Wine Tasting in Rethymnon: A Wonderful Boutique Approach to Cretan Wine!

wine tasting in Rethymnon

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If you’re willing to discover more about the fantastic Rethymnon region in Crete, then take some time to read about the amazing wines produced in the region. When you set out on an adventure to explore more, you can discover many interesting things.
On one of my trips to the region, I stopped at a small, family-run winery halfway through the road that connects Panormo and Skepastì. Klados Winery is about 20 km from the city and it can be a pleasant surprise if you decide to go wine tasting in Rethymnon.

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Klados: Wine Tasting in Rethymnon

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Wines of Crete in Rethymnon

Vidiano vineyard, Klados winery.
Vidiano vineyard, Klados winery.

A young and enthusiastic Stelios, the winemaker, opened the doors to Klados but also to a whole new aspect of local wines.
He explained his personal philosophy focused on just a few labels, avoiding a very commercial approach and, at the same time, trying to introduce autochthonous varieties to visitors.

Stelios, Klados Winery.
Stelios, Klados Winery.

Focusing on wines he likes is key for Stelios. As simple as that, as complex as that. That’s the philosophy behind his blends, that’s the idea supporting his winery.

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Wine Tasting in Rethymnon

During my wine tasting day in Rethymnon at Klados winery, these are some of the labels I tried…

Three Whites

The first of the whites we tried was the Vidiano Great Hawk. Fresh and with fruity aromas, a wine that well pairs with the Cretan gastronomy, but also with more Oriental tastes, as well as with fish. A wine that can be enjoyed on its own as well too.

After that, it was the turn of a Sauvignon Blanc which Stelios defined as a Cretan Sauvignon. 
This because of the hot weather, typical of the island, helps produce a slightly more alcoholic wine, with aromas of exotic fruits but also tints of herbs.

Finally, for the whites, it was time for a blend, Muscat of Spinas (60%) – Vidiano (40%).
This is probably the wine that best depicts the character of the winemaker, with excellent aromas and perfect acidity.
A glass of this wine will be ideal to pair with a dinner by the port on any summer evening on the island.
A wine that confirms the main goal of the winery, that is focusing just on a few labels but making them the best.

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A Rosé and Some Red Character

Klados winery, the reds.
Klados winery, the reds.

Interesting color for the Klados rosé (Kotsifali – Cabernet Sauvignon), with aromas of cherry, plum, and red fruits (fragostafilo), not the typical rosé you might find on Crete. 

The red that Klados produces is the ideal wine for the long summers of the island. Yes, it’s red wine and that’s despite the island’s hot weather.
It’s fresh, as Stelios says, and to be enjoyed during the long Cretan summers.

A blend (Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot) with intense color and low in tannins, ideal for tourists interested in approaching the indigenous ideas.

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Visit Klados Winery

The winery has the facilities to receive visitors. Walk around the vineyard, take a look at the winemaking process technology, and – why not? Share a glass of wine.
The winery logo depicts a hawk on a branch, an image linked both with the family and the area.

The branch is associated with the family name klados while the hawk is common in the habitat around the winery.
A bird that protects the vineyard, preventing attacks of other birds against mature grapes.

What’s more, Stelios tells us, the hawk also has mythological importance since, according to a Cretan tradition; it took over the protection and upbringing of Zeus in the Ideon Andron, a cave a few kilometers away from the winery.

Visiting hours:
April – October: Monday to Friday 10 – 18 /  Saturday 10 – 15
November – March 10 – 15 (or previous phone appointment)
For more information, take a look at their website.

Are you a fan of rosé, white, or red wine? Have you ever tried the wines of Crete?
Let me know in the comments below!

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