2 Days in Chania: Fantastic Things to Do For a Unique City Break in Crete!

2 days in Chania

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Are you spending a holiday in Crete and have decided to spend two days in Chania? Are you on a European city break in Crete? This itinerary will help you choose what things to do in this gorgeous city of west Crete. Let’s see what you can see, do, and experience with 2 days in Chania or more!

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Only 24 hours in Chania? Check this story!

2 Days in Chania
(or 3… or just 1 day!)

2 Days in Chania, Crete

Let’s Start by Getting Ready for Crete!


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2 Days in Chania: A Perfect City Break in Crete

Chances are that you’ll be spending more time in Crete’s second important city, however, if you’re seeing the region with an organized tour and have little free time available, there’s always plenty to see in the area in just a few hours.

Just a Few Hours in Chania… or More!

port, houses, Venetian Harbor Chania

If you’ve arrived in Chania on a cruise ship, or plan to spend a weekend in town, you won’t believe how many things you can do in Chania. 

Chania is home to a magnificent old town and a romantic Venetian port. There are buildings full of history and restaurants full of flavor. 

Besides, the region is known for over 30 paradisiac beaches you can easily visit on a day trip even if you’re in town for just a few days.

If your trip to Crete foresees just one day in Chania, choose some of the ideas from the following itinerary and enjoy the best of the city.

How to Use this Itinerary Guide to Chania

A few hours in Chania

  • This itinerary can be used for a short visit to Chania. If you stop in town just for a few hours, on your way to the beaches of the extreme west of the island, head directly to the places listed under Quick Tour of Chania.

One day in Chania

  • Add some afternoon suggestions if you’re spending the whole day in the city. Also, check the gastronomic suggestions for lunch and dinner.

Two days or more days in Chania

  • If you’re in Chania for two full days, choose one of the alternative itineraries under What to do in Chania in 2 or 3 days.
  • If you fall in love with this city and decide to extend your stay, you just need to pick one more day trip idea to have more things to do.
  • Don’t forget to check the hotel recommendations and tips for public transportation.
2 days in Chania

A Quick Tour of Chania: 3 Things Not to Miss in Chania Old Town

It’s really hard for me to choose just 3 must-do things in Chania, the more time I spend here, the more I enjoy the many things you shouldn’t miss. And I really want to tell you about all of them. 

Anyway, I must remember you have little time so I’ll be brief (you’re always free to check the 10 best things to do in Chania if you want to see and do more!)

Visit the Agora, Chania’s Municipal Market

2 days in Chania

There’s no better place to get a flavor of the city than paying a visit to the Agora – Chania’s municipal market –. Kickstart your day with the authentic tastes of Crete.

Inside the market, approach the different shops and explore the local tastes, it’s very common for vendors to offer you to sample some of their own products.

Go for cheese (Graviera and Myzithra varieties), thyme honey, and olive oil. Feel the fragrance of herbs and spices and discover the immense variety of greens and fruit on display.

  • The Agora of Chania is on Sofoklis Venizelos Square
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude N 35.513894 | Longitude E 24.020335
  • The market entrance divides the new city from the old town.

Locals know: The Municipal Market of Chania will be closed for renovations until December 2023.

2 days in Chania
  • INSIDER’S TIP: Once you’ve done sightseeing in the city, come back for lunch at the market. Choose O Michelas for authentic homemade dishes. Manolis, his aunt, and his mom will be happy to show you what’s on the stove! Dishes include Chaniotic specialties such as boureki, a delicious veggie pie with zucchini, potatoes, local cheese, and fresh mint.

Check the Landmarks in the Venetian Harbor

2 days in Chania

After you’ve visited the market, leave from the back door and walk west until you reach Halidon Street and once there, turn right and walk down to the sea. 

In less than 10 minutes you’ll be surrounded by the magic Venetian atmosphere of Chania’s old port.

