Foreign Cuisine in Crete: 15 International Restaurants to Dine in Chania and Heraklion

foreign cuisine in crete

Foreign cuisine in Crete may be under the shadow of the renowned Cretan dishes, but its variety and sophistication can still surprise you.

If you’re looking for a break from Greek food, taste some traditional foreign cuisine in Crete, Greece; you won’t regret it. Here are 15 top restaurants not to miss!

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Top Restaurants for Foreign Cuisine in Crete

Foreign Cuisine in Crete

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Where to Find Foreign Cuisine in Crete

If you want to taste ethnic, fusion, or foreign dishes in Crete, I recommend visiting some of the following restaurants. Take a look!

Turkish Food in Crete: The Well of the Turk, Chania

  • Location: Sarpaki 1, Chania website
foreign cuisine in crete

In the heart of the old town of Chania, you will find one of the best Turkish restaurants in Crete.

The Well of the Turk will captivate you with its deep-flavored dishes that date back to the Ottoman years. 

If you want a meat alternative, you will love the on-site options, such as the vegetarian version of Moussaka.

Its rich flavors and savory taste prove the original plant-based Mediterranean diet is healthy and tasty.

Mexican Food in Chania: Matzenta Kouzina del Sol

  • Location: Elirou and Polirrinias, Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy of Matzenta Kouzina del Sol).

Matzenta Kouzina del Sol is another well-hidden gem and a local favorite, known for its famous Mexican dishes in Crete.

Although in a remote location in Chania, the restaurant deserves all the attention it gets.

What makes it so great? Just imagine a spicy, creative cuisine that will leave you in awe of its Mexican authenticity… with ultra-fresh Cretan ingredients! Add the glorious list of available cocktails to the picture, and I am sure you’ll be spoiled!

Spoiler alert: Here I had the best birthday cake you could ever imagine…

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Mexican Food in Heraklion: The Home Ethnic Bistro Bar

  • Location: Perdikari 1, Heraklion.
foreign cuisine in crete

If you’re in Heraklion and craving Mexican dishes, you’re in luck. At the Home Ethnic Bistro Bar, you will discover amazing tacos and guacamole alongside various beers.

Apart from the delicious dishes, you’ll love the colorful and bright interior, typical of a Hispanic cultural setting. And to top it all, the upbeat ethnic music will be a welcoming companion to your meal.

Indian Food in Crete: Namaste Indian Punjabi Restaurant, Chania

  • Location: Emmanouil Mpalantinou 2, Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Namaste).

Are you looking for the best tandoori dishes and some fragrant naam? Then head to this unique corner in the heart of Chania and enjoy some genuinely delicious Indian delicacies.

Get ready to dine under the stars and enjoy some truly spicy food – be aware that you’re requested to select any spicy level of your dish at your own risk and responsibility!

The best on their menu: Paneer Chili, Chicken Mango Pineapple, Dall Tadka, Malai Kofta, and the incredibly fragrant Garlic Naan!

Oriental Food in Crete: The Garden, Heraklion

  • Location: Agiou Titou 54, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: The Garden).

For some of the best sushi in Crete, the Garden in Heraklion never disappoints. Its Chinese recipes blended with fresh Cretan ingredients will burst your taste buds.

The Garden is also a great place to drink late at night, thanks to its cheerful setting.

You will love sipping their signature gin drink and listening to loud yet incredible music by a live DJ.

Japanese Cuisine in Chania: Mirai Sushi Bar

  • Two Locations: Daliani 11 & Tsouderon 83, Chania website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Mirai Sushi Bar).

If Chinese is not to your liking, why not cross their culinary borders and try Japanese instead? Crete and Chania give you that option. Mirai Sushi Bar is a Japanese jewel in Crete with some of the finest sushi in town.

The restaurant has been so successful that they have opened a second location. After all, locals love this place, and you will see that the moment you step into the restaurant.

If you’re unsure what to order first, try the salmon tartare. This specialty dish will make you fall in love with Japanese flavors.

Japanese Food in Heraklion: Ginger Sushi and More

  • Location: Konitsis 52, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Ginger, Sushi, and more).

For an equally memorable experience of Japanese cuisine, don’t miss Ginger Sushi and More in the Cretan capital.

As the go-to takeaway choice for many locals and tourists, you will find the perfect blend of convenience and taste after a long day at the beach.

If you are in the mood for new dishes, go for their yakisoba noodles, mochi box, or chicken teriyaki; you’ll quickly realize why the place gets so busy!

