Where to Have the Best Breakfast in Rethymnon

Breakfast in Rethymnon, Crete

Have you arrived in town and are already eager to find your morning cuppa? Worry not! This post provides a complete list of the best breakfast in Rethymnon, where to get it, what to order, and more.

Whether you want a simple cup of coffee or you’d rather taste our unique Cretan breakfast, Rethymnon has just what you need. So, read on to discover some of the best places to have breakfast in Rethymnon!

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Breakfast in Rethymnon: Best Spots in Town

Breakfast in Rethymnon

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I personally think that breakfast during our holidays tastes different. Better. Maybe because we do not have to rush that cup of coffee or because we already know we’re just steps from the beach.

breakfast in rethymnon
Wouldn’t you enjoy having a cup of coffee in this romantic Rethymnon alley?

Or maybe because our holidays are one of the few times in the year when we have time to enjoy this moment with the family.

We plan our days taking into account what we really want to do and not what our boss expects us to do—who knows? In any case, I’ve always loved breakfast when on vacation.

When on the island, you can easily book a hotel that also offers breakfast, and that’s always a good idea. However, devote one or two mornings in town to discover how locals have breakfast, enjoy the same dishes, and soak in the views of Rethymnon town.

About Breakfast in Crete

breakfast in rethymnon

As I have mentioned here, I learned a lot about Breakfast in Crete while translating the menus of several restaurants… (You might not know this, but translation has been my lifetime profession, and I’ve worked with many local restaurants).

And it was precisely in Rethymnon that I learned the most! In fact, one of the people who taught me a lot about this unique meal on the island was the owner of a fantastic restaurant in Rethymnon that specializes in the authentic type of breakfast that was once common in small villages on the island.

I discuss their food here, or you can head to this link to check out this restaurant’s breakfast menu.

breakfast in rethymnon

For many years, breakfast was the main meal on the island. It was the food men would eat before heading to the fields for a long day’s work. It would include eggs cooked the Cretan way, olives and olive oil, cold cuts and meat, potatoes, and fresh cheese.

And in very poor households, a thick slice of bread, some grated tomato, salt, and olive oil would be all you could get… but trust me, it was extremely tasty!

breakfast in rethymnon

It could also be the leftovers from the previous dinner while having a glass of wine was not odd either.

Today, some very old taverns still serve stews, soup, and bread for breakfast (and some traditional places might even offer you a glass of wine), but the trend has slowly changed to keep up with today’s faster pace of life.

breakfast in rethymnon
Breakfast by the sea in Loutro includes a Cretan omelet with feta cheese and a more international option with bacon.

A common joke says that the Greeks have a cold coffee, a koulouri (a bread ring), and a cigarette for breakfast. And even when not exactly healthy, this is quite true!

However, especially on weekends, it’s not uncommon to see Cretans sitting at a nice cafeteria to enjoy a late breakfast with their families.

breakfast in rethymnon
Eggs on toast, dakos, and apaki (Cretan smoked pork).
breakfast in rethymnon
Eggs with wild greens and Graviera cheese.
breakfast in Chania
A staple breakfast in Crete is bougatsa (made of phyllo and filled with cheese or custard) and a cup of thick Greek coffee.

Top Places to Have Breakfast in Rethymnon

There are many places to have breakfast in Rethymnon. Check out the ones below for the top options!


Location: Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthios Streets website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Cretan omelet, courtesy of Avli.

No matter where you’re staying, what you do, or how long you’re in town, don’t miss the chance to enjoy breakfast in a place like Avli.

Respecting the old-time tradition of Cretan breakfast, their extensive early morning menu offers options for all palates and ages, and all dishes are made with fresh local produce.

Head to this link to check out their Breakfast menu.

Barrio, The Neighborhood Cafe

Location: 1, Dimitrakaki Street & 34, Portaliou Street – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Although the place is not located in the old town, it’s just a few steps from Porta Guora, one of the main access gates to the pedestrian area. It is a famous spot where locals love to meet for coffee and conversation.

The place is big, so finding a table won’t be a problem. They serve a variety of different coffee styles (Greek, French, and cold), delicious croissants and savory pies, eggs, juice, and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

The place is right opposite the main parking spot in Rethymnon, just meters from the municipal garden… so you cannot miss it!

Vivliothiki Café

Location: 127, Kountouriotou Street, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of Vivliothiki.

If waffles are your thing, then don’t miss this place! Vivliothiki is another popular stop for breakfast in Rethymnon. It serves super-rich breakfasts, excellent coffee, and delicious sweet treats, including amazing donuts.

They also have great cakes and healthier options, including fruit salad, juices, and Greek yogurt. They’re open for brunch and serve hamburgers and other quick snacks and dishes.

Drop All Day Bar

Location: 8, Dimokratias Street – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Both locals and travelers agree that this is one of the best places for breakfast in Rethymnon. And I agree.

They serve everything you want, from traditional sweet pastries to savory breakfasts, healthy treats, yogurt with fruit and cereals, and much more.

Their coffee is also really good and is included in the price of any breakfast option you choose… and as their name suggests, you can also come here for lunch, brunch, afternoon coffee, or dinner. Don’t miss it!

Le Jardin

Location:  15, Iliakaki Street, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Located in the heart of Rethymnon’s municipal garden, this is a great place for homemade breakfast, surrounded by a green, relaxing environment.

They serve a variety of eggs, good coffee, and fresh orange juice, as well as special sweet and savory pies, fruit, and waffles topped with ice cream.

And if you want something truly traditional, order a Sfakian pie with myzithra cheese drizzled with local thyme honey! The place is excellent for families since kids can play and run around the park risk-free.

Cul de Sac

Location: Titou Petixaki Square, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Another local favorite at breakfast time, I’ve also included Cul de Sac in my list of the best coffee shops in Rethymnon (which you can read here). As they say at this place… coffee is a hug in a mug, so do expect great coffee over here!

You will find virtually anything for breakfast, from eggs Benedict to Croque Madame and Monsieur. Other specialties include omelets, pancakes, sweets