Great Places to Eat in Crete: The Five Restaurant Chania (5 Senses and a Few More!)

The Five Restaurant Chania

Situated in a gorgeous location facing the Sea of Crete and only steps from the old town of Chania, The Five brings a polished twist to the Cretan culinary scene.

A refined, seasonal menu, bursting in color and originality together with a curated selection of wines and creative cocktails… everything right in front of the most magnetic sunsets you could imagine…

Do you need anything more? Let me introduce you to a true local gem: The Five, a special place ranking high among the best restaurants in Chania!

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The Five Restaurant Chania

The Five Restaurant Chania

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The Five, Chania – Review

Having opened its doors back in 2019, The Five Restaurant Chania has quickly made waves in the local restaurant scene.

Featuring a fresh and super unique menu, with roots in the traditional products of Crete and the rest of the country, dishes conquer you with color, taste, and creativity.

the five restaurant chania
The Five Restaurant Chania

Although their menu slightly varies while seasons change, there are staples that you cannot overlook, including the crispy fried potatoes cooked with their skin and sprinkled with sea salt and oregano, a tasty taramosalata (an incredibly creamy dip made with cured fish roe).

the five restaurant chania

Want to try an outstanding dish? Go for the surreal trio of pulled pork sliders with homemade challah bread buns and coleslaw.

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Rooting the Beetroot

the five restaurant chania

The Five Chania has created an original carpaccio made with grilled beetroot served with a poached brunoise of root vegetables, tantalizing cauliflower puree, crushed walnuts, and garlic oil.

My experience? It lasts seconds on the plate, literally seconds!

Thalassina – Seafood

the five restaurant chania

With its incredible location just opposite the beach, nothing comes as naturally as ordering a selection of seafood. My suggestion? Their octopus, in any version.

the five restaurant chania
Grilled octopus with sundried tomato pesto

Whether it is the grilled octopus with sundried tomato pesto or the octopus meze with fava, you’ll have a winner at the table.

Do not forget to explore their ceviche (yummy!) and, if you come in autumn, their shrimp ravioli are nothing short of tempting.

Cretan Pasta? Yes, Please!

the five restaurant chania
Cretan Carbonara.

Have you ever heard of skiufichta noodles?

They master this dish with an Italian-inspired carbonara sauce revisited with Cretan ingredients, including local smoked pork (apaki), baby arugula, and a generous portion of Anthotyro cheese.

For Small Humans

the five restaurant chania

There’s also a kid’s menu that, trust me, is to die for. Kids will find comfort dishes they know everything about but made with passion, and with no trace of bland flavors.

These include chicken meatballs and a selection of pasta. But if you’re kids are bold enough to taste the menu created for “bigger humans”, they won’t regret it!

Oh, the Sweetness of Kerasma

the five restaurant chania
Kerasma (photo courtesy of The Five Chania).

The Five Chania has a creative selection of desserts to end up the experience. And no matter how luscious their sweets can be, nothing beats the simple creativity of their kerasma

Have you heard about kerasma before? Let me tell you about it.

Kerasma is a common tradition all over Greece, but especially treasured in Crete, it is a small dish with a sweet bite, either fruit, yogurt with honey, or a small dessert often served with a small shot of tsikoudia, the traditional Cretan spirit also known as raki, after the meal (when you’ve ordered the bill, normally), and for free.

Almost every restaurant or tavern on the island serves its own kerasma at the end of the mean, but The Five has taken the tradition to the next level, offering these no-named simple bars made of just 5 ingredients: White chocolate, Pretzels, Rice cereal, Oreo cookies, Salt… They deserve a standing ovation!

The Five Experience

the five restaurant chania

The idea behind the name? The five basic tastes — sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami — all of them send us a message that our taste buds decode not just to offer us pleasure, but also to tell us something about what we put into our mouth, so we can decide whether we should eat that…

the five restaurant chania

The experience goes far beyond at The Five.

The place appeals to all of your senses, from the stunning visuals of the seaside to the specially chosen aromas of their exclusive wine list and original cocktails.

As they state on their website, “This mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.” And I believe they have accomplished a lot more.

the five restaurant chania
Kleopatra is also a sommelier, and makes the best cocktails that you can ever imagine!

Kleopatra and Nikos, a young, enthusiastic, convivial couple will welcome you with a smile to the colorful vibe of The Five, take a few minutes to talk to them to learn more about their food ideas!

If you’re around in Chania and have no idea where to go for brunch or dinner, or just to grab a bite and an original cocktail, check them out. Wouldn’t you love to try the dishes at The Five Restaurant Chania?
You won’t be disappointed.

The Five is at 15 Akti Papanikoli, on the waterfront of Nea Chora, only 5 minutes from the Lighthouse of Chania.

Chania City Break

Mosque by the sea, Chania, Crete

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Whether it is one of the many coffee shops in the old town, one of its incredible restaurants, laid-back bars, or exciting places to visit for night fun… there are tons of places you can discover in town.

Still, I think there’s so much more that you shouldn’t miss in this region. Home to incredible hikes, a dozen water sports, and seaside experiences, but also museums and unique areas to discover.

Parks, shops, impressive buildings, stunning examples of architecture, archaeological sites, and much more… there is a little bit for everyone in the Chania region.

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