Burgers in Crete: Picadillo Burger Nest, Heraklion 

  • Location: Leoforos Knossou 326, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Picadillo Burger Nest).

Sometimes, you crave something grand or unhealthy and are sick of Gyros. When those moments come, you only want a giant, juicy cheeseburger. And lucky you, Heraklion has you covered with Picadillo Burger Nest.

With a great selection of delicious juicy burgers in every size, there’s something for the whole family. Think of anything from a mini portion to an XXL burger that can fill even the most enormous appetites. 

American Food in Crete: Kuzina Casual Food, Heraklion

  • Location: Talos Plaza, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Kuzina).

For those who argue that there’s no such thing as American food, do yourself a favor and visit Kuzina Casual Food in Heraklion. Americans love fast food, and many said they found original flavors in this Cretan store. 

It is among the top places in Heraklion to have pasta, pizza, or burgers. For example, you’ll find dishes such as the coconut pasta and Miami burger, which you can enjoy on their modern terrace by the sea.

Epic Burgers in Chania: Daglas

  • Location: Skalidi 98, Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Daglas).

Have you ever dreamed of a burger that’s so huge you must share it with at least three other people? Daglas will offer that and more. You need to order their birthday cake-size burger!

Or choose among all kinds of hamburgers, steak sandwiches, sauces, fries, and delicious hot dogs.

Only a few steps from the old town, Daglas is my kid’s favorite place for a burger. And it’s open until late at night.

Arabic Cuisine in Chania: Aladdin

  • Location: Halidon 91, Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Aladdin).

Did you know that Arabs influenced the Cretan diet? If you want to see the similarities in person, dine at Aladdin at least once during your holidays.

When you look at the menu, I’m sure you’ll fall for the Aladdin Falafel, the store’s signature dish. Still, remember to try the Kofta kebab sandwich or the Dazaz chicken salad. You’ll also find several yummy vegetarian dishes.

Arabic Food in Heraklion: Snack Halal Bayezid Restaurant

  • Location: Apollonas, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete

Another must-visit Arabic restaurant in Crete is Snack Halal Bayezid. Located in Heraklion, it offers homey vibes and delicious cuisine.

Among all this, you cannot help but feel amazed by the hospitality and positive energy of the owner. He is such a fun guy that he’ll make your day! It is an experience worthy of Cretan standards of hospitality.

Italian Pasta in Crete: Laganon Fresh Pasta, Chania

  • Location: Daskalogianni 69, Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Laganon).

For some of Crete’s finest and most original pasta, Laganon Restaurant will satisfy even the most demanding Italians.

Once you taste the homemade pasta, you’ll probably feel transported back to Italy. 

After all, remember that the island has seen its fair share of Venetian rule, so Cretans are no strangers to the intricacies of Italian cuisine. This restaurant is a testimony to this shared past of Crete and Italians.

Italian Food in Chania: L’Angolo

  • Location: Chatzimichali Ntaliani 36 , Chania – website
foreign cuisine in crete

Another superb place to taste pasta or pizza in Chania is L’Angolo. Apart from the standard options, the rich selection of pasta and pizza dishes will make choosing challenging yet fun.

If you ask me, I suggest trying the pizza with Prosciutto Cotto; you’ll love how crispy and juicy it is at the same time! If you’re curious about how the bakers did such a great job, turn your head toward the open kitchen and admire their work.

My favorite? Their salmon rolls, for starters!

Looking for more pizza? Check out these articles to find the best pizza in Chania and this one for the best pizza in Heraklion.

Italian Cuisine in Heraklion: Molfetta Cucina Italiana

  • Location: Agio Titou 20, Heraklion – website
foreign cuisine in crete
(Courtesy: Molfetta).

Chania is not the only town with top choices for Italian meals. Crete’s capital is home to an original Italian restaurant that makes all the nearby competition shy away. 

Here, you will taste authentic dishes, such as pasta Puttanesca and ravioli, next to delicious starters like antipasto or buffalo mozzarella.

Now, picture yourself enjoying those delicacies in the calm ambiance of the restaurant, and you’ll feel like you found an Italian goldmine.

All in all, if you’re looking for foreign cuisine in Crete, you’re in luck. The options are plenty, and they will spoil you.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or simply a takeaway, save that list of 15 restaurants for the best foreign cuisine in Crete. You’ll thank me later.

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foreign cuisine in crete

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