Best beaches on Akrotiri Peninsula, Crete

The magnificent Cape Akrotiri is first and foremost — home. It is the place where I chose to live when I moved to Crete. Akrotiri is a fairly developed area, home to Crete’s Technical University and Chania’s International Airport. Despite being less than 10 kilometers from the center of Chania, it still retains a provincial atmosphere in some of its villages. I live in one of them, and this has allowed me to thoroughly explore the region and find the best beaches in the Akrotiri peninsula, all of them conveniently close to Chania town.

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Akrotiri Peninsula, stunning beaches near Chania

Stavros beach, Akrotiri, Chania, Crete.
Stavros Beach, Akrotiri Peninsula. Crete.

General information about Akrotiri, in Crete

Akrotiri Meleha or Peninsula is a large circular cape that lies northeast of the city of Chania. The densely populated area is home to an International Airport and the Port of Souda, as well as the Technical University of Crete. There are also NATO naval bases inside the Bay of Souda. 

Some of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast of Crete are hidden among the rocky cliffs of the peninsula. In the area, there are also some important historical landmarks, monasteries and a winery, all of them worth a visit. 

During the last five years, the different villages in Akrotiri have seen a fast development. With more villas for rent and hotels being opened every year. The residential atmosphere of the cape makes it a good place for living all year round too. There are enough facilities and shops to save from you a trip to Chania, and it’s still close to the city center for a night out.

These characteristics, plus a few rather unknown blue flag beaches, make Akrotiri not just a comfortable residential area, but an excellent place for relaxing holidays.

In this article I will mainly focus on Akrotiri’s beaches, you will also find about where you can stay and eat, but the places to see in Akrotiri will be discussed deeply in another post.

Map of Akrotiri Peninsula

Which are the best beaches in Akrotiri, Crete

There are at least three rather well-known beaches on the peninsula, plus a few more hidden jewels that massive tourism has yet to discover. Let’s begin with the best-known one.

Stefanou Beach (Seitan Limania)

Stefanou Beach, Mouzouras, Crete, Greece.
 N 35.551902 | Longitude: E 24.193404

  • Sand mixed with pebbles
  • Not organized
  • Basics you need: hiking shoes, cold drinks, lunch
Seitan Limania beach, Akrotiri peninsula, Crete.
Seitan Limania or Stefanou Beach, in Akrotiri Peninsula.

Totally unknown even to most locals until a few years ago, when Stefanou Beach made its way to Instagram, the place became a hit. No matter how hard it was to access, the alluring clear shades of blue contrasting the bare rocks of the cove proved irresistible.

Seitan limania, Akrotiri peninsula, Crete
Stefanou in April.

The original name of this tiny beach is Stefanou, but now everyone knows it as Seitan Limania (or the Devil’s ports). The famous name, refers, in fact, to the wider area. As well as to the group of three different narrow coves, one next to the other.

Stefanou Beach is the only one of those coves that can be accessed by land. To visit the other two you will need a boat.

Kids in Seitan Limania
We avoid this beach in August. Our last visit of the year is usually during Easter.

Stefanou Beach is enclosed by impressive steep cliffs and a rough landscape, while the waters in all the three coves are known for being subject to strong streams, dangerous for both for swimmers and boats. It’s for this reason that, in recent years, several yacht owners started declining trips to Seitan Limania.

Stefanou Beach, better known as Seitan Limania, Crete.
Stefanou Beach.

Nothing of what I’ve just mentioned stopped people from attempting to visit Stefanou Beach. This magnificent shore has small pebbles mixed with clear sand and the characteristic shape of a lightning bolt. Notice that the beach had only pebbles originally, sand was transferred here not long ago.

The beach of Seitan Limania is crowded most of the high season, but you can find it empty in April, May, and October. The beach is really too small. Don’t even consider this beach if you hate crowds or have difficulties to hike.

Once you have climbed up the hairpin turns of the asphalt road, you will need to park and face a 20-minute steep descend in the company of goats and… more tourists!

Parking area, Seitan Limania.
Parking area, Seitan Limania.

Where to stay in Seintan Limania, Akrotiri

  • Kamera House is just 2.9 km from Seitan Limania and 15 km from the city center. It’s a comfortable villa, 5 km from the International Airport of Chania, with middle-range prices for the high season. You can check the property and book here.
  • M&M Villa is very close to Chania International Airport and it has a private pool, a garden, barbecue facilities, and free WiFi. It’s hard to find availability, but if you do, don’t miss it!

