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I’m in love with this island, and it’s my greatest passion to read, write, and learn about Crete.
I’m honored to be a resident, to grow my kids here, and to educate them in the local culture and traditions.

Press & Media

In The Tiny Book – Blog section, you will find most of my articles, destination guides, and posts. However, I regularly contribute to other blogs and media.

Down here you can find everything I’ve published, including my most recent articles for other sites, as well as a few interviews about travel and Greece!

I’ve published a book about the Greek islands

Viaggiautori grecia

My 3rd child…

My kids are Filippo, Federico, and “Two weeks in the Cycladic islands”.

The book was published in Italy in 2018 and it’s part of a fantastic series of itineraries for different destinations around the world…

This super practical travel guide to visiting the best of the Cyclades is my first non-digital book (but not last!) about Greece.

I’m super honored to be part of the project Viaggiautori with the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Antiparos, Sifnos, Serifos, and Amorgos.

The pictures featured in the book are also mine!

Regular Contributions

I regularly write for the following publications:

Crete in the News

I’ve written articles about Crete for the following media:

I’ve worked as a special correspondent in Chania, Crete for Greek Reporter

Collaborations with fellow bloggers

I’ve written collaboration articles for these travel blogs & travel media:

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Speaking Engagements

I don’t really like it, but I’ve spoken too:

Press - The Tiny Book - Heraklion Exposed speaker
Speaking about corporate blogging, Heraklion – 2017.

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