Historic Boutique Hotels in Chania Old Town

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There are many reasons to visit Chania and many more to stay near Chania’s old harbor. In this historic environment, Chania’s Old Town boutique hotels have flourished. Historic buildings full of legends and mystery are now the best hotels in Chania. Mind you! This list includes any hotel category.

The article focuses on the past of these buildings with a unique atmosphere that makes them the 10 best boutique hotels in Chania Old Town.

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Historic Boutique Hotels in the Old Town of Chania

Boutique hotels in Chania

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There are a thousand reasons to visit Crete at least once and a thousand more to visit the magnificent coastal city of Chania.

Home to a picturesque old town and harbor, most of the things to do and see in Chania are in the oldest part of the city. And its unique architecture is one of the things you should pay attention to.

boutique hotels in chania
View of the Old Venetian Harbor from Casa Delfino’s exclusive terrace (photo courtesy of Casa Delfino).

So, if you’re interested in this city’s history, there’s no better way to learn about it than spending some days wandering along the alleys of the different quarters of the old town.

Choosing to stay in one of the many historic buildings will add a touch of mystery and romance to Chania Old Town, which is already magnificent.

The History Behind Chania’s Historic Buildings

The best boutique hotels in Chania are in some stunning historic Venetian buildings.

The Republic of Venice conquered and ruled Chania for 4 centuries, from 1204 until 1645. It was a period of economic growth and artistic development during which the city witnessed the construction of fortification walls, Catholic churches and monasteries, and stunning houses.

Venetian merchants and rulers now lived on the island in elegant mansions built in the traditional architectonic style imported from the Italian peninsula. It was a prosperous time in the city’s history, when commerce and trade boomed, and artistic movements were born, such as the unique school of the Cretan Renaissance, also known as the Cretan school.

However, when Chania fell to the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1645, the face of the city underwent a complete change.

10 days in Crete
Chania Old Town.

Religious buildings were transformed into mosques, while most Venetian mansions acquired wooden balconies and the so-called harem rooms, which still characterize the facades of some of Chania’s buildings.

The Ottoman Empire ended in 1897 when the island declared its autonomy by creating the Cretan State. Still, the face of the city was yet to change again due to the impact of the Nazi invasion and occupation of the island.

Chania was heavily bombed in May 1941, and unique buildings in major areas of the city were lost. During the 70-80s, with the massive booming of the tourist industry on the island, Chania became a place of interest, attracting hundreds of visitors every summer.

Most of the houses in the old town, some abandoned or badly damaged, underwent long renovation processes and are now open to the public as some of the most gorgeous boutique hotels in town. These are some of the ones I’ve visited to bring you this article.

Best Boutique Hotels in Chania Old Town

Are you looking for a unique place to stay in the old town of Chania, Crete? If you want to see the most beautiful and legendary buildings in this part of Chania, read the following list!

Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa

  • Location: Theofanous 9, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Entrance and inner court of Casa Delfino, Old Town (photo courtesy of Casa Delfino).

With a unique family history and an incredible taste as far as restoration is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience in Casa Delfino.

I fell in love with Casa Delfino. I adored the hospitable and knowledgeable staff, the kindness of owner Margarita, the romantic history connected to the place, and the super delicious homemade orange cake!

When you enter Casa Delfino, you are carried away by the romantic atmosphere. As they like to put it, the hotel combines a history of romance, adventure, and the twists of fate.

It all began in 1835, when Giovanni Delfino, a rich merchant from Genoa, was cast ashore by a storm in the northwest area of Gramvousa. Hosted by Capuchin monks, he managed to sell his goods while his boat was being repaired.

He soon saw the possibilities Chania had to offer, so he requested a new shipment of goods. He welcomed his wife and their children, Pietro and Marguerite, along with the cargo to the island. They settled in a magnificent Venetian mansion they purchased near the harbor.

However, the best part of the story is yet to arrive. When it was time for his daughter Marguerite to get married, she would find a suitable husband in Genoa. She was sent on a long journey to meet him, but (this is my favorite part!) destiny had other plans.

Marguerite fell in love with the Cretan Captain of her ship. They immediately forgot about Genoa and returned to Chania to get married. They raised their six children in the family home. The present owner, Margarita, is a sixth-generation descendant of the family.  This unique hotel remains important to the family’s history and legacy in the Old Town of Chania.

Casa Delfino Boutique Hotel – Highlights

One of the hotel’s most stunning characteristics is its personalized service to its guests. It is a new concierge concept that answers all your requests with top expertise and accountability.

The venue is also centrally located and open all year round. It boasts a unique garden and a magnificent terrace bar with views. The spectacular spa is well worth the visit.

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I’d like to thank Margarita, the owner, Stella, and Manolis for explaining the fascinating story behind this unique historic hotel in Chania.