Stavros, the beach of Zorba

Stavros Beach, Stavros, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.591 | Longitude: E 24.0957

  • Fine sand
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Stavros beach, Crete (Chania region)
The characteristic shape of Stavros mountain

One of the most popular beaches in the peninsula of Akrotiri is Stavros, both for locals and visitors. This is a very shallow and calm bay, well protected from the winds and usually waveless. It has a wonderful emerald color, fine, white sand, and it’s especially safe for kids or for those who can’t swim.

Stavros beach, Crete (Chania region)
The beach and the passage towards the sea as seen from Stavros mountain.

Stavros Beach is on the north coast of Akrotiri, about 16 km from the city center of Chania, and it’s fairly well organized.

It’s possible to rent sun lounges and umbrellas in one area, while there’s another part of it completely free and unorganized. There’s public parking available, as well as showers, bars, and tavernas.

Stavros beach, Crete (Chania region)
The unique color of the water in Stavros.

The village of Stavros is small and very quiet. There are a few hotels, several villas and houses to rent.

INSIDER’S TIP: When it’s windy in the rest of the peninsula, beach-goers target Stavros (as well as Agios Onoufrios) since it’s almost never hit by the winds.

There’s an imposing mountain standing opposite the beach with clear paths and caves that tourists sometimes venture to explore (despite the locals usually advise against it).

Stavros mountain and beach, Crete
Stavros Beach in February, during the sunset hour.

Stavros Beach is virtually a closed bay, opening to the sea on the west. There the landscape is rocky and harsh, and it can be explored provided you have tennis shoes. The unmarked path is very slippery. On one of the extremes of the beach, there’s also a tiny fishing port and a place to rent kayaks.

Sunset in Stavros
The non-sandy area of Stavros, by the open sea.

The mountain standing behind the beach is famous, because here, in 1964, scenes from the film Zorba the Greek, for example, the one in which Anthony Quinn dances the Sirtaki Dance was shot here.

Stavros Beach, Akrotiri Peninsula Crete.
Can you guess why Stavros is my favorite beach in Akrotiri?

Where to stay in Stavros, Akrotiri

  • Mr & Mrs White Crete Resort and Spa is a five-star hotel with a stunning pool and views of the sea. It’s also rather near to the beach of Tersanas. Check prices and reviews here.
  • Paradisio Baby and Kinder Hotel is a place I’ve already mentioned here. It’s the perfect accommodation for families with kids as there are special children’s facilities, such as a 400-m² play area, a go-kart track, a tree-house, and an animal farm. Here you can book.
  • Blue Beach Villas Apartments is a great mid-range place to stay with great views of the sea. The pool is stunning. The structure has excellent reviews that you can check here.
  • A stay in Zorbas Beach Village Hotel is perfect if you want to have the option of a pool just a few meters from the beach. Check prices and reviews here.

Kalathas Beach

Kalathas Beach, Kalathas, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.5543 | | Longitude: E 24.0872

  • Sand mixed with big pebbles
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Kalathas, Akrotiri Crete
Kalathas Beach, Cape Akrotiri.

Kalathas is the place where I realized I had fallen in love with Crete. I remember lying on this exact beach thinking I will move here one day”. In the end, it happened. Now I live less than 2 km from Kalathas and I couldn’t be any happier.

This is also the beach that my kids (and all their school mates) choose when I say “Today we’re going to the beach”. Kids simply love Kalathas.

Kalathas, Akrotiri Crete
Children love the warm and transparent sea of Kalathas.

Popular essentially among locals, but lately also discovered by tourists, Kalathas Beach is a wide semi-circular shore less than 10 km from the center of Chania. It used to be a fine sandy beach, but during the last two seasons, we started seeing more and more pebbles.

kalathas beach, Crete
Little islet opposite Kalathas Beach.

The water is transparent, and there’s a small island opposite the shore, less than 200 meters away. Children and adults alike love to reach the islet swimming.

If you go snorkeling close to the islet you can easily spot sea urchins, different fish, and — provided you pay good attention — even octopus!

Rumors say that this tiny islet used to be a WWII bunker, but I still haven’t found any official confirmation.

Kalathas, Akrotiri Crete
The wide sandy beach of Kalathas.

The beach is organized. It’s possible to rent kayaks, SUP surfs, and boats. There’s a taverna as well as a good beach bar (known for their hotdogs and Greek salads). If you prefer, just across the street, there’s another traditional Greek taverna with convenient prices and a view of the bay.