The old harbor of Chania was built during the years of the Venetian rule of the island over a period of about 300 years. There are two very distinct basins, the western one starting at the Firkas Fortress and ending at the Mosque of the Janissaries, and the eastern basin, home to the new marina.

The western basin used to be the place where goods were unloaded from the ships and stored in warehouses. Those warehouses are now restaurants targeting mostly tourists (locals don’t eat at the port!), while the shipyards were located in the eastern basin.

Firkas Fortress

Fortress, Firkas fortress Chania

Soak in the views, and discover the Venetian architecture and the Turkish balconies made of wood. A short walk along the port will take you to the Fortress of Firkas.

The structure was completed only a few years before the Venetian city fell to the Ottoman Empire.

Its original name was Fortezza Revellino del Porto and its main use was defensive but it was also the headquarters of the Army Commander in town. Inside, there were areas devoted to the storage of ammunition.

After the arrival of the Turks, the structure was used as barracks for the Ottoman soldiers, and it was then that it got the name of Firkas (which in Turkish means barrack).

Parts of the building were used as a prison for the revolutionary rebels during the civil war.

If you have some extra time, visit the Maritime Museum of Chania inside the fortress, or walk towards the watchtower facing the lighthouse.

On the watchtower stands the Greek flag pole. It was here where the national flag was first raised on the island in 1913, after Enosis, the union of Crete with Greece. From this point, you will get the best views of the lighthouse.

The Mosque of the Janissaries

2 days in Chania

On the opposite end of the harbor, another landmark of Chania will certainly catch your attention.

A beautiful building with a domed pink roof stands right by the sea adding character to the already eclectic local architecture made of mosques, churches, and aristocratic buildings. It’s the Mosque of the Janissaries

The former mosque and now exhibition center is also known as Küçük Pasha Hasan Mosque (which can translate as the small mosque, as well as Yali Tzamisi, or the mosque by the sea).

It was established as a religious center of prayer during the Ottoman rule of Crete for the Turkish soldiers known as the Janissaries.

The mosque stands on the foundations of a former Venetian church. It is built in limestone and has typical Venetian architecture, such as arched doors and windows.

On the south corner, it’s possible to observe the base of the former minaret, torn down in 1939. Also visible are the remains of a wall fountain with taps (çesme in Turkish) carved on the stone wall.

Keep your eyes open! These wall fountains are common all over the old town!

The mosque is the oldest Ottoman structure on the island, functioning as a mosque since 1645, the year when Chania was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

It was built on the foundations of an old Venetian church and it was a place of prayer exclusive for the Janissaries, the Turkish soldiers stationed around the island to keep law and order.

The mosque is open to the public when there’re art and crafts exhibitions going on inside unless you need to buy an entrance ticket to the actual exhibition, the entrance to the mosque is free.

The Arsenals

2 days in Chania

Pass in front of the mosque and keep walking east to reach the Marina. Here, a long line of luxury yachts shares the dock with more modest but colorful fishing boats. This used to be the eastern basin of the Venetian Harbor.

The ample sidewalk hosts a variety of restaurants, bars, and tavernas serving anything from cocktails to traditional Greek dishes, including seafood, high-end gastronomy, and even sushi.

However, the true character of the promenade is shaped by the imposing structure of the Venetian Arsenali, the dry docks built to house and repair the boats belonging to the extensive Venetian fleet. They were built between 1467 and 1599.

The structures had a rectangular shape and were about 50 m in length, open on the side of the sea so that ships could be pulled inside and repaired.

They have impressive vaulted ceilings and most of them are now closed to the public.

A refined building known as the Grand Arsenal stands out on the waterfront. It’s a newer structure with very thick walls made of stone to which a second floor was added by the Ottomans. Now it’s home to an exhibition center.

The Egyptian Lighthouse

2 days in Chania

Reaching the end of the promenade, you’ll be able to walk along the mole and make your way to the Egyptian Lighthouse of Chania.

Once there, you’ll be standing opposite the fortress you visited a while ago and enjoying a completely different perspective of the Venetian port of Chania.

