The Best Things to Do in Chania with Children for a Super Vacation in Crete!

Things to do in Chania with children

Are you looking for the best things to do in Chania with children? Or want to know whether Chania is a family-friendly destination. Either way, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover the most unmissable things to do in Chania with your children, and see how fantastic your family holidays in Chania can be.

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The Most Amazing Things to Do in Chania with Children

Chania with children

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Kids will enjoy everything there is to do for them in Crete, but Chania will certainly be an unforgettable memory.

If you’re wondering what to do in Chania with kids, these are the best answers (in no particular order!)

Stroll Around the Old Town 

Chania with children

Exploring Chania Old Town on foot is very easy! Many monuments date back to Venetian, Ottoman, and Egyptian times.

The Venetian Port in the Old Town of Chania has been one of the most valuable economic headquarters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Chania with children

There you’ll have the chance to admire the charming Egyptian lighthouse, built by Venetians and then modified by Egyptians in 1839. This is worth a visit for you and your family.

Chania with children

Opposite the beautiful lighthouse, you’ll see the impressive Fortress of Firkas.

From there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Harbor, the old town, and the White Mountains, which take their name for the white limestone terrain that glows under the Cretan bright sunshine. 

Chania with children

If you want to see the first mosque built by the Ottomans in Crete, you can’t discard the Giali Tzamisi on your tour of Chania. Your kids will love to dive into the past!

This is an example of Muslim architecture that today serves as a venue for diverse exhibitions.

Take a Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

Chania with children
Glass Bottom Boat.

In the corner of the Venetian Harbor of Chania, you can find various glass-bottom boats to take a ride out of the Harbor.

These boats have glass panels showing fish under the boat, which is fun for your children. After checking if the weather and sea conditions are on your side for a boat trip, you can choose to take the shorter or longer route.

According to your choice, you’ll manage to visit Lazaretta and other small islands near Chania such as Theodorou (from afar). You will also be able to swim in total safety!

Chania with children
(Courtesy: Get Your Guide).

They will love every moment of the trip. And on the way back, your kids can have the chance to see a sea turtle in the Harbor. They’ll remember this magical sea trip! 

>> Check out this Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Chania that also goes around Thodorou and Lazaretta island, I recommend booking in advance because it’s a best-seller in town!

Visit Various Types of Museums

Football Museum in Chania. (Photo courtesy of the Football Museum in Chania.)
Football Museum in Chania. (Photo courtesy of the Football Museum in Chania.)

Do your kids love football? Then it could be a good idea to visit the Greek National Football Museum which includes over 1000 exhibits, including balls from World Cup and Euro games, various photos, and official shirts.

This is a must-see for the Greek national team supporters and all football fans. Don’t forget that outsider Greece did the unthinkable in 2004 and won their first-ever Euro Soccer competition. 

>> The Football Museum is in the old town, at 40, Tsouderon Street).

Now imagine experiencing something like never before! In Chania, there is Europe’s first 3D Museum and 9D Cinema: the Minoan’s world, the 9D Experience. It combines a 3D non-archaeological museum with life-like silicon statues and a 9D cinema. 

If you’ve never heard of the 9D Experience, it is a fully immersive experience characterized by special effects such as air blasts, rain, snow, bubbles, and smoke.

Watching the 9D movie about Minoans with those special effects will transport you back in time. Your kids will learn everything about Minoan culture while having the time of their lives!

>> You can purchase the tickets online before heading to the premises and avoid waiting in line.

Prepare to Eat like the Greeks

Chania with children
Learning to cook in Chania… and eating right after!

It’s time to eat after all the fun with the activities. What’s better than tasting some authentic Greek food directly from the city producers?

That’s why, when in Chania, a stop at the Municipal Market is a must. It’s in the heart of the city, and it’s been a protected monument since 1980.

Locals know: The Municipal Market of Chania will be closed for renovations until December 2024 (or perhaps a bit longer).

As an alternative, taste, and shop for local delicacies in the several shops located in the alleys of the Old Town. Or even better, try a child-friendly cooking class in the nearby White Mountains.

And if you want to experience a family lunch or dinner in a traditional Cretan atmosphere, you should try out a traditional Greek tavern to eat authentic Cretan food.

Their tasty cooking will win over even the most reluctant child! 

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Walk to Nea Chora Beach

Chania with children in Nea Chora Beach
Walking the streets of Nea Chora with the kids.

About a 10-minute walk distance from Chania Old Town, there is Nea Chora Beach. Here, no matter the season, you can spend some quality time with your children. 

You can lay out on the beach, sunbathe, and let your children play in the sand.
And, of course, during summer you can take a dip in the sea.

Nea Chora beach, umbrellas, octopus, sea, sand, photographer

Nearby you can even find many tavernas where you can have lunch or return to have dinner.