INSIDER’S TIP: This might sound weird, but for some strange reason, I find that the sand on Kalathas burns more than on any other beach I’ve been on Crete. If you need to make it from your umbrella to the bar on a hot summer afternoon, please wear your flip-flops!
ANOTHER TIP: There’s just one annoying thing about Kalathas, trying to find a parking spot! Come early to avoid this issue.

Those who venture to explore the area will discover a beautiful cove on the left of the beach, with a few rocks and shallow waters. Here, you can swim and even sunbathe.

Kalathas is a beach loved by the extensive community of ex-pats residing in the area.

Kalathas, Akrotiri Crete
These rocky formations enclose a little cove.

In December 2017, we spotted dolphins in the sea, close to the islet. Yes, we also go to Kalathas in December. My kids love this beach to play sports in winter because it’s sunny until late, virtually empty, and huge.

Sunset on the beach, Kalathas.

In summer, if you manage to arrive early in the morning, you can take advantage of the few trees on the beach that provide shade. And don’t leave soon, the sunsets in Kalathas are beautiful!

Where to stay in Kalathas, Akrotiri

  • Kalathas Sunset Villas is one of the most beautiful properties in the area, just a few meters from the beach. Prices can be on the high side, but you can find a deal if you book early.
  • There are more accessible prices at Esplanade Apartments, a beautiful collection of self-catered studios less than 800 m from the beach. The hosts are very friendly and there’s a pool with a great sea view. Check it here.
  • Vila Fotini is another great house for families, just 8 km from Chania International Airport. Here you can see prices and book.
  • If you have a reduced budget check Dione Apartment. This two-bedroom apartment is ideal for a small family. It’s just 700 m from the beach and has all you need to feel at home. Here is a link to book your stay although it’s hard to find it available.

Tersanas Beach

Tersanas Beach, Chorafakia, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.56189 | Longitude: E 24.09248

  • Sandy
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Tersanas beach Akrotiri
Tersanas, Akrotiri.

Tersanas Beach is located in the region of Chorafakia, on the way to Stavros. It’s in a hidden position, so pretty much unknown to tourists.

Tersanas Beach, Akrotiri peninsula, Crete
Tersanas beach, in Cape Akrotiri.

This very shallow, narrow bay is ideal for children since it’s in a protected position, usually not affected by dangerous currents or strong winds. On one side of the beach, there’s a small fishing port, once serving the village of Chorafakia.

Tersanas Beach, Akrotiri peninsula, Crete
Fine sand, shallow waters, ideal for those learning to swim.

The beach is organized, there are umbrellas and showers as well as a bar very close to the shore. Tersanas is crowded, especially during the weekends, when local families and groups of teenagers reach the area to playing volley or tennis on the sand, swim, and sunbathe.

Those who don’t want to rent an umbrella will find plenty of space for their beach towel on one side of the beach.

Tersanas Beach, Akrotiri peninsula, Crete
Sunset at Tersanas.

Where to stay in Tersanas, Akrotiri

The lodging offer in Tersanas is very wide and it ranges from very economic places to exclusive (and expensive) villas. You can check the reviews and book in this link.

Maxairida Beach

Maxairida Beach, Chorafakia, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.56189 | Longitude: E 24.0862281

  • Sandy with rocks
  • Unorganized
  • Basics you need: tennis shoes, cold drinks, lunch
Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
The sandy beach is hidden by the rocks, Maxairida Beach.

One of the most hidden jewels of the Akrotiri Peninsula is the beach of Maxairida. This is a very tiny cove, protected by high rocks, with a small but beautiful sandy beach.

Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
Sandy coves in Maxairida.

The beach is completely unorganized, and if you really want to find where to stay, my suggestion is to arrive very early in the morning. I’ve seen people leave (rather frustrated) at 10 am because there was no place where to put their beach towel.

Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
The bushes and the rocks offer a provate place by the sea.

Being so unspoiled, and virtually unknown, Maxairida Beach is popular among naturists. And it’s also hard to find kids on this beach because there’s no place for them to run or play.

The water is transparent and very shallow, with stunning shades that go from turquoise to deep blue.

Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
Sunset at Maxairida Beach.

This is a rather exclusive area, and it’s not uncommon for private yachts to anchor in this shore for a day or two. The sunset hour in Maxairida is very pretty, the beach receives the direct sun from the West, so the colors on the sea are amazing.

Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
Sun setting by the sea in Maxairida, in the distance you can spot the island of Theodorou.

