Aspri Limni, Kedrodasos Beach, Elafonisi: Three Beaches in a Day!

Aspri Limni, Kedrodasos Beach and Elafonisi.

I’ve always said that exploring Crete at a slow pace is the best thing to do when visiting the island. However, there are times when we want to do more in a day, or we do not have enough days to spend in Crete or enjoy a more active kind of vacation.

If that’s your case, then you will enjoy this article telling you how to visit three of the top beaches in Crete: Quiet Aspri Limni, dreamy Kedrodasos Beach, and the popular pink sand beach of Elafonisi. Read on!

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How to Visit Aspri Limni, Elafonisi and Kedrodasos Beach in a Day

kedrodasos beach

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Of course, traveling slowly and visiting one place at a time is arguably the best way to check out the stunning landscapes that Crete has to offer.

I always suggest readers take their time in order to appreciate how the island can be.

Many people, however, love to devote just a couple of hours to each place and get back on the road soon to reach their next destination, especially those enjoying road trips in Crete.

kedrodasos beach
Aspri Limni Beach, also known as White Lake or Sea Lake.

There are some areas on the island that allow doing so easily. In this one-day beach itinerary, I want to present to you three beaches located on the southern coast that you can visit on a day trip from Chania (or also Rethymnon). All you will need is some organization and your own rental car.

This itinerary needs a car! It is impossible to do all three beaches counting on public transport!
If you’re traveling in the peak season (July-August-September), the best you can do is book a car online well before the departure: this gets you much better fees.
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kedrodasos beach
The incredible blue sea in Kedrodasos Beach.

For this day trip, we will be heading south, following the road to Elafonisi, all three beaches that we will be checking on this day are located on the Libyan Sea (southern coast), only minutes from the pink sand beach.

So get on the road to Elafonisi, either via the gorge of Topolia or driving along the westernmost coastal road from Falasarna.

Or, even better, start by checking this article on how to get to Elafonisi and get on the road.

kedrodasos beach
Elafonisi pink sand beach.

Once you’re on the coastal road to get to Elafonisi, pay attention to the few road signs and be ready to make a detour. Our first stop is a few minutes before reaching Elafonisi Beach, just meters after Chrysoskalitisa Monastery.

First Stop: Aspri Limni

Coordinates: Latitude N 35.309292 – Longitude E 23.525102

kedrodasos beach
Aspri Limni.

Also known as White Lake or Sea Lake, Aspri Limni literally means white lake and it is located in the village of Chrysoskalitisa, just under a kilometer after the important monastery that faces the Libyan Sea.

kedrodasos beach
Chrysoskalithissa as seen from the beach of Aspri Limni.

The monastery is an imposing building located atop a 35-meter-high rock, so you won’t miss it. This seventeenth-century building offers spectacular views of the surrounding area and the sea.

kedrodasos beach
Aspri Limni.

Once you’ve passed the monastery, in the next meters, you’ll find the following road sign, turn and slow down, the road is bumpy and winding, and some parts of it are dirt track, so roll up your windows, and enjoy the 5 to 10-minute ride to this unique, tropical oasis.

kedrodasos beach
Road to Aspri Limni

One of the lesser-known beaches along the coastal road that leads to Elafonisi Beach is the small but amazing Aspri Limni. This super quiet pool-like portion of the sea is not much visited, quite lonely, and virtually unknown.

kedrodasos beach
Parking area in Aspri Limni.

Once you get there, you’ll find a small sandy beach with just 2 or 3 umbrellas, and a spectacular, tranquil lake surrounded by rocks that protect it from mixing with the sea.

kedrodasos beach
Super calm water, Aspri Limni.

The area, surrounded by sharp rocks, features a sandy bottom mixed with rocks that might be slippery at certain points.

Since the area is isolated and quite hard to access, not many tourists visit the sea lake.

kedrodasos beach
This is the sign you’ll be looking for so as to turn and reach White Lake or Aspri Limni.

There are no organized facilities (do pack some drinks), while the landscape features a few samples of Cretan palm trees that give the area a soft tropical touch.

kedrodasos beach
The gorgeous views of the area surrounding the so-called lake.

Characteristics: Just like Elafonisi, this is a Natura 2000 Protected Area since it is the westernmost point on the island where the famous Cretan Palm Trees grow (this is the tree that has made Vai Beach famous) grows.

kedrodasos beach
The gorgeous, calm waters in Aspri Limni.

You will find super fine white sand and no natural shade. The water is calm, with tones of green and blue, and it is a perfect spot for snorkeling.

Tips to visit: Arrive as early as you can, unpack your beach bag, and spend a couple of hours here before heading to the next beach on our itinerary.

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Second Stop: Kedrodasos Beach

Coordinates: Latitude N 35.268669 – Longitude E 23.563073

kedrodasos beach
The fantastic view of the sea (this photo was taken almost at the end of the path to the beach).