Serenissima Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Skoufon 4, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
The entrance to Serenissima Boutique Hotel, Skoufon Street (Photo courtesy of Serenissima Boutique Hotel).

Located in the heart of the Venetian area of the Old Town of Chania, the Serenissima Boutique Hotel is one of the finest lodging experiences in Crete. The sixth oldest building in town, Serenissima, is home to a rich history; its long renovation path has made the hotel and restaurant among the most valued places in Chania.

Serenissima Boutique Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in town. The Venetian building dates back to about 1550 and belonged to a rich Venetian man.

Later, the house passed into the hands of a rich Turkish man, who introduced changes to the building. According to studies by the Archaeological Agency of Greece, a mixture of Ottoman and Venetian architecture is also visible in its arches. It has been proved that the left part of the building has a strong Turkish influence.

The building’s most important architectural feature is the hammam, a typical Turkish steam bath that houses used to have during the Ottoman occupation. The fully restored hammam represents the main concept of the hotel’s philosophy: luxury and relaxation.

The traditional lodging opened its doors in 2014 after about 8 years of restoration works.  Today, this 5-star hotel is permeated by a calmness that easily makes you forget that you are in one of the most popular cities in Greece. Its location is great for those travelers interested in exploring the alleys of Chania’s Old Town.

Serenissima Boutique Hotel – Highlights

A unique sense of elegance adds to the relaxed atmosphere. The service is super personal and dedicated. The whole place is thought for the comfort and relaxation of the guests, including the incredibly comfortable mattresses and bathrooms.

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Domus Renier Boutique Hotel

  • Location: 41 Akti Kountourioti & Moschon, Old Venetian Harbor, Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
The entrance of the luxurious Domus Renier Boutique Hotel (Photo courtesy of Domus Renier).

Domus Renier Boutique Hotel is one of my favorite places to stay in the Old Town Harbor. Home to a fascinating history, it has been restored with extreme care and knowledge. The luxurious suites and stunning port views will quickly convince you why this is one of the best places to stay in Chania.

The impressive Renier Townhouse’s history is sealed by the Latin words inscribed in the arched entrance gate. These words describe the history and values of the family that occupied the building during the Venetian period.

Doges, diplomats, commanders, politicians, and countesses lived and died in the building. They had lives full of passion and ruled over the city from the rooms of this mansion. Five centuries have passed, and this historical house is still as important as it used to be. Its shape and facade dominate the landscape of Old Town with a touch of modern elegance and refined style.

This is one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Chania. It belongs to Historic Hotels Worldwide and has nine suites with spectacular views of Chania’s Old Harbor. The impeccable service underlines its character.

Domus Renier Boutique Hotel – Highlights

You won’t be sorry! They say you live only once, and you know what? It’s true! Choose the stunning comforts of the honeymoon suite, and you will always treasure an ever-lasting memory of your stay in Crete. If you want more detailed notes about the hotel, please do not hesitate to check the article I wrote about Domus Renier Boutique Hotel.

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  • Aria and Litsa were among the first friends to welcome me to Crete. They opened the doors of their hotel and made me taste some of the most memorable local pastries!

Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Zampeliou 28, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel, Chania, Crete (Courtesy: Scala de Faro).

Scala de Faro is in the heart of the Venetian district in the old town. Centrally located on one of the prettiest lanes of the old town, it is only minutes away from the Archaeological Museum and the Jewish District of Zudecca.

The area is dotted with beautiful souvenir shops and sumptuous restaurants serving top dishes of the Cretan tradition.

The building dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The Venetians constructed it during their ruling period, following the architectural style of Venetian mansions. According to several historical sources, Scala de Faro was originally a two-story building featuring richly carved arches on the ground floor and the Piano Nobile. It also has a unique stone staircase with a built-in fountain. 

During the Ottoman occupation of Crete, the building included a cellar and stables, like many other residences close to the port. Horses, as well as donkeys, were vital to delivering the goods sent to Crete. Some old contracts of the property imply that the building used to belong to a very prominent Turkish-Cretan family back in 1890.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the hotel was already one of the very first lodgings in the city, operating under Minerva Hotel until 1970. After a few decades as a private residence, the new Scala de Faro seems to be here to stay.

Scala de Faro Boutique Hotel – Highlights

Scala de Faro is one of the nicest hotels in the Old Venetian Port. It offers spectacular views of the lighthouse and the White Mountains. This exclusive boutique hotel has only 9 rooms and suites made from the old building structure and incorporating its ancient decorative elements.

The hotel features impressive wooden ceilings, floors, and original stone walls. Scala de Faro is ideal for experiencing a unique elegance in the city’s old town.
P.S.: Don’t miss their delicious breakfast!

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Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor

  • Location: 40-42 4th Kallinikou Sarpaki Due, Old Harbor Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
(Photo courtesy of Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor)

Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor is in a building that, back in the 16th century, used to be the castle of a Venetian nobleman. The house was later occupied by a Turkish Aga and his harem until 1913.

