Crete Hotel Review: Olive Green Hotel in Heraklion, Crete

Olive Green Hotel

Eco hotels are on the rise, they help protect the environment while offering state-of-the-art comfort and hi-tech features.

So… if you’re looking for a different kind of stay in Crete, choose an Eco-Friendly Hote! Travelers all around the world are constantly (and increasingly) looking for accommodation that supports sustainable tourism and is eco-friendly, there is such a place to stay in Heraklion, the Olive Green Hotel.

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Sustainable Tourism in Crete: Why Olive Green Hotel?

Olive Green Hotel
Olive Green Hotel (Courtesy of the property).


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This is a sponsored post. I was a guest at the Olive Green Hotel on three occasions, yet all opinions remain, as usual, my own and unbiased. Thank you to all the management and staff for the care and service.

Sustainable tourism is important to more than just travelers. Hoteliers have also understood the importance of environmental conservation and maximizing natural resources.

In Crete, you can enjoy a green experience at Olive Green Hotel in the island’s capital.

Eco-Friendly Heraklion: Olive Green Hotel

Olive Green Hotel
Welcome with a touch of local: Raki, Olive Oil, and Cretan rusks (Courtesy of Olive Green Hotel).

In the heart of the Cretan capital city of Heraklion, a hotel stands out with its sustainable concept. As the managers explained, the words in the hotel’s name are at the core of its philosophy.

Traditionally, Olives are a symbol of eternity, tranquility, and prosperity, and they are an important part of the island’s identity.

Green stands for the hotel’s ecological character, which implements international sustainability criteria. Olive Green is an intelligent proposal for the modern traveler.

An eco-friendly structure offers the best of both the modern and the traditional worlds. State-of-the-art infrastructure comes hand in hand with the authentic flavor of the Cretan culture.

Why You Should Choose the Olive Green Hotel and its Eco-Friendly Values

Olive Green Hotel
Family room.

The Olive Green Hotel has been designed with three concepts in mind:

  • Contemporary high-tech luxury,
  • Cretan traditions,
  • Respect for the environment.

A combination that proves a winning idea in every aspect. This is a 100 % eco-friendly building, working in perfect alignment with natural landscapes all around the area. Staying in such accommodation, you will be helping promote a philosophy of care and respect for our Natural resources.

Eco Values at the Olive Green Hotel

Olive Green Hotel
(Courtesy of the Olive Green Hotel)

Olive Green Hotel complies with every new environmental regulation and is a leader in green technology, water, waste handling, and renewable energy sources.

Cost-saving initiatives such as solar panels, water management systems, and environmentally friendly materials make the hotel self-sufficient in terms of power generation.

By staying in Olive Green, you will be part of an important project without disregarding top-class comfort for a minute.

This structure is setting the standards for sustainable lodging in Crete and welcoming guests to participate in this new idea. During our stay, we were able to enjoy the difference.

Nature inspires everything: relaxing colors, light materials, and a touch of Cretan flavors welcomed us to live a completely different experience.

Everything looks refreshing and inspiring. The rooms are extremely modern, and the facilities are smart, designed for you to relax and enjoy every single detail.

Olive Green Hotel
(Courtesy of the property)

Technological advances allow you to connect with the world. A tablet on your bedside table helps you fully control all the features in your room.

You can turn on the TV, the air conditioning and even the lights. It’s also possible to use it to order room service or update your social media status!

For more sophistication, choose more comfort from the in-house pillow menu. Complimentary welcome presents, such as delightful boxes of local sweets, a bottle of local raki, olive oil, and Cretan rusks, are chic touches that will put you in the right mood.

Personal Touches

Olive Green Hotel
(Courtesy of the on-site restaurant, 626).

We shared communicating rooms with our kids, and it was comforting at its best. Every single detail was simply perfect. The children were happy to have an iPad to play with, but they also enjoyed the dedicated treats and treatment that Olive Green Hotel reserves for kids.

Federico was delighted to discover that, even if he was falling asleep at the hotel’s restaurant because it was late, he would not miss the dessert, as it was promptly served in his room, courtesy of the very accommodating staff.

Wake Up with a Smile: Liotrivi Breakfast Room

Olive Green Hotel
Breakfast time at the Olive Green Hotel.

This chic urban area, made of brick, iron, and wood, is a welcoming environment that will help you kickstart your day in the right mood.

The colors are warm and soothing, and the delicacies on the many tables the buffet displays are more than inviting. Everything is local, authentic, and traditional.

The finest ingredients combined with the exclusive use of top-quality olive oil. As the hotel cook explained, nothing is processed, such as bread, cakes, pastries, and pies. All are hand-made from scratch.

As a result, you get genuine flavors, indigenous tastes, and many original ideas. Olives and Olive Oil have a special place at the Liotrivi. They are not only part of the area dècor, but it is also possible to enjoy olive oil demonstrations and tasting on some mornings (ask at the Reception).

Morning Sweets

In my opinion, the corner dedicated to spoon sweets and homemade marmalades deserves a special paragraph. Amazing skill has gone into putting every fruit you can think of into a jar.

At the Olive Green Hotel, flavors are enhanced with a touch of mastery, and they can be enjoyed alone, with incredibly creamy local yogurt or on top of a variety of local bread and pastries.

Heraklion City Break

Olive Green Hotel

Indeed, one normally chooses Crete for its amazing beaches, and who wouldn’t? It’s an impressive place to be in for the summer holidays.

Still, I think there’s so much more to the island we shouldn’t miss, and Heraklion is one of those places. The city has much to offer, from museums to cultural events and festivals to vibrant city nightlife.

Parks, shops, impressive buildings, and stunning examples of architectural styles that vary from Venetian to Ottoman… and more.

If you choose Heraklion for a city break, you give the island the status it deserves. Do not just choose Crete for its seaside. There’s plenty of choice for everyone.

The list of places to visit in town is very extensive. For instance, the magnificent Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, which has been classified as one of the best museums in the world, is just a few steps away from the Olive Green Hotel.

Yet, there’s more to see… The Historical Museum of Crete, the Natural History Museum, the Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts (METH), and many more. Don’t forget also to check out historic sites, such as the Venetian Walls and the Tomb of Kazantzakis, and why not? Sip a cocktail in the trendy area of Morosini Fountain.

Olive Green Hotel is in Meramvelou & 22 Indomenos St. Heraklion, Crete. If you want to stay at the Olive, click here for more information and the latest prices.

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Olive Green Hotel

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