Although it was many times rebuilt and renewed, the Lighthouse of Chania is one of the oldest lighthouses around the world.

This is another landmark of the old town built by the Venetians at the end of the 16th century.

The lighthouse stands on a solid bedrock at the end of a mole erected to prevent the high tides that would otherwise reach the Arsenals when the wind blows.

2 days in Chania

It’s said, in fact, that the Venetian harbor does not really enjoy a favorable position as northern winds are common in the area (a magnificent sight to witness during the winter days of Chania).

Between 1830 and 1840, Crete was assigned to the regent of Egypt and it was then that the lighthouse was reconstructed.

By the end of our Ottoman rule (1898), the lighthouse had been completely restored and a ladder had been added to the structure.

The lighthouse is 21 meters tall, (26 meters from the rock base) and it clearly resembles the shape of a minaret.

It also has an internal stairway leading to the top balcony with its glass tower. There are three clear sections in the structure: An octagonal base, a middle portion with sixteen different sides, and a circular top area.

Explore the Alleys of the District of Topanas

2 days in Chania
2 days in Chania

One of the old town’s most picturesque districts is Topanas, a quarter populated with elegant Mannerist mansions and Venetian palazzi, a few monasteries, and beautiful churches too.

During the first 200 years of Venetian rule, this was the place where the most important Venetian rulers inhabited the town.

As time went by, Cretans and Venetians managed to get along establishing the right conditions for a long period of economic prosperity. Topanas was born as a consequence.

Topanas is located on the western extreme of the old town. It has a fortified perimeter since the Ottoman threat on the Eastern Mediterranean was already a fact.

When Chania fell to the Ottomans, this area was the place where the Christian part of the population gathered, while the Turks distributed on the western side of the town (mostly in the quarters of Kastelli and Splantzia).

2 days in Chania

The quarter got its name from the Turkish term tophane, or arsenal, as at the end of Theotokopoulou Street, the road that defines the western limit of the old town, there used to be an ammunition warehouse, parts of which are still visible today.

After the Ottoman rule, during the years of autonomy, different embassies and consulates were established in the area, but soon after they moved out of the city walls, establishing in the new aristocratic neighborhood of Chalepa.

Today, these historic buildings house some of the most charming boutique hotels in Crete. Here you can discover the mysterious and intriguing past of these hotels.

1 Day in Chania, Crete

2 days in Chania

If the city managed to capture your attention, or if you have a few more hours to spend in town, it will be easy to find more things to do in the afternoon. First of all, let’s stop for a quick lunch so as to gather strength for our afternoon walk.

Lunch On the Go

If you’re not in the mood for sitting and waiting to be served, but just want to grab a bite on the go and keep exploring, check the following cheap, fast, convenient, and tasty options for a quick meal. Here’s where to eat a quick lunch in Chania:

Souvlaki Oasis: One of Chania’s staples serving only gyro pita for over 50 years nonstop. In the wrap only meat, tomato, and onion. Forget the fries. Limited places to sit, so just grab and walk away.
(Vouloudaki 4 – a few meters away from the old town).

Funkys: Grab a slice of delicious pizza, a sandwich, a hamburger, crepes, donuts, or coffee for just a few euros. Very limited places to sit, so eat on the go and enjoy.*
*After +20 years in Italy, I know a thing or two about pizza. Hands down, the best Italian-style pizza in town
(Chatzimichali Giannari 76).

If you find yourself on Chatzimichali Giannari street, but you suddenly go “Why should I eat pizza in Greece?”Don’t panic, you’re right! A few meters away, three different gyro joints come to the rescue:

Thraka Se Anammena KarvounaKalamakia and Souvlakia have different varieties of gyro wraps and skewers. Check which one fits your palate.
(Respectively at Chatzimichali Giannari 34, 20, and 16).

Pork to Beef Wild: Simple and tasty bites, handmade pita, and a huge choice of meat and vegetables to stuff them to your taste.
(Daskalogianni 68).

