Fantastic Things to Do in Agadir, Morocco for an Unforgettable Trip!

Fantastic things to do in Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is a wonderful Moroccan resort located on the coast of the country. It’s home to a beautiful long bay with fine sand where you can sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the always sunny days of the area. This article wants to show you some of the best things to do in Agadir, Morocco, during your stay. Take a look!

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Best Things to Do in Agadir, Morocco

Things to do in Agadir

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What Things to Do in Agadir Morocco

Things to do in Agadir

Agadir is one of the main cities in Morocco; it is, for sure, the most important seaside resort in the country. It lies north Sous River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate is mild all year long, even if you visit in colder months you can still spend time at the beach.

When it comes to the past of the city, back in In February 1960, a violent earthquake killed over a third of its population and destroyed all of Agadir. It also reduced the ancient Casbah to dust.

There’s also a lovely seafront promenade. Ten kilometers of fine sand invite visitors to relax, enjoying over 340 days a year when there’s no rain at all. Down here, check out all the great things you can do in Agadir during your stay!

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Visit the Casbah of Agadir

Things to do in Agadir
The view of the sea from the Casbah at sunset.

The casbah of Agadir is the first place you want to visit in Agadir. Although the quake produced significant damage to the area, the ruins are still interesting. From the casbah, the views of the coast are unique. The best moment to visit is during sunset.

The Casbah (Agadir de la Colline) was the oldest district in Agadir. It was a lively fortress with winding paths, originally built in 1572. Above the front door, the original inscription reads Fear God and Honor the King.

Things to do in Agadir
The casbah of Agadir.

The only thing remaining of the fortress is a long high wall surrounding a portion of empty land. It is worth the visit for the magnificent view over the bay of Agadir.

On the hills, there is an inscription in Arabic (often seen in other places around the country) reading God, Country, King which every night gives light to the hill. This produces a very suggestive view of the area.

Discover Modern Agadir

Things to do in Agadir

The new city is a modern, European-like center. Flourishing and rich. Its large port serves fishing, commercial, and leisure purposes and it hosts a gorgeous marina. There are plenty of hotels and luxury resorts spreading along the main road facing the sea.

Due to its modern architecture, the city barely resembles the traditional architecture that you can find in the rest of Morocco.

Yet, mild winters and extended summers make Agadir one of the most loved spots for a sea holiday. Besides, the resort is just a few hours by plane from Europe.

Families with kids can also devote some hours to visiting Agadir Birds Valley and the Zoo of Agadir.

Go to the Beach in Agadir

Morocco, Agadir, Beach
Going to the beach is one of the best things to do in Agadir.

The wide beach of Agadir is impressive, long and wide, with plenty of space to play beach sports. The sea is open, so you might want to be careful with kids, but it’s not rough unless it gets windy.

The bay of Agadir has another privilege as well, it is a member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. It is also served by the International Airport of Agadir – Al Massira.

Things to do in Agadir

Looking for adventurous things to do at the beach in Agadir? Check this thrilling quad ride between the ocean and the mountains!

Check Out the Medina of Agadir

Things to do in Agadir

Visiting the Medina is another interesting thing to do in Agadir. Its official name is La Nouvelle Medina Polizzi, Here, sit and enjoy a glass of traditional Moroccan tea in one of the traditional cafés. The building is quite new but it has been designed respecting the traditional architecture of the country.

You can check the small shops selling traditional souvenirs, or enjoy an authentic Moroccan lunch at convenient prices. The entrance fee is about 40 Dirhams.

Shop at the Souk of Agadir (One of the Best Things to Do in Agadir!)

Things to do in Agadir

Another thing to do in Agadir is to pay a visit to Souk Al Ahad, which is also one of the most remarkable open markets in the country.

Among the things to buy, don’t forget spices. It’s said that the area produces one of the best saffrons in Africa, so, now you know, if you love cooking, one of the top things to do in Agadir is to stock on spices to take back to your kitchen!

Other things to buy are traditional pottery (Moroccan tajines and bowls), silver teapots, tea glasses, and mint for your Moroccan tea! Leather products are also good and prices are quite convenient. (Rue 2 Mars, open until 19.00).

Don’t wait any longer. If you need a break from the boring European winter, jump on a plane, Agadir is an awesome destination!

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Pay a Visit to Paradise Valley

Things to do in Agadir

Only 20 km from the city of Agadir, Paradise Valley is a region shaped by the course of the river Tamrhakht. In the area, you can swim in unique rock pools with crystal clear water, discover the natural landscape, and explore the gorges.

Thrill in Agadirs’ Crocopark

Things to do in Agadir

Agadir Crocodile Park is one more thing you can do in Agadir. You can enjoy a walk in the botanical garden and the cactus of the park or discover the area devoted to the crocodiles from the river Nile River, the pond, and the beach area specially designed to host crocodiles.

Kids love entering the park by walking next to a huge, open crocodile mouth that welcomes them to the park.

Following the well-marked circuit, it’s possible to spot the over 300 crocodiles that live in the park and learn about their habitat and habits.

The park opens from 10 am to 6 pm in winter and it closes at 8 pm in summer.

Discover the Beautiful Legzira

Legzira beach, Morocco.
Legzira, the arches on the beach (Source: Wikimedia Walter Rodriguez CC BY 2.0)

One of the best things to do in Agadir is to take a day trip to visit the beautiful Legzira Beach. A few years back, Legzira was included among the 40 best beaches in the world.

Unfortunately, Afadir coastline tends to receive winds from the Ocean, and in Legzira this is especially noticeable. However, the visit will reward you with unique views of the two stunning arches that reach the sand.

Legzira is also a great place for surfing (windsurfing and kitesurfing too!). If you are a fan of photography, you need to check the huge arches that the sea and the wind have carved in the area. If you visit when the tides are low, you can even walk through them on the sand.

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Remember: Agadir is a wonderful seaside resort, quite affordable as well, that you can reach within a few hours from any city in Europe. It’s a great place in Morocco for couples and family holidays.

Where to Stay in Agadir

Hotel, resort, pool, building, Agadir
The Kenzi Europa.

Here are three of the best-rated and more convenient places to stay in Agadir. The first one is the wonderful place (ideal for families) where we stayed during our holidays.

  • Kenzi Europa – We loved this hotel, we spent here three nights and the place proved perfect for kids! The hotel is just across from the beach, only 2 km from the Casbah. It offers comfy and elegant air-conditioned guest rooms with a private balcony with a view of the pool or the sea. The Kenzi features an outdoor children’s play area, a tennis court, and a heated outdoor swimming pool.
    Click here for more information and the latest prices.
  • Ecolodge Atlas Kasbah – Perfect if you’re looking to stay in a traditional property, surrounded by the warm colors of Morocco. This is an award-winning, eco-friendly guest house in Agadir. It is 20 minutes from the beach in the High Atlas Mountains in the south of Morocco. The rooms are decorated in a bright and traditional style with Berber and European influences. It has a gorgeous Moroccan cuisine restaurant terrace that overlooks the surrounding hills.
    Click here for more information and the latest prices.
  • Villa du Souss – This property has excellent reviews (rated 9.6) and stunning facilities while remaining in the budget price range. It offers eco-friendly accommodation in Agadir, free private parking on-site, and some rooms feature either a terrace or a nation.
    Click here for more information and the latest prices.

What else can you ask for? If you still long for authentic Moroccan views, Marrakech is just a three-hour bus ride away.

Buses are comfortable and convenient; the highways are also very good. To reach Morocco from Agadir, we jumped on a night bus and the trip was comfortable.

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Things to do in Agadir

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