To reach the seaside, you have to drive inland from Tersanas beach for about a kilometer, park close to the road, and then hike down for about 10 minutes until you see the beach. It’s a dirt path with rocks, abundant oregano, and thyme bushes, so it’s always better to wear tennis shoes rather than flip-flops. Since there’s no organization, it’s better to carry your drinks and pack a lunch.

Maxairida Beach, Tersanas area, Crete
The blue shades of the sea in Maxairida Beach, Cape Akrotiri.

Where to stay in Maxairida Beach, Akrotiri

Being so close to Tersanas, it’s possible to find a good property in the area. Accommodation tends to be on the expensive side, but the most luxurious villas have every comfort, some of them even streamline services such as Netflix. Here you can check reviews and book

Agios Onoufrios Beach

Agios Onoufrios, Akrotiri, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.548692 | Longitude: E 24.063133

  • Sandy
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Agios Onoufrios Beach
Agios Onoufrios, Akrotiri Peninsula.

Agios Onoufrios is our beach! It’s the place my kids go after school or where I go after I come back from work. We have lived in this village for the last 4 years and we don’t intend to go anywhere else! The village has a fantastic little beach at the end of a long narrow bay.

Agios Onoufrios Beach Chania
The village and the beach of Agios Onoufrios, the White Mountains covered in snow in the back, December.

The sea is extremely safe and shallow, and the beach is completely organized. In fact, although Agios Onoufrios is really tiny and unknown, there are tennis and beach volley courts and spaces to play soccer.

Agios Onoufrios Beach Chania
Agios Onoufrios Beach in early April.

There are showers, lifeguard service, and a tiny beach bar managed by a Jamaican-Greek couple. They organize reggae nights and full moon beach parties often. And still, the beach is one of the most peaceful in Akrotiri.

Agios Onoufrios Beach Chania
Agios Onoufrios, Akrotiri peninsula.

During the summer months, the local authorities mount a platform for safe access to the beach for people with mobility issues. There’s a tiny fishing harbor, and from here depart different excursions to do immersions off the bay.

Agios Onoufrios Beach Chania
In December 2016 we had snow in the coastal areas after a long time. The steam coming from the surface of the sea was surreal.

Unfortunately (well… it’s a fortune for us, locals!), at the end of one side of the bay, about a km from the shore, there are a few fuel tanks that prevent tourists from trusting the beach. What they don’t know is that, despite those tanks not being really aesthetic, they guarantee that water quality controls remain a high priority for the neighbors. As a matter of fact, the beach has been awarded a blue flag for several years in a row.

Just opposite the beach, there’s a nice taverna and a tiny church which gave the name to the beach and the village. The church of Agios Onoufrios celebrates its day on June 12th with a huge barbecue on the beach.

Besides, Agios Onoufrios Beach turns into a festive place of meeting on July 4th, when the American community that lives in the area gathers to celebrate Independence Day with music, food, and spectacular fireworks.

Where to stay in Agios Onoufrios, Akrotiri

This tiny village lacks hotels and resorts, but there are many houses, apartments, and villas you can choose from to plan your stay. Reviews and prices can be found in this link.

Marathi Beach

Marathi Beach, Akrotiri, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.505203 | Longitude: E 24.173665

  • Sandy
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Marathi Beach, Akrotiri Peninsula Crete.
Marathi at sunset.

On the opposite side of the peninsula, facing the Bay of Souda, the beach of Marathi is popular for its very shallow and clear waters and soft sand.

Marathi beach, Akrotiri Crete
The beach starts to get empty at sunset, and the tavernas fill with people.

Marathi Beach can get really crowded in summer since it’s a rather narrow shore and lacks a bit of space. In the area, it’s possible to practice different water sports.

Marathi beach, Akrotiri Crete
Sandy beach of Marathi.

There’s a big parking space as well as a few kiosks to rent boats and to pay for your SUP surfing hour. In front of the beach, there is a sidewalk with good restaurants and beach bars. They serve fresh food at convenient prices.

Opposite the beach, it’s possible to admire the islets on Souda Bay. On a clear day, you can even spot the castle standing on top of the Archaeological Site of Aptera. A few meters from the beach, there is a small port for fishing and recreational boats.

Marathi beach, Akrotiri Crete
A great place to dine by the sea.

Marathi has a relaxed atmosphere, and it’s a favorite among locals. During the weekends it’s almost impossible to find a free table for lunch on the many tavernas at the beachfront. The same goes for Easter and other important occasions.

Marathi beach, Akrotiri Crete
The small harbor of Marathi.