Agora: As mentioned above, check the Municipal Market for some convenient freshly made dishes such as gemista, moussaka, pastitsio, local stifado, and kalitsounia (veggie pies).
(Plateia Agoras, inside the market).

Bougatsa Iordanis: Craving for something sweet? Reach the most classic place in town for a bite of the famous Chania staple, bougatsa. Try this delicious phyllo pastry wrap with a filing of local mizithra cheese. Add sugar or cinnamon on top if you want too.
(Apokoronou 24).

2 days in Chania

Three Things to Do in Chania in the Afternoon

In no particular order, these are some of the things you can do in town after lunch…

Explore the Jewish Quarter

Not far from the heart of Topanas, walk along Kondilaki Street to visit the center of the former Jewish quarter of Chania.

Also known as Zudecca or Ebraiki, this neighborhood was home to a flourishing Jewish community that lived in town for centuries.

2 days in Chania

On a small parallel alley to Kondilaki, you can also visit Crete’s only and last-standing Synagogue built in a former Venetian church from the 15th century.

The building, which functioned as a Catholic church during the Venetian times was handed to the Jewish community during the Ottoman times, and it became one of the two synagogues in the city.

The other one, which was bigger and belonged to the Sefardi community, was destroyed during the Nazi bombing of the city in 1941.

2 days in Chania

I’ve written a lot more about Etz Hayim Synagogue here.

The building can be visited in the early afternoons, and the voluntary staff that works on the site will be pleased to share with you the history of the place as well as the stories of the Jews of Chania.

Check the Folklore Museum

From the Jewish quarter, walk a few steps and reach Halidon Street again, opposite the Cathedral, the entrance to the Folklore Museum of Chania is in the courtyard of the Catholic church.

This private museum gives you a close-up look into the lifestyle and traditions of the people living on the island in the 18th and 19th centuries.

You can check the tools used to work in the fields and in the mountains, some local crafts and other objects of everyday use to have a clearer picture of how life used to be on Crete.

The museum is also home to a workshop dedicated to the local craft of kopaneli, (embroidery), one more local tradition that is sadly being forgotten and lost.

Folklore Museum of Chania (Halidon Street 46)
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9 am – 6 pm
Ticket: 3€ (students 2€, children free) – Time needed to visit: About 1 hour.

folklore museum chania
Folklore Museum.

It’s also a good idea to pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which used to be in the old town but has now moved to the gorgeous new premises in the district of Halepa, about 10 minutes (by car) from the center.

2 days in Chania

The archaeological collection includes seals, coins, and other objects from the Minoan and the eras coming from the city of Chania and the surrounding area, including Ancient Kydonia, Aptera, Kissamos, and Polyrrenia. Here you can check out more museums in town.

Archaeological Museum of Chania (Skra 15, Halepa, Chania)
Opening hours: 8 am – 8 pm (summer), 9 am – 5 pm (winter), closed on Tuesdays
Time needed to visit: About 2 hours.

Visit Stivanadika, the Road of the Leather

Walk along the nearby Skridlof street to check the unique leather handmade boots, part of the traditional dress of the Cretan shepherd.

Only two boot artisans are still producing custom-made leather boots on this road, they are Kyrio Antonis and Kyrio Lefteris, and you can easily spot their shops as they are the only ones with the tall Cretan boots on display.

Most of the other shops on this commercial road sell other leather products, including bags, jackets, wallets, and belts. Not every product is made in Greece, so double-check both the prices and the quality when buying.

2 days in Chania
2 days in Chania

You can tell a local object from an imported one as the leather will be more rustic, and there will be less use of dyes and artificial-looking colors in Cretan and Greek products.

This can turn into a great opportunity to purchase a souvenir to take back with you, as well as to get in touch with the local artisans.

Dinner in Chania Town

2 days in Chania

Head to the Arsenals in front of the Egyptian Lighthouse to begin your evening in town with a spectacular sunset by the sea. There’s nothing like the romantic atmosphere of the Venetian Harbor to end the day.