The hotel’s location is privileged; it is just a few meters from the seafront in the Old Harbor and very close to Ahmet Aga mosque. The current owners restored the hotel, maintaining its original architecture. Among the most beautiful features are an original Turkish bath, a walled patio, and unique carvings and arches.

While reconstructing the place, several ancient Roman walls were discovered under the building. These date back to the 1st century AC and are now displayed under a glass floor. Some suites have a private terrace with unique views of Chania’s eclectic skyline of towers, churches, minarets, and fortifications.

Monastery Estate – Highlights

Hotel guests can enjoy the restaurant (both indoor and outdoor). Besides, there’s a fantastic swimming pool and a spa with an original Turkish Hamam. The rooms offer stunning views, and the service is courteous and professional.

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Porto del Colombo Traditional Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Moschon 7, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Porto del Colombo (Courtesy: Porto del Colombo Boutique Hotel).

The highest building in the old town of Chania has played a very important role in the island’s history. Porto del Colombo was, in fact, the official residence of Eleftherios Venizelos before becoming the first Prime Minister of Greece.

The majestic interiors and original furniture make Porto del Colombo one of the favorite places to stay in the Venetian quarter.

Porto del Colombo Boutique Hotel is a traditional residence built between the 12th and 14th centuries. Its curious name comes from the fact that being such a tall building, there were usually many pigeons and doves on its high walls (colomba is the Italian word for pigeon).

During the Ottoman era, senior members of the Turkish military occupied the building, and they were in charge of several architectural changes introduced to the building. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building was home to the French Embassy in Chania.

However, its most important trait is that Eleftherios Venizelos, the great Cretan politician and owner of a residence in the more aristocratic district of Halepa, rented that house for a convenient sum and lived in this building for about four years.

Rumors say that while living in the building, Venizelos had a secret affair with a certain Paraskevoula, who lived in a house steps down the road, now home to Amphora Hotel.

The hotel is an important example of the Venetian architectural style, with its stone walls, arches, and high ceilings. Its breakfast room, once the horse stables, is one of the most beautiful areas of Porto del Colombo. 

Porto del Colombo – Highlights

Porto del Colombo is another hotel that remains open all year, making it a great choice if you visit the city off-season. Unlike big hotel chains, Porto del Colombo takes pride in offering a personal service to satisfy every guest’s needs.

If you want to stay in a place that pleasantly reminds you of the old times, Porto del Colombo won’t disappoint. Everything has been restored to maintain the building’s original flair. And, of course, it is located in a very quiet area.

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Hotel OFF

  • Location: Antoniou Gampa 32, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
The beautiful yard of the hotel (Photo courtesy of Hotel OFF).

Hotel OFF is one of the latest additions to the best hotels in Chania Old Town, yet it has a rich history behind it. Despite its austere entrance, the building has unique characteristics that put it among the best places to stay in town. Hotel OFF is in the historical area of Topanas, one of the oldest town’s most gorgeous districts.

According to historical sources, the house dates back to the 13th century and was built by the Venetians on the ruins of a hammam from the 9th century, probably of Arabic origin. Later on, during the Venetian Era, it became part of the administrative buildings of the Venetian government.

Years after Turkish domination, the building became the home of a large noble family of unknown origin. Many additions and changes were introduced to the premises, including Turkish baths. The three wells were extremely convenient for animals to rest.

It is believed that the water came to the wells from an underground river that flows down from the White Mountains (probably the same one feeding the mikvah—ritual bath—in the nearby Etz Hayim Synagogue in the Old Town). Parts of this river are still visible from the building.

Hotel OFF – Highlights

Although the hotel has undergone a clear restoration process, it has kept its main features, such as its beautiful yard. The property still maintains the unique Venetian style typical of Chania. Its cutting-edge decoration and modern atmosphere complement the building’s years of history. Hotel OFF wisely combines the charm of the old times with the comforts of the modern world.

Cretan Renaissance Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Akti Kountourioti 56, Old Venetian Harbor, Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Cretan Renaissance Hotel Crete, the balcony (Courtesy: Cretan Renaissance).

Cretan Renaissance Boutique Hotel is set in a building that is first found recorded at the end of the Venetian rule of the island (1252-1645). The place used to be the residence of a wealthy family of musicians, and it’s believed to have housed general administration offices at a subsequent moment for the inspection of the goods upon arrival to the port of Chania.

By the end of those times, the building’s owner was a prominent Lord of Crete. A legendary tale, of which there’s no real proof, speaks of her daughter being kidnapped by a poor young man and the subsequent hunt after the couple. The Turkish occupation of Crete also brought changes to this building, which now belongs to many Turkish dignitaries.

