The Best Food Tours in Crete: Guide to the Most Delicious Activities in Every Region of the Island

Food tours in Crete

Crete is one of those paradisiac destinations in the Mediterranean, where an excellent climate, stunning landscapes, and delicious food combine to create a memorable travel experience.

There are incredible dishes local to Crete, and arguably, the best way to do so is by joining an organized food tour, no matter which region you’re visiting.

Are you eager to discover the wonders of the Cretan diet? Then, you’ve landed on the right blog post that brings you the best food tours in Crete!

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Best Food Experiences in Crete

Food tours in Crete

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Take your taste buds on these amazing food tours in Crete! Check out Crete’s most interesting wine and food tours and decide which best suits your foodie needs!

Old Town Walking Tour with Meal & Phyllo Workshop in Rethymnon

food tours in Crete
One of Crete’s most traditional bakeries and phyllo pastry shops is in Rethymnon.

It’s no secret anymore that one of the best places to visit in Crete for food tours is the city of Rethymnon, especially if you’re interested in learning about the secrets of baklava, kataifi, and paper-thin phyllo pastry. You can read about our experience doing this tour here.

This walking tour with a local guide takes you to explore the corners of Rethymnon’s Old Town and its charming Venetian and Ottoman townhouses.

food tours in Crete

During the day, you will try a Cretan breakfast in a quaint café (or, better said, a Greek-style kafeneio), sharing a handmade Sfakian pita with cheese and honey in the center of town.

Later, watch how handmade phyllo is prepared at the seventeenth-century Venetian workshop of the last phyllo master on the island.

End the experience with a traditional meal in a garden under the shadow of fragrant lemon trees. You will also learn to sample olive oil and drink authentic raki like Cretan! 

With your guide, you will discuss the historical sites in town and learn about local traditions and customs and how they relate to Cretan gastronomy.

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The Terra Creta Olive Oil Experience Tour in the Chania Region

Olives on the tree
Olives on the tree.

This is the perfect activity to learn about olive oil production (from harvest to bottling!). During the experience, you will visit one of the most prestigious mills in the region of Chania, Terra Creta, where you will taste 3 different types of olive oil and sample local appetizers.

After checking out how extra virgin olive oil is made, you can head to their well-assorted shop to purchase local olive oil products, such as balsamic vinegar and Greek olives, at very affordable prices.

During the visit, you can consult the knowledgeable staff for information and tips regarding the best uses and storage suggestions for olive oil.

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Cretan Food & Sightseeing Walking Tour in Heraklion

food tours in Crete
The old port of Heraklion.

Home to fantastic street markets in the capital and incredible wineries close to the mountains, the region of Heraklion is perfect for experiencing the best of Cretan cuisine.

This experience takes you to discover the world-famous Mediterranean diet with deep roots in the Cretan diet.

You will also uncover the secrets of Cretans’ longevity and have plenty of fun sightseeing in the historic center of Heraklion.

In the morning, you can stop at a few different food stores to taste the most authentic products, including a family bakery, and learn about traditional sweet and savory pies.

food tours in Crete
Vegetables at the open market in Heraklion.

You will also discover everything about local herbs, taste a cup of Cretan mountain tea, and stop at a dairy shop to taste local cheeses, natural yogurt, and honey.

The walking tour takes you to significant monuments while discovering the modern aspects of the Cretan diet and its connection to the city’s history.

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Lassithi Plateau Guided Truffle Hunting Day Trip from Heraklion

Lasithi region in Crete_ Best day trips to discover this unique, untouched area in Crete island.
The Lasithi Plateau.

This is a great tour to explore the stunning Lasithi Plateau.

A day to be amazed at the area’s landscapes, villages, and eateries while experiencing the satisfaction of sourcing your ingredients on a Cretan black truffle hunt with a local hunter.

You will also stop at the traditional village of Krasi and find the best spots to take pictures of the iconic plateau’s windmills and venture into the heart of the truffle country at the Lassithi Plateau with a guide.

Geological formations
Cave of Zeus.

Right after, you can dive into local flavors with a cooking demonstration at a family-run restaurant, gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between recipes, people, and traditions.

Later in the day, you can also check out the Cave of Zeus, a family-run pottery shop, and an ancient monastery. 

Tour options include luxury vehicles (3 to 12 passengers), hotel pick-up and drop-off, WIFI/USB charging, complimentary mineral water, fresh fruit and snacks, and more. 

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Wine Tasting at The Cretan House of Wine in Rethymnon

food tours in crete

If you are in Rethymnon town, you can join this tour and learn about the local varieties of wine at the prestigious House of Wine.

Taste 11 native varieties, 9 whites (Vilana, Vidiano, Thrapsathiri, Plito, Dafni, Moschato Spinas, Malavazia Di Candia Aromatica), 3 reds (Liatiko, Kotsifali, Mantilari), and sweet wines from Liatiko grape while checking out different grape varieties by tasting various vintages.

food tours in crete
Cretan dakos.