Discover one of Chania’s top restaurants and treat yourself to the delicacies on the seasonal menu of Salis, entirely filled with fresh ingredients, sourced from local farms.

Besides, this restaurant has earned different awards for the excellence of its wine lists.

2 days in Chania

From their menu…

Try their Deconstructed Pastitsio, Cretan pasta with wild truffles from Agios Nikolaos and Graviera cheese chips. If you prefer fish, choose the Octopus Carpaccio with ginger and lemon. End with the sweet touch of a Salted Caramel Mousse. Just per-fect!

Pick up your phone and dial (+30) 2821 043700 to book a table at Salis (Akti Enoseos 3, Venetian Arsenals).

>>Looking for a place for a cocktail? Check the best bars, clubs, and pubs in Chania.

Chania in 2 or 3 Days

2 days in Chania

This itinerary was originally thought of as 1 day in town + 1 day trip in the Chania region, the perfect 2-day in Chania trip.

However, if your stay lasts a few more days, or if you have picked this town as a mini holiday destination, any of the following alternative itineraries could be perfect for your second, third… or even fourth day in Chania.

Down below, you will find some of the best solutions to sleep in Chania if you decide you want to spend the night in town.

Best Hotels in Chania
Affordable: Aelia Apartments or Polixeny’s Suites in the old town.
Mid-range: Elia Estia in the old town and Civitel Akali Hotel in the new town.
Luxury: Casa Delfino in the old town or Domes Noruz by the sea.
Check also Chania Accommodation Guide and Boutique Hotels in Chania.

SMART STAY IN CHANIA: For business or a holiday, seasonal, or throughout the year, Dimitris City Break Apts is a cozy, peaceful, and sun-drenched place to stay in town. Get in touch with the code TinyBook for a 10% discount!

Choose one of the following days if you have limited time available, or pick them all if you’re staying in Chania more. These itineraries are flexible and can be combined as you prefer.

Besides, if you rent your own car and drive around the west coast of Crete, you won’t be sorry, it will allow you to stop any time you wish, see more, and enjoy your time in a smarter way!

>>Discover +50 things to do in the Chania region.

In-Town Itinerary


2 days in Chania

Start the day with a Cretan breakfast at Aroma, at the old port.

Then, walk east until you reach the city beach of Koum Kapi to spend the morning.

>> Read this for more beaches in town <<

Afternoon (1st Stop)

2 days in Chania

Our first morning stop is Sifaka Street to check the last remaining blade-smiths. Wander along the alleys of Splantzia, the Turkish quarter, and stop for a quick lunch in 1821 Square.

>> If you really enjoy Splantzia, check this guide <<

Afternoon (2nd Stop)

2 days in Chania

Head back to Koum Kapi and keep walking east by the sea until you arrive in Tabakaria, the quarter of the abandoned tanneries. This is a great spot to see a different side of the city skyline, especially at sunset.

>> Check this handy guide to Tabakaria <<


2 days in Chania

One of the best places for seafood in town is Thalassino Ageri, a restaurant by the sea in the suggestive atmosphere of the old tanneries.

After dinner, enjoy a walk back to town and stop for a cocktail at Barbarossa, right in front of the lighthouse.

Foodie Itinerary in Chania


2 days in Chania

The Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete is a great place to start the day. You can check the gardens, the vineyards, and the endemic plants of Crete. You can eat here and skip the next stop.

The park is in Fournes, 17 km from Chania.
>> Here you can


2 days in Chania

Reach the area of Therisso, and drive through the gorge until you reach the village. Therisso played a key role during the fights for freedom.

In the nearby village of Drakonas, stop for lunch at Ntounias, one of Crete’s top-rated places for authentic Cretan food.


2 days in Chania

Enjoy a fantastic sunset from the vineyards of Manousakis Winery, not far from Therisso. You will be able to learn about the local grapes and the fantastic wines of Crete.

>> Book a wine tasting with dinner after sunset <<

>> Are you a foodie at heart? Check out these incredible food tours in Crete!