Cretan Renaissance Boutique Hotel – Highlights

The hotel has a privileged view of the Lighthouse and the Venetian Harbor; the sunset vistas are unique. The property boasts a very romantic atmosphere, making it ideal for honeymooners. The on-site restaurant is also located next to the waterfront.

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Casa Leone Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Theotokopoulou 18, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Casa Leone, Old Port (Photo courtesy of Casa Leone).

Casa Leone Boutique Hotel is in an authentically restored, historic Venetian villa. Built in the 15th century, it faces Chania’s Venetian Port.

The property’s original owners were descendants of a well-known family of musicians named Leone, from whom the current hotel has taken its name. The building has been restored but still maintains the authentic characteristics of the Venetian buildings of the old town. 

The hotel has a unique atmosphere. It’s a very romantic place with unique views of the historic old town of Chania, the Lighthouse, and the Mosque on the waterfront. The furniture and decorations still retain the style of the past and are in complete harmony with the architecture of the place. The same goes for the timber floors and ancient ceilings.

Casa Leone Boutique Hotel – Highlights

The hotel offers excellent panoramic views of the harbor and the old town. The Honeymoon Suite, among other rooms, offers a private patio with panoramic views and a romantic atmosphere. The hotel caters to dietary needs such as gluten-free breakfasts.

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Elia Zampeliou Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Zampeliou 32, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Adults-only option in Chania’s Old Town. (Photo courtesy of Elia Zampeliou).

Only for adults

Elia Zampliou Boutique Hotel is part of the Elia Adults Only Project and is located in the heart of the Venetian Harbor. The building keeps its historic architectural features, such as stone walls and high ceilings, while offering modern hotel amenities.

This boutique hotel features 8 rooms with a beautiful view of the lighthouse and the port, while other rooms have views of the White Mountains and the old town. According to Elia Zampeliou’s management, the adult-only concept means you can find an oasis of privacy here.

The historic building features impressive walls and interiors, many of which belong to the original residence.

Elia Zampeliou Boutique Hotel – Highlights

This hotel is better known for its rich breakfast featuring traditional delicacies from Crete and the rest of Greece. Besides, given its adult-only status, it is perfect for a romantic escape or a solo holiday in Crete.

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Other Historic Hotels in Old Town Chania Worth Keeping in Mind

Want to check a few more historic hotels before making up your mind? These are great options at more affordable fees but still maintain the nostalgic feel of Chania’s most amazing buildings from the Venetian times!

Amphora Hotel

  • Location: Zampeliou 26, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
Amphora Boutique Hotel in Chania town (Photo: The Tiny Book).

Amphora Boutique Hotel is located a few steps from the Old Venetian Harbor, in one of the oldest buildings in Chania that is still in use. The place dates back mainly to the Venetian era (13th century), while the upper floors feature unique Turkish details and a steam bath.

The building used to be the house of the Governor of the Venetian Fleet, while the present restaurant was where he would keep his gondola.

The present owners have renovated most of the rooms. The honeymoon suite has a spectacular fireplace and unique vintage furniture. The hotel has a wonderful terrace with excellent views of the harbor, the Lighthouse, the promenade, and the mosque. Legends in the old town link the building to Eleftherios Venizelos’s personal story.

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Residenza Vranas Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Zampeliou 26, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
(Courtesy: Residenza Vranas).

Residenza Vranas is an amazing boutique hotel in the heart of the Venetian quarter. The old building dates back to the 15th century and originally belonged to a rich Venetian family. The hotel’s main characteristics are its impressively thick walls, most of which are original, and the arched staircase leading to the upper floors.

There are only 4 super suites, with an open plan of at least 90 square meters each. Each of them has superb views of the Venetian Harbor through huge windows. The hotel combines luxury and tradition and offers many modern amenities for the comfort of its guests. Its most impressive suite has a pool and is developed as a penthouse with a panoramic terrace.

The penthouse can accommodate up to five people. As a personal note (which I keep repeating to anyone who wants to listen), their floor tiles are beautiful!

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Ionas Boutique Hotel

  • Location: Sarpaki and Sorvolou, Old Town Chania.
boutique hotels in chania
(Photo courtesy of Ionas Boutique Hotel)

Ionas Boutique Hotel is another of my favorite hotels in town. It’s located in the area I love the most, Splantzia.

The hotel has been carefully restored and still presents traditional Venetian architecture with unique wooden additions typical of the Ottoman period. At the entrance, there is a beautiful clock of a unique design. There are only 9 rooms with modern facilities, comfortable showers, and cozy interiors.

It’s located in the most authentic part of town, in a pedestrian area, guaranteeing complete silence and peace all day. Although not directly in the Venetian Quarter, the hotel is within walking distance of the Venetian Port and cafes, shops, and restaurants.

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Gorgeous Boutique Hotels in Chania, Crete

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