to think about in a Labyrinth…

There’s plenty to do in Labyrinth Park. Kids enjoyed the Eco-Garden, teaching all about different local fruit and vegetables, indigenous aromatic herbs, and flowers.

Minigolf Labyrinth park Heraklion
Labyrinth Park Heraklion

Another favorite was the Farm, where they got a close look at Markus the donkey, Achilles, and Hector the mini-Shetlands. Children can also try some horseback riding.

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Archery Lessons in Labyrinth Park

Labyrinth Park Heraklion
Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete

After that, we went for some Archery lessons that had the children going crazy every time they hit and made the balloon explode!

A very knowledgeable guy guided them through the magic world of arches and arrows.
This activity had them asking for another visit to the park.

The Laser Maze in Labyrinth Park

Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete
The huge Trojan horse hiding a maze inside!

My favorite part was the Trojan horse, a huge wooden structure in the middle of the park. The Trojan Horse is, in fact, a dark chamber that turns into a stunning Laser Maze.

You will go through subtle laser beams trying not to make the alarm go off.

Labyrinth Park Heraklion crete
This attraction was amazing!

We crawled, jumped, and crept, and laughed so much trying to find our way in the dark. In the end, a computer screen showed us our records and made Mom the one to blame for the alarms.

Yeap, I’m not that good at crawling!

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More Attractions

Labyrinth Park Heraklion
Labyrinth Park Heraklion

Back to more relaxing activities, kids were able to try their pottery skills as well as concentrate on a Cretan Chessboard.

The Miniature Village was fun whenever they were able to recognize all the different actors of the past Cretan society, still very much active today. Such as the raki producer, the honey maker, and many other inhabitants of our mountains.

Escape Atlantis

Labyrinth Park Heraklion
(Photo: Labyrinth Park)

Finally, you can take a look at Escape Atlantis, for this attraction allow at least one hour more.
This puzzle-solving game is based on the legend of Atlantis.

The god Poseidon ruled the seas and made his first son, Atlas, king of the island.

God Zeus, quite annoyed by the immortality of the Atlanteans, punished them. The island of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea.

Here you turn into a leading character, in search of the lost island but when you enter the temple, there’s no way out! In 50 minutes you must discover the secrets of Atlantis and escape before you are lost within the ruins forever!

Our Experience at Labyrinth Park in Heraklion, Crete

We loved the idea behind the park. You need at least a morning for all the activities.

We didn’t love so much paying extra for nearly every attraction.

So, consider about €3 per kid, per activity for every attraction. The Atlantis requires €25 more for the whole family. Kids loved it though, so I guess we’ll do it again despite the extra expenses.

No Language Barriers

Labyrinth Park Heraklion
Labyrinth Park is an interesting, educational, and entertaining theme park for kids

In Labyrinth Park also watch videos about the Minoan Civilization or ride quad bikes. Language barriers are minimum, most attractions have multilingual labels.

There’s also a nice cafeteria with reasonable prices.
All in all, it was an interesting proposal, we enjoyed our day at Labyrinth Park.

Labyrinth Park
4th km Hersonissos to Kasteli Road,
Ano Hersonissos, 70014, Heraklion, Crete

Telephone: +30 28970 29297 & +30 6975903300/3

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Things to do in Heraklion with Kids: Labyrinth Park

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