I’m Gabi Ancarola

I was born in Buenos Aires, but I’ve been traveling and living abroad for the last 20 years. I have a degree in literature and a post-degree in translation. And I love backpacking with my family, taking pictures and discovering new places.

I’ve lived in Italy for 15 years, my kids Filippo and Federico were born there. I moved to Crete 4 years ago, where I work in destination management with my partner, Dimitris.

In 2017, I published a book about the Greek islands. My work has been featured by Greek Reporter, Huffington Post, Greek TV, and other media. I also write for local newspapers. If you’d like to work with me, check this page.

How did it all begin

I’ve always been addicted to my job as a translator. However, back in 2014, I felt that work had taken over and it was overwhelming me, and a few trips over the year were not really enough to disconnect. I needed to do something different.

Going back to writing looked like a great idea. It felt just natural to write about things that I love more than working. Travel was one of those things.

They say travel bloggers are young, pretty, and never get tired of exploring new countries.

I’m not so young, pretty is subjective, and I fell in love with one place.

Crete mesmerized me, so much so, that it took me less than a week to decide I wanted to move to the island. 

In fact, maybe that’s really when this story begins.

What’s in a name

Back in 2016, I was asked to write a travel book about Greece. I had always wanted to write but it was hard to find a project that thrilled me. Until I did.

Writing about Greece put things into perspective. There was nothing I enjoyed more than travel in Greece! I wanted to tell everyone about the local hospitality, the culture, and the traditions.

I moved to Crete and finished my book here… I had written my Tiny Book. It was a small and unconventional guide to the Cycladic islands.The Tiny Book was now published.

Hitting rock bottom

No matter how happy you are, shit is always about to happen. After a few months in Crete, an unexpected stroke took my life partner away. He was also my photographer, and we shared the same dream. 

Now, I was a solo mom living in a foreign country. Who was thinking about traveling, writing or even blogging anymore? Not me. I closed myself off. 

Many friends came to visit, it was natural to show them the best of Crete. At first it was a bunch of friends but soon it began to grow.

Meeting other travelers was what I needed. I actually wanted to show people the best of Crete, both in person and through my articles.

I also opened the blog to other travel writers. Their stories made me realize I’m not — and never will be — the only one in trouble, so why not give it another try?

My Tiny Book was now a door to enter the island. 

Gabi The Tiny Book

Back on the road… of life

I’m an incredibly lucky girl. I’m not kidding, I am.

I live in the place I always wanted to be and I write about it. And I have two great kids…(no, don’t run away! Since they became older I’ve been forbidden to talk about them, so no bragging, it’s a promise!).

And I’ve met a great man who left everything to be with us. We’re putting this dream back together. 

He’s Dimitris, a Cretan guy who loves his island and knows every single secret about it. 

Together we can show you the best of Crete!

Three completely useless facts about me you don’t really need to know


I speak 3 languages, none of which is Greek. Still, whenever I’m angry or tired Greek flows naturally. That’s great, you might say. Well, not really. It comes together with English, Spanish, and Italian. All in the same sentence. Despite horror and amusement, people understand me.

*Do you speak Greek?



I absolutely, totally, completely hate wasting time, it puts me in the worst of moods!
So yes, I start writing at about 6 in the morning and never — never — go to bed before 2 am.
Nobody in the family gets how I haven’t collapsed yet. Me neither.



I suffer from vertigo, and I mean big time vertigo… I still have no clue how I manage to travel through the Cretan gorges and mountains. However, I’ve also found out I couldn’t live without them. Dimitris laughs at me. Me, not so much!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Wonderful story about you and your challenges and inspirations. Thank for you for sharing. Your life has had its hare of tragedies as most of ours do, and I am glad to see you have found such a wonderful partner. Wonderful photos and stories!

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