Beach Lover Itinerary in Chania Region


2 days in Chania

Leave Chania early in the morning to reach the city of Kissamos. Once there, you can venture on the dirt road track that takes you directly to the spectacular Balos Beach and Lagoon where you can spend either the morning or the whole day.

>> Check my Balos guide <<


2 days in Chania

It’s not impossible to squeeze in another great beach today. Falassarna is about an hour (or less) away from Balos, and a magnificent beach for water sports. Besides, Falassarna is also the place with the best sunsets on Crete.

>>If you visit, check this Falassarna guide<<


2 days in Chania

If there’s a place on Crete that combines great food and great views, that’s Taverna Spilios, overlooking the bay of Falassarna.

Here you can enjoy unique traditional dishes, and spend a wonderful evening before heading back to Chania.

>> Here’s my review of the restaurant <<

Chania for Adventure

All-Day Trip: Alternative 1

2 days in Chania

Hiking all the way through Samaria Gorge (about 13 km) can take anything from 4 to 7 hours and it’s one of the most rewarding outdoor activities you can do in Chania.

At the end of the walk, spend some time at Agia Roumeli beach until it’s time to board the ferry back to Chora Sfakion, and then the bus to Chania.

>> Hike on your own or book a guided tour <<

All-Day Trip: Alternative 2

2 days in Chania

If Samaria is too much, check these options:

  • hike the shorter gorge of Imbros, or
  • drive all the way through Imbros gorge to reach Chora Sfakion and from there hike the E4 path to the beach of Loutro, or
  • once in Chora Sfakion, drive to the gorge of Aradaina and jump from Europe’s second-highest bridge!

Chania Family Itinerary


2 days in Chania

Start early in the morning and head to the Akrotiri Peninsula. In the area, your kids will be able to swim on the safe beach of Stavros.

If you have older kids, the beach of Kalathas is a great alternative.

>>Check all the beaches in Akrotiri<<


2 days in Chania

Kids love archaeological sites. Not far from the peninsula, visit the ancient ruins of Aptera overlooking the bay of Souda.

The nearby village of Stylos is a great place for lunch.

>> This guide includes Aptera and other ancient settlements on Crete <<


2 days in Chania

Drive back to the base of Akrotiri to visit Venizelos’ Tombs, on a hill overlooking the old port of Chania. Kids will be mesmerized by the views, play in the park and even discover an abandoned statue… This is also a top place to see the sunset.

You can treat them with cake in the nearby cafe Koukouvaia, or go for dinner with a view at Carte Postale, both in the area.

General Information about Chania

Check the following tips to get ready for the visit!

Chania Hotels: Where to Stay

Check this guide to find accommodation in Chania if you’re still uncertain about where to stay on the island. If you’re looking for ideas to spend more time on the island, check this 3 weeks in Crete, which can be easily adapted to 2 weeks on the island.

How to Reach the Airport of Chania

The local city bus company of Chania (KTEL) connects the city with the international airport of Daskalogianni in Chania, with a regular bus service.

The bus departs opposite the arrivals-departures building. The ticket is €2.5

Arriving or Departing by Sea: The Port of Chania

The Port of Souda is the commercial harbor serving the city of Chania with daily arrivals from Athens and a number of cruise ships docking during the high season too.

From the port, you can reach the city of Chania catching the local bus or by taxi. Depending on the traffic and the hour of the day, the trip can last from 15 to 30 minutes.

The bus from the city center to the port departs from the Central Market square every 20 minutes (it runs from 6 am to 11 pm).

The bus connecting Chania to Rethymnon and Heraklion makes a stop at Souda as well, so you can also catch that bus. Check prices and schedule here.

If you’re spending a couple of days in each of Crete’s cities, why not check my Heraklion itinerary as well as the best 10 things to do in Rethymnon and the top 10 things to do in Agios Nikolaos?

Which of the above things would you like to do in Chania?
Let me know in the comments below!

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