Where to stay in Marathi, Akrotiri

  • Marathi does not have the most convenient prices in the area since it has a strategic position, however, you can find a convenient solution at Marathi Panorama Rooms. The views are nice, and it’s good for couples and families. Read reviews and book here.
  • If your budget is higher, Villa Marathoula is a magnificent property with stunning views of the bay and the beach. Check reviews and book here.
  • Those who can splurge will love Mare Nostrum Villas, a remarkable place a few meters from Marathi Beach, here are the latest fees for the season.

Loutraki Beach

Loutraki Beach, Sternes, Crete, Greece.
Latitude: N 35.49911  | Longitude: E 24.163967

  • Sandy mix with pebbles
  • Organized
  • Basics you need: –
Loutraki beach Crete
Loutraki Beach, Akrotiri Peninsula.

There’s a lot of debate going around in Chania on whether this is a beach to love or to hate. Some people really love Loutraki Beach, and others a bit less. I’m in the second group, and down below you can read why.

Loutraki Beach Crete
Loutraki in the afternoon.

Loutraki Beach is just a few hundred meters from Marathi, but unlike this last one, instead of having a favorable position, the sun goes down really early on Loutraki.

So, while the place might be good for the morning, I don’t usually go in the afternoons since the sea tends to get chilly. Besides, it’s a preferred spot for teens and groups of young kids, that means it’s safe but somewhat noisy at times.

Loutraki beach Crete
Beach of Loutraki, Cape Akrotiri.

The beach is fairly well organized, there’s a free ample parking place at the entrance, opposite a restaurant (which I cannot recommend since I’ve never eaten there). On the beach, there’s a bar and it’s possible to rent canoes.

On both sides of the bay, there are hotels with private access to the beach. You can rent umbrellas and sun lounges, or just place your beach towel on the sandy-pebbled beach.

Where to stay in Loutraki, Akrotiri

Since Loutraki and Marathi are just a few hundred meters from each other, in this page you can find accommodation for both areas.

Check this guide about where to stay in Crete if you don’t know where to book.

Best places to eat in Akrotiri, Crete

There are dozens of places to eat in the peninsula, but since I live and really know the area, I am leaving here a restricted list of those places I consider to be the best ones.

These are the ones we usually visit when I’m not in the mood for cooking, the ones we choose to take away and, some of them, ideal for special occasions.

Tersanas Beach: Patrelantonis

This restaurant is located a few meters from the beach and I usually pick it for special dinners (it was our place of choice to celebrate my last birthday). Here, try their spaghetti with salmon and their octopus salad with avocado.

Stavros Beach

There are two restaurants that I really like in the area, the first of them, Almyriki, is good for afternoon appetizers. The second is perfect for lunch.

Almyriki is perfect for an afternoon beer with fried fish and other finger food. There are great views at sunset. Try their gavdos marinatos (marinated small fish) and their fried shrimp in kaidaifi pastry, perfect with a cold beer.

Zorbas is my absolute favorite in the area. It’s not located right on the beach road of Stavros, so it’s not so well-known. It has a relaxed and familiar atmosphere and you can eat the most amazing fried sardines under the lush red grapes of their patio. Try their homemade spoon sweets with yogurt or the homemade biscuits with raki!

Tersanas: Taverna Irini

A favorite among locals and visitors alike, this is a typical Greek taverna serving delicious local food. Taverna Irini is open all day long until late at night.

Kounoupidiana Area

(Close to the beaches of Kalathas and Agios Onoufrios)
Mitsos: This is a great place for grilled meat, when choosing Mitsos, don’t miss their spinach salad with local graviera cheese.
Ta Gourounakia: Another favorite of our family, also to take away. It has great gyro and souvlaki that kids love, while my most favorite dish is their pork kontosouvli (on the spit).

Coffee with a view

Carte Postale: This is a new entry in the neighborhood, with beautiful views of the port of Chania. It’s an all-day lounge serving coffee, lunch, and dinner.

Koukouvaia: The most traditional cafeteria in Chania with stunning views of Chania’s Lighthouse. Normally crowded in every season, Koukouvaia is loved among locals and visited from every corner of the island. Their cakes (especially the hot chocolate cake Zoumero) are delicious.

Which is your favorite beach in Akrotiri?

This post includes all the most recent information about the area of Akrotiri.
If you have questions or need help planning your visit, leave your comments in the section below.

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Best Beaches in Cape Akrotiri, Crete
Best Beaches on Akrotiri Crete

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