Make sure to stick around until it’s time for the sun to go down, this is a great sunset spot in the area. So, what’s a better occasion than taking a memorable family photo? 

If you’re looking for a different way to spend an afternoon, far from the busy Harbor and Chania town center, then walking to Nea Chora beach could be a perfect compromise for you and your children.
Your kids will enjoy it!

Stop by Lake Kournas

Chania with children

Crete’s largest freshwater lake awaits you not so far from Chania! You’ll be surprised to know that in Crete you can not only relax by the sea but also sunbathe by the lake.

If this idea made you curious, you should stop by Lake Kournas.

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It is about a lake supplied by natural deep wellsprings from the Lefka Ori mountains (The White Mountains). Under the Greek sun, the enchanting lake’s turquoise color shines for a view you will long remember.

If that sounds exciting, wait until you see the sunsets featured by a unique, vibrant orange.
What better occasion to shoot some magic photos with your children?

Chania with children
Hot cheese pies with honey (Kalitsounia) from Lake Kournas.

And if you’re still in the mood to enjoy the lake view but your kids would like something to get their teeth into, here is a solution for you.

You only have to walk a few meters to enjoy a traditional Cretan meal at a reasonable price.

Discover Olive Oil Production 

Kids picking olives

Apart from its pristine beaches and unique history, what’s another Cretan symbol? The olive tree, of course! And you’ll surely spot many such trees around Chania.

These trees produce some of the most refined olive oils in the world. It is not a coincidence Ancient Greeks called it the nectar of the Gods.

Chania with children
Most farms do not just produce olive oil, so the visit can become a great experience to learn about farming in Crete.

An excellent opportunity for your children to witness olive oil production firsthand could be to visit an olive oil factory.

Here, you can tour the machinery to learn more about how the olives are transformed into olive oil. Your children will love the whole experience!

If you’re curious about where to go with kids to the beach, these are the safest beaches in Crete for kids.

You can bump into many factories near Chania, like Anoskeli, and learn everything you need about olive oil. A guide will lead you to old families’ olive mills and local farmers.

During the tour, you will taste the renowned extra virgin Cretan olive oil while discovering organic cultivation methods. And you will also learn how locals build cosmetics based on olive oil. 

Chania with children
Did you know that there are Minoan cows in Crete? You can find some of them in Chania!
Chania with children

Visit the Waterpark in Chania with Kids!

Do you feel like having some extra fun with your children? One of the most famous Cretan waterparks is Limnoupolis, only 7 kilometers away from Chania.

It’s a perfect destination for family relaxation and entertainment. Here, you can find anything from swimming pools to water games for kids and adults alike.

Limnopoulis, Chania.
Limnopoulis, Chania.

And if you want to relax in a quiet environment, you can go to a separate area equipped with comfortable sunbeds, where you can enjoy drinks and snacks from the bar.

Meanwhile, your children will be busy enjoying the exciting and colorful waterslides. Or they will just swim around the kid’s pool, where the lazy river waits for them!

Therefore, none will feel any boredom in Limnoupolis! 

>> Purchase the ticket online and access the water park without waiting in line.

Explore Crete’s Marine Life

Chania with children

Playing above or in the water can be fun, but nothing beats the excitement of meeting the majestic creatures that live underwater.

And there is no more exciting way to do that other than scuba diving. You can join one of the regular diving classes and see the beauty of marine life close by.

Not only will you meet unique fish and sea creatures, but the instructors will also teach you a lot about Cretan and Mediterranean marine species.

The other alternative to scuba diving is snorkeling.

Although you may not see as much, you’ll still have the fun of being in the water and observing marine life. And you can also join organized snorkeling excursions if you wish.

Take your Children Horseback Riding 

Chania with children

Do you want to experience the natural wilderness of the Chania region? I suggest you do it on the back of a horse!

Near Chania, you’ll find a lot of horse riding centers ready to welcome you and your children to live this memorable and bonding family experience!

The horse riding centers will offer riding tours and horses suitable for beginners or experienced riders. In other words, safety for you and your children will be a guarantee! 

Now, imagine being on horseback and sharing the excitement of the moment with your children. The sunshine caresses your skin, and you’re soaking in the gorgeous scenery of the Cretan landscape! 

You’re just happy, your children are happy, and that’s what makes the difference in a holiday! Welcome to Crete and Chania!

So here you are. These are some of the best things to do in Chania with children. No matter how big or small your family is, or how young or old your children are, you can always find something to do in Chania.

You only need to visit to discover its beauty from close by. And in the end, you and your children will remember your holidays together for a long time. It won’t be long till you all decide to come back. Are you thinking about visiting Chania with your children soon?

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Chania with children

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Things to do in Chania with children

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