You will also enjoy a pairing of traditional food with wine, including local dishes such as apaki (smoked pork), dakos (local rusks), tomatoes, cheeses, fried pork (tigania), dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice), and kalitsounia (traditional herb and cheese pies) among others.

You will learn about Cretan Vineyards from a sommelier and have fun during a blind wine-tasting game (the price is a bottle of wine!)

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Sightseeing Day Trip with Cooking Lesson and Lunch from Heraklion

Cretan food

The best way to discover traditional Cretan life is on this day trip to visit a farm, participate in a ceramic workshop, cook like a Cretan, and eat a delicious lunch!

While local chefs engage you with the secrets of local gastronomy, you will prepare a delicious lunch that you will enjoy!

food tours in crete
Krasi village.

The trip also includes a fantastic off-road adventure through Embassa Gorge and a local pottery workshop, where you can witness one of the oldest crafts on the island and create your ceramic masterpiece.

You will also be able to sample different types of olive oils at an olive oil factory and learn how locals have been extracting olive oil since the Minoan times. At the village of Krasi, you will marvel at the oldest plane tree in Crete, which is over 2000 years old.

In the end, you will continue to the dam of Aposelemis, the largest water supply project in Crete, to see where the village of Sfendili is submerged in its waters.

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White Mountains 4WD Safari with Lunch and Tastings in Chania

food tours in crete
Safari experience in the White Mountains.

A day trip to discover Cretan villages, the stunning White Mountains, and off-road locations on a 4WD tour from Chania with a local guide. The guided jeep tour teaches you about Crete’s historical and cultural details.

During the day, you will sample five local wines, olive oil, and graviera cheese at Anoskeli village and then explore remote destinations accessible only to four-wheel-drive vehicles, passing through dreamy olive, orange, and lemon groves.

The experience also includes an off-road drive through Sebronas Gorge, approaching the Omalos Plateau at 1000 meters of altitude, where the shepherds attend to their sheep and goats all year round.

Then, a traditional lunch will be ready to enjoy together with scenic views and the opportunity to experience the cuisine, history, and culture of the island.

Explore the White Mountains area of Crete on a guided Jeep tour. Visit local villages and sample local products. Taste olive oil and 5 different wines, and savor a traditional lunch of Cretan products.

Ancient olive tree and signpost
Ancient olive tree in Vouves, Chania.

At the village of Ano Vouves, you will also admire a 3,000-5,000-year-old olive tree, see a typical farm, and enjoy a cup of coffee, mountain tea, or fresh orange juice.

Afterward, prepare for a more adventurous drive as your guide takes you off-road. From Sebronas Gorge, approach the Omalos Plateau at 1000 meters, where the shepherds tend to their sheep and goats all year round.

Stop for lunch and admire a magnificent view of Samaria Gorge and the highest summit of the White Mountains, Mount Pachnes.

After lunch, drive to Chania and enjoy spectacular views of the Aegean Sea from atop the mountain. The tour concludes with a drop-off at your hotel.

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You can also tour the villages near the White Mountains with me and taste amazing food!

Or you can walk the old towns of Chania and Rethymnon and savor the best local products.

All my tours, experiences, and day trips are perfect for those who want to taste Cretan food!

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Cooking Class in an Authentic Village House in Rethymnon

food tours in crete
Photo via Get Your Guide.

During this day, you will learn the art of Cretan cooking and authentic local recipes at a village house in the heart of Crete, allowing you to experience the traditional way of life.

The experience includes enjoying a meal with drinks and chatting with the locals.

You will start by visiting a traditional home in Vatos Village, where your local Cretan host will share all the knowledge of her family and traditional Cretan home.

Sikaleos bread from Greece.
Freshly-baked bread.

The tour includes tasting freshly baked bread from a traditional oven, traditional Cretan meze snacks, wine, and Cretan raki.

Afterward, in the kitchen, you will learn how to make traditional Cretan dishes from your host, who will guide you through the whole procedure, allowing everyone to master their cooking skills.

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Culinary Day Trip to the Lassithi Plateau with Dinner from Heraklion

field, mountains, sheep, Crete
The Lasithi Plateau.

Set out on a private luxury day trip to Lassithi Plateau, departing from Heraklion, a forgotten country with small villages, emblematic windmills, and spectacular views.

Along the road, you will pass stunning windmills and the plateau’s fertile fields to learn about the archaic traditions of the area.

Since the time of the Minoans, the plateau has been the land of fertility and love for food, a rich Cretan land that reminds us how satisfying it is to source and cook your own ingredients.

Best vegetarian food to eat in Crete
Homemade gemista is a typical vegetarian dish you can try in Lasithi.

The adventure includes a stop at the enchanting village of Krasi and a visit to the Panagia Kera Kardiotissa monastery, located in one of the island’s most untouched escapes. In this place, time has slowed down, and history persists.

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Olive Oil Factory Tour, Dinner & Traditional Dancing

food tours in crete
Photo via Get Your Guide.

