Unique Getaways and Top Things to Do in Spring on the Greek Islands

Spring on the Greek Islands

Spring is the precursor to Summer. It is the season of rebirth, a time to flush out the old and in with the new. March signals that spring is finally here.

And on the Greek islands, we welcome it with open arms as we gladly say goodbye to the colder months. Therefore, let’s look at some possible Spring breaks on the Greek islands.

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Spring on the Greek Islands
A Guide to the Best Greek Islands and Activities in Spring

Spring on the Greek Islands

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Things to Do and Places to See on the Greek Islands in Spring

Spring on the Greek Islands
Loutro, Crete

Those of us who live in Greece enjoy a reasonably mild climate, even during winter. And that is one of the many reasons I have fallen utterly in love with this country.

March in Greece, specifically, paraphrasing Charles Dickens, is Summer in the light and winter in the shade.

While Greece is often associated with summer beach vacations, its beauty and charm shine through the spring months. With mild temperatures, few crowds, and nature in full bloom, Greece in spring is a delight to experience.

Spring on the Greek Islands

During spring, the Greeks have a tradition of wearing the Martis bracelet, which is threaded with white and red string and is supposed to protect from getting sunburned and from various flu and allergies usually associated with the start of spring.

Of course, at the peak of Spring merriment is Easter! Easter means solemn festivities and serious food, so embark on an adventure through Greece’s gorgeous islands in spring. It is an excellent opportunity to travel and get your summer mojo rising.

Spring Dreaming of Santorini

Spring on the Greek Islands

Santorini is always a good idea. During all the seasons when Santorini welcomes visitors, typically from April to October, this island’s magical vibe never ceases to amaze, and Easter in Santorini can be an authentic feast!

In the springtime, more so than in the summer, Santorini is an absolute delight, mainly for photography enthusiasts.

The island enjoys fewer crowds as most people are not brave enough to swim in the sea. So they don’t often relate the islands with Spring breaks.

How to get from Heraklion to Santorini - Santorini sunset

As a result, in the season of blooming nature, Santorini can provide an unprecedented holiday experience.

Since Easter also means that school is out, taking the kids to see Santorini is a good idea. (As we have often said, Santorini is not only for adults!).

The gorgeous Santorini Secret Suites & Spa Hotel in Oia is the ideal romantic retreat for adults in Santorini. However, those traveling with the family can choose its sister counterpart, a more family-friendly luxury hotel in Oia.

Luxurious accommodation with private pools that gaze into the Aegean Sea, where you can soak up the sun on your terrace or take a dip if it gets too hot. Remember: In spring, the Greek sun is notoriously intense!

Exploring Crete in Spring

Spring on the Greek Islands
Ammoudi Beach, Rethymnon (South Crete).

Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, boasts diverse landscapes, from stunning beaches to mountainous terrain. Spring in Crete brings blooming wildflowers and pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore archaeological sites like Knossos and enjoy outdoor activities.

Bravest travelers will find that many of Crete’s beaches are not as overcrowded as in summer, making swimming in the still coolish waters a pleasant experience.

waterfalls in crete
Mylonas Waterfall in Crete.

Head to more protected bays and shores, like the ones in the Akrotiri Peninsula, to avoid strong currents and winds. And for warmer temperatures, the beaches in southern Crete have plenty of sunshine to enjoy and are almost empty in spring!

Spring is also a fantastic time to walk through Crete’s stunning gorges, such as Imbros or Therisos, as you wait for the longest gorge on the island, Samaria, to open its gates (usually in May).


If you’re into amazing views, why not check out some of Crete’s waterfalls, spread throughout every region on the island?

And to make the most of the island, rent a car and venture through the mountains and valleys! No idea where to start from? Check out these unique drives in Crete for utmost inspiration!

Springtime in Rhodes… Why Not?

things to do in Rhodes with kids

Known for its medieval Old Town and the stunning Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes is rich in history and culture, offering a fantastic spring break destination.

Spring brings mild temperatures in Rhodes, making it an excellent time to explore the ancient sites, such as the Palace of the Grand Master and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, or venture through natural paths and enjoy amazing coastal hikes.

