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Crete White Mountains: Everything You Need to Know!

White mountains crete

Do you love nature and want an awe-inspiring adventure? Look no further than the White Mountains in Crete. Also known as Lefka Ori, these magnificent peaks dominate the landscape of western Crete. Offering breathtaking vistas, thrilling hiking trails, and enchanting picturesque villages, you are sure to be spoiled. So, are you curious to get a glimpse? Here’s […]

5 Days in Chania, Crete: The Ultimate 5-Day Itinerary!


Chania is a spectacular gem on the beautiful island of Crete featuring a rich history, a diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine.  In other words, Chania offers a myriad of things to do and see, meaning if you’re planning a trip to this beautiful city, you might feel overwhelmed. Therefore, to help you make […]

How to Use the iPark Chania App: The New App to Park in Chania!

how to use the ipark chania app

This post explains all you need to know about the new parking app that makes parking in Chania easier. In a previous article, I explained the most convenient places to park in the city. Here, you will learn how to use the iPark Chania App to pay for your parking spot in Chania through your […]

Great Places to Eat in Crete: The Five Restaurant Chania (5 Senses and a Few More!)

The Five Restaurant Chania

Having opened its doors back in 2019, The Five Restaurant Chania has quickly made waves in the local restaurant scene. Featuring a fresh and super unique menu, with roots in the traditional products of Crete and the rest of the country, dishes conquer you with color, taste, and creativity.

Top Things to Do in Kissamos for a Relaxing Vacation in Crete: A Local’s Guide

things to do in Kissamos, Crete

Planning to visit West Crete and looking for things to do in Kissamos? You’re at the right place! The small town of Kissamos is ideal for a tranquil holiday. It’s not super crowded, there are a few good beaches as well as interesting attractions that you might want to check out… Read on and discover […]

Eating in Crete: Where to Find the Best Pizza in Chania

All the places in town for the Best Pizza in Chania

Heading to Chania (Crete) this summer and already thinking about your favorite dish? I understand! If you’re looking for the best pizza in town, then you’ve come to the right spot… 22 years living in Italy plus two Italian sons have taught me everything about authentic pizza, and – especially – what pizza to avoid […]

Chania or Rethymnon: Which Cretan City You Should Visit

You have decided to spend your holidays in Crete, and you are not sure where exactly to go. You want to go to Chania, but you hear Rethymno is equally beautiful? Worry not! This article will give you an answer! Keep reading to see which Cretan town is most worth visiting.