Probably one of the most beautiful shores on the island, Kedrodasos Beach is situated 15 minutes by car from Aspri Limni (6.5 kilometers), driving along a partially-dirt road that leads to a fairly wide parking space from where you need to hike down to the beach.

The hike from the parking area to the coast is exactly 10 minutes.

kedrodasos beach
Yes, there are lots of goats along the dirt road to Kedrodasos.
kedrodasos beach
Parking area, Kedrodasos.

This is also a beach that lacks organization (although it seems this is about to change as there are plans for a small roadside canteen to open in the upcoming months).

kedrodasos beach
The path down to the beach. Hiking sandals are better than flip-flops, but not a must.

Once you’ve hiked down along the rocky path, surrounded by wild thyme bushes, you will reach the white sand beach that is crossed by the E4 path, home to spectacular turquoise waters, and a gorgeous forest of cedar trees and ancient junipers.

kedrodasos beach
The E4 Path goes through Kedrodasos

The species in the area are also protected (you guessed right, this is another Natura 2000 Protected beach), so, if you’re planning to spend the night with your own tent, as many travelers do, avoid damaging the trees that grow on the sand.

kedrodasos beach
Camping is an alternative for many tourists who fall in love with Kedrodasos.

Remember, Kedrodasos in Greek means cedar forest, so respect nature if you choose to camp in the area!

Also, pack enough fresh fruit and water, light snacks are a much better option in summer when the temperatures soar on the southern coast of the island.

kedrodasos beach
Trees on the sand, Kedrodasos Beach.
kedrodasos beach
kedrodasos beach
kedrodasos beach

If you have packed fresh fruits or a light lunch, you can spend here the next few hours, bathing in the crystal clear (and often coldish) waters, admiring the impressive landscape of Kedrodasos Beach, or simply enjoying a restoring siesta under the shade of the junipers.

kedrodasos beach
The spectacular waters in Kedrodasos

Tips to visit: Pack drinks and enough food because there are no organized facilities (but mostly because you might not want to leave!).

Carry an umbrella or arrive early to find shade under the trees.

kedrodasos beach
Kedrodasos Beach.

Final Stop: Elafonisi Beach

Coordinates to the parking area: Latitude N 35.272614 – Longitude E 23.543473

Greece - Crete - Elafonis
Elafonisi Beach.

The three beaches are quite close to each other, however, since Elafonisi is the most popular beach on the island getting there at the end of the day is a better idea… most tourists return to Chania early.

The best thing to do to to get to Elafonisi a couple of hours before sunset, that way, you will enjoy the beach once all the tourist buses have left (departure time for buses is normally set at around 4 pm).

kedrodasos beach
Sunset time is the best moment to enjoy Elafonisi, with a more quiet vibe.

This will be a winning recipe if you want to avoid at least some of the crowds that, every day, travel from the northern coast of Chania to get there.

If you haven’t packed a big lunch or all the swimming has made you hungry, you will find enough facilities and canteens on the beach to get yourself a salad, pies, or sandwiches.

Soft drinks, beers, ice cream, and a variety of hot and cold coffees are also available.

Greece - Crete - Elafonis
There are a few places to find drinks and snacks on the beach.

Elafonisi is a great beach for water sports (usually kite surfing), but also good for snorkeling, relaxing swimming in the shallow waters, and stunning photos of the dunes.

On the beach, you will find different protected species (yes, this is another Natura 2000 Protected area), such as the gorgeous sea daffodils.

kedrodasos beach
Sea daffodils.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of the beach, when to visit, the local nature, the most remarkable details about the area, and all the truth about the pink sand, then this article is simply a must.

kedrodasos beach
The further you go towards the east, the fewer crowds you’ll find in the area.

A day visit to these three beaches is not hard to do. You can stay in Elafonisi until the sun sets, and then slowly make your way back to Chania while there is still some daylight in order to tackle the mountain road through Topolia Gorge in safety.

Alternatively, you can spend the night in the area, either check these rental homes or click here to check the latest prices at Elafonisi Resort Kalomirakis Family, one of the few hotels in the area.

kedrodasos beach
Kedrodasos Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island

As you can see, visiting these three amazing beaches in a day is possible and easy to do with your rental car, the three spots are quite close to each other, which makes navigating from one shore to the other quite simple.

If you are not ready to drive, you can visit Elafonisi by joining a private tour like this one or this affordable day trip by bus.

Remember to drive slowly, as you will drive along several dirt roads, pack plenty of drinks, and wear a hat and abundant sunscreen, especially in the central months of summer.
Are you ready to discover the solitary Aspri Limni, the gorgeous Kedrodasos Beach, and the super-famous Elafonisi?

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kedrodasos beach

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