Spring on the Greek Islands

For instance, climbing Mount Attavyros, the highest mountain on the island, allows you to experience gorgeous trails surrounded by beautiful landscapes. At the same time, the summit offers stunning views of the sea.

Spring is also a great time to beat the crowds and relax. And even when the sea temperatures are still not warm, you can enjoy a cool dip at one of the best beaches in Rhodes, such as Anthony Quinn’s Bay or the remote Prasonisi.

Alternatively, why not take a break at Kallithea Springs, known for its therapeutic waters? The complex is a popular spot for both history and relaxation.

Spring on the Greek Islands
Kallithea, Rhodes.

One of Rhodes’ spring highlights is visiting the Butterfly Valley, a nature reserve where thousands of butterflies gather during the spring and summer months.

The lush greenery and waterfalls make it a beautiful spot for a relaxing walk in comfy temperatures.

A Different Side to Mykonos… in Spring!

Spring on the Greek Islands

Famous for its lively summer nightlife, Mykonos is also a beautiful destination with a more tranquil vibe during the months before summer.

Spring brings out the best of the island: Pleasant weather, lonely shores, blossomed bougainvillea, and all of the island’s beauty without the summer crowds.


If you’re visiting Mykonos for the first time, this is the best time of the year to enjoy more affordable prices and get a true feeling of what the island looks like.

Mykonos beaches are among the most fantastic in Greece. Take Elia Beach, for instance, one of the longest beaches on the island, offering a more laid-back atmosphere that, during this time of the year, features a serene vibe, making it the perfect spot to sunbathe, and explore the local tavernas without the large crowds.

Spring on the Greek Islands
Elia Beach, Mykonos.

Overall, the weather is warm enough for beach days and outdoor adventures but without the intense heat of the summer.

Besides, spring is considered the shoulder season, meaning accommodation prices are generally lower than in the peak summer months, letting you find better deals on Mykonos hotels, villas, and other accommodations.

Corfu: A Tapestry of History and Natural Beauty

Where to Stay in Corfu: Areas to Stay in Corfu
Corfu Old Town.

Our journey leads us to the enchanting island of Corfu, located in the Ionian Sea. Think of beautiful architecture, rich historic, idyllic landscapes, fantastic beaches, and distinctive customs unique throughout Greece! In short, the island will capture your heart before you utter Greece.

Your gateway to Corfu will be its capital city and the charming streets of the Old Town. Here, you can stroll around the ancient and new fortresses, admire the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, and visit the Achilleion Palace. 

Spring on the Greek Islands
Kontogialos beach, Corfu.

For a glimpse into the island’s ancient past, the site of Paleopolis is a must-visit. After all, it’s home to an ancient temple of Artemis Gorgon and the 6th-century BC tomb of Menekratis.

And when you feel like spending time in nature, head to the wetland of Korission, a Natura 2000 protected area that will enchant you.

Located about 30 km from Corfu town, this area teems with wildlife. To be more precise, it offers a chance to observe red-footed falcons, European flamingos, kingfishers, herons, and great white egrets. An expedition here will be an adventure you’ll long remember.

Spring on the Greek Islands

Finally, Easter, which always happens in spring, is an exceptional time to visit Corfu. The island celebrates unique local traditions, but the most popular is Botides.

On Easter Sunday, locals throw jugs of all sizes, including enormous amphora-like pots, from their balconies to smash on the streets below. 

>> Click here to discover the best areas to stay in Corfu.

Chios: The Fragrant Isle of Citrus and Mastic

Spring on the Greek Islands
Mesta village, Chios.

Our next stop is Chios, often called the fragrant isle due to its extraordinary variety of flora, such as citrus fruits and mastic trees.

As you can imagine, there is no better time to visit than spring. You’ll immediately fall in love with the blossoming trees and fragrant aromas.

Start your Chios adventure with a visit to the area of Kampos, south of the island. Imagine strolling through 200 hectares, home to traditional settlements, beautiful mansions, and fragrant orchards. With every breath you take, you feel the scents of tangerine, lemon, bergamot, and bitter orange. 

Spring on the Greek Islands
Pyrgi, Chios.

If the aromas invite you to discover more, visit the Citrus Museum within the Karalis Estate. Here, you can delve into the fascinating history of the island’s citrus trade and get blown away by local tales.