Another great olive oil tour to spend a special evening with a local family on the grounds of their family-run olive oil factory to learn about Cretan olive oil, honey, and Cretan wine.

Then, discover the origins of famous Cretan thyme honey with a beekeeping demonstration. The experience also includes a hearty buffet dinner with live Greek and Cretan music, dancing, and plenty of local wine.

Organic Winery Tour with Tasting in Vatolakkos, Chania

food tours in crete
The winery.

Discover an organic winery in Vatolakkos, one of the most famous ones in the region, to delight your taste buds as you try 5 delicious local wines paired with Cretan rusks (bread) and olive oil.

You will also admire the Cretan vineyards, where local grapes ripen in the sunlight to produce our traditional liasta (naturally sweet) wines.

Cheese and herbs
Graviera cheese.

The visit includes access to the wine cellars to learn the secrets behind the winemaking process. Right after, you will spend some time sitting at a table in the lovely Greek garden while your host guides you through the hand-picked selection of regional wines paired with cheese and snacks.

During your visit to the winery, you will learn how grape varieties are selected and cultivated following strict guidelines.

Then, you can explore the vineyards where varieties of Syrah, Grenache, and other native grapes are ripened to perfection.

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Cruise to Spinalonga and Barbecue BBQ at Kolokytha from Agios Nikolaos

food tours in crete
Kolokitha, right opposite Spinalonga Island.

During this fun-filled day trip, cruise and enjoy a traditional barbecue in Agios Nikolaos that includes sunshine, swimming, and relaxation.

You will start by cruising to Spinalonga to learn about the tragic history of Crete’s former leper colony and explore the Venetian fortifications and the old homes of leprosy victims.

Right after, return to the boat to explore the fantastic Kolokytha Bay and its beaches. You will fall in love with the pristine, turquoise sea and learn more about the area’s history.

food tours in crete

You can relax, swim, and sunbathe here while the boat crew prepares a hearty barbecue. The lunch includes delicious pork chops, Greek salad, feta cheese, bread, wine, and seasonal fruits. 

The cruise takes you on an incredible journey around Mirabello Gulf, one of the most exclusive areas on the island’s northern coast.

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Breakfast With The Nuns Private Wine Tour in Rethymnon

food tours in crete
Courtesy of Get Your Guide.

One of Crete’s most original food tours, this experience includes sharing a typical Cretan breakfast with the nuns of Agia Irini monastery, where you will also explore the nun’s workshops and learn about their monastic life.

The Holy Saint Irini Monastery sits on the northern side of Mount Vrisinas atop a rocky hill. Over here, the nuns lead a tranquil, spiritual life surrounded by the peaceful mountainous landscape.

food tours in crete
Courtesy of Get Your Guide.

In the morning, the nuns will show you around their monastery, including the chapels, the museum, and the workshops where they create icons and art. The tour follows with the breakfast the nuns will make for you.

Next, there is a picturesque drive to a family-owned winery to learn about viticulture and the winemaking process and taste 5 different labels. You will end the experience with a traditional Cretan meze lunch.

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Authentic Cooking Class in the White Mountains, Chania

food tours in crete
Courtesy of Get Your Guide.

Are you willing to learn more about the culture and cuisine of Crete? If the answer is yes, this unique cooking class in the White Mountains is just what you need!

The experience is perfect for discovering how to cook and prepare traditional recipes, unveiling the secrets of the Mediterranean diet, and sampling local cheese and wine during a delicious lunch.

The experience is also perfect for families with kids who love picking vegetables from a garden, taking them to the kitchen, and learning how to prepare them!

The tour is ideal if you want to taste the authentic foods of Crete and cook using only healthy organic ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil, local meats, aromatic herbs, and freshly picked vegetables.

You will also go for a walk in the mountains and learn from the shepherds about olive harvests and other local traditions.

food tours in crete
Spoon sweets from Crete.

Later, back at the house, you can sample cheese and wine from Crete and prepare appetizers such as dakos and tzatziki. The tasty lunch ends with mouthwatering traditional jar desserts.

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Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Tour with Village Lunch in Rethymnon

food tours in crete
Dourakis winery.

Why not taste your way through the island with this tour of wineries and olive oil mills? The tour, which takes guests through the regions of Rethymnon and Chania, teaches guests about traditional Cretan olive oil and wine.

You will start the day at the Kanakis olive oil mill to witness the process of making olive oil. making olive oil in an informal chat with the experts and tasting their exquisite products.

Then, you continue on to one of the best wineries in the region of Chania, Dourakis Winery, for a short guided tour and learn about the history, tradition, and production of Cretan wine.

food tours in crete
Dourakis winery.

You will also discover their ancient cellars and then taste up to five types of Cretan wine in their charming garden. Finally, end the tour with a visit to a traditional village to soak in the beautiful natural views and to eat a traditional Cretan lunch.

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There are plenty of opportunities in Crete to taste the best local recipes.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, the island is always ready to surprise visitors with its incredibly healthy and tasteful cuisine. Which of these food tours in Crete are you ready to experience?

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Food tours in Crete

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