Year-Round Greek Destinations

Year-round Greek destinations promise the visitor diverse experiences beyond the stereotypical sea, sun holiday usually associated with Greece. Yes, Greece is incredible for offering riveting summer holidays but there is more than this. Consider a holiday in Greece any other time of year and you will begin to appreciate its diversity. And certainly, discover a side of it that you didn’t know existed!

Athens & Crete


Athens and the environs

This enchanting city is delightful in Spring, it is sensational in Summer, sophisticated in Autumn, and wonderful during the Winter. The main element that makes Athens a magnificent destination is its unique blend of ancient heritage with a modern flair. Visiting it any time of year will reveal a different kind of charm.

The Acropolis rock, around which the center of Athens is built, is breathtaking regardless of the season. The Acropolis is so prominent and so imposing, you can observe it by walking around the areas of Koukaki, Thiseio, and Monastiraki. In fact, you can even see it from a distance, from Syntagma square, where the Parliament is located.

The Parthenon.

Come rain or shine, the Parthenon temple that is the pride of the Acropolis, a sight to behold. Built in 438 BC, just considering its age will instill a sense of awe within you. Taking a tour up to the actual rock will provide an opportunity of a lifetime, and flood the visitor with emotions of reverence.

Monastiraki square.

More than just Athens

However, since Athens is not just the Acropolis, visitors can benefit from fast track Athens attractions, saving both time and money, while also extending site seeing to other areas around Athens that are also absolutely stunning and steeped in cultural importance.

Ancient remains in Delphi.

Delphi is definitely one of them, with the added allurement of being an ancient spiritual site. Once considered the navel of the world, its setting is simply magical amidst a gorgeous mountainous landscape. Close by is the beautiful mountain village of Arachova which is popular during the winter months as it near the mount Parnassus ski resort, and offers a wonderful getaway from the city.

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Delphi and its surrounding landscape.

Crete and all its wonders   

Crete is one of the few islands in Greece that are perfect for visiting, any time of year. With four major prefectures, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Lasithi, it is a shame to only experience this island in the summertime. Sightseeing in Crete will immerse visitors into different ancient eras with the most intriguing being its indigenous Minoan civilization remnants, the most spectacular of which is definitely the Knossos site.

Dating back to the Neolithic and late Bronze age, the ancient city of Knossos is considered to be Europe’s oldest city. The Palace is still quite well preserved, albeit in ruins, however, the colorful frescoes still remain for visitors to admire.

Knossos Palace.

A place that exerted numerous myths and legends, that of the Minotaur labyrinth. Visiting Knossos in less crowded seasons is more enjoyable as you are able to avoid both the heat and the crowds. Located less than 5 km from Heraklion, it is one of Crete’s most popular and perhaps its most marvelous landmark.

Caves of Matala.

Discovering Agia Pelagia

As Heraklion is a vibrant modern city, it is perhaps best to stay there outside summer to fully immerse into its city vibe. Whereas choosing the neighboring area of Agia Pelagia is more suitable for Spring and Summer months. Then, you can enjoy refreshing sea views from your room. This seaside village is ideal to explore the island.

Agia Pelagia is also home to our latest discovery and favorite fun activity in the area. It is the unique adventure known as Captain Experience, by the local company Crete Boats, which allows families, with kids, groups of friends and romantic couples to have a one-of-a-time adventure sailing their own boat in the Cretan Sea… This is the pure essence of the Cretan Summer!

Psaromoura Beach, one of the many places to explore with Crete Boats.

Speaking of villages, Crete has numerous ones that are worth discovering on a road trip, so be sure to put picturesque Chora Sfakia and the unique Matala settlement on your list. Leaving the best for last, the Samaria Gorge is an incredible natural site but due to its extremity, avoid in the winter. Yet, also during summer when most people tend to visit it. Do your maths! It is a great hiking experience for Spring and Autumn.

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Year-Round Greek Destinations: Athens and Crete
Cruising on your own boat!


Gorge of Samaria, Crete.

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