Another thing you can notice while in Chios is the mountain villages, such as Mesta and Pyrgi.

The former is famous for its labyrinthine narrow streets and medieval castle, while the latter will captivate you with its distinctive black and white geometric motifs called Xista. 

When it comes to hiking opportunities, the island treats you well. For example, Kampia Gorge and the Ancient Ottoman Empire trail are well-preserved paths that showcase the island’s natural beauty. 

Spring on the Greek Islands

Finally, it will take a little while to come across hidden beaches perfect for swimming. We can thank the absence of summer crowds for this one.

Mavra Volia, Apothika, and Aghia Dynami are a few examples of the island’s stunning beaches. Here, you can soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. 

Delightful Hydra: A Haven of Art and History

Greek landscape, houses on a hill, boats - Hyra island port

Our first stop is the charming island of Hydra, a short ferry ride away from Athens.

Hydra is renowned for its unique character and has long been a haven for artists, writers, and musicians! Don’t believe me? What if I told you Leonard Cohen and David Gilmour have found inspiration on this picturesque island? 

Spring on the Greek Islands

Stepping onto Hydra feels like stepping back in time, as cars are not allowed on the island, and foot, donkey, or boat do transportation. 

As you embrace the car-free silence, you’ll pass hundreds of imposing mansions showcasing the island’s past economic prosperity.

To delve deeper into the fascinating local history, join a guided tour and get in-depth insights into the Hydra’s rich past.

Spring on the Greek Islands

While the main town is a must-visit, remember to explore the island’s countryside. Hydra boasts a highly developed footpath connecting mountainous villages, secluded beaches, and ancient sites.

One of the most popular trails starts in Plakes Vlyhou and leads to the Church of Aghios Mamas, offering stunning views over Mount Eros. 

Finally, as spring brings warmer weather, join a boat ride to explore the nearby islands. The tiny islet of Dokos, known for being the site of the world’s oldest known shipwreck, is a fascinating destination. 

Spring Cruising Desires

Private yacht in Greece beach

Although the sea may still not be warm enough for most people, the seas of Greece are very much enjoyable.

Spring cruises around the Greek islands can get you close enough to the sea, but be sure to bring a light jacket on board.

The vast geographic distances that can be covered by sailing or cruising are almost unfathomable compared to the amount of time and effort if you were to cover the same by conventional island hopping.


You can visit more than a handful of islands, as many as one a day over a week-long cruise, in absolute ease and comfort.

Choosing a more sturdy vessel, such as a cruiser or a yacht, rather than the standard sailing boats means you can avoid the to and fro movements.

Top 5 Things to Do in Spring on the Greek Islands

Spring on the Greek Islands

Looking for activities to do in spring, no matter which island you visit? Take a look at these ideas!

Hike until you can no more

  • The Greek islands have some of the most stunning and unique landscapes you can ever trek in a single holiday. From lush forests to rugged terrain and volcanic wonders, you’ll never have enough. And spring is no better time to hike in the Greek islands.

Visit popular attractions

  • Trust me when I tell you that walking through the main attractions on a Greek island is way more pleasant during spring. You no longer have to worry about hot weather since every time of the day is an invitation to stroll! 

Sunbathe in peace on the most famous sandy beaches

Balos Beach, one of the places to visit in this 10 days in Crete visit.
Balos Beach, Crete.
  • Although you can seldom fully enjoy a famous Greek beach in summer, spring is another story. The weather is pleasant enough to sunbathe and even take a quick bath in the calm waters – you’ll love every second of it!

Discover local customs

  • The Greeks are friendly but can get carried away by the craziness of the summer season. However, by spring, the locals have had an entire season to recharge and prepare for the new season. So enjoy their renewed energy to know them better and explore their traditions.

Learn about the region’s history

  • Whichever Greek island you visit, there is a long history that you’ll always need more time to hear in a sitting. But that changes in spring, when the locals have all the time in the world, and the weather is pleasant for walking through ancient ruins.

 Every island is a whole world to explore. From Hydra and Chios to majestic Corfu, in spring, Greece offers a world of beauty you’ll never forget.

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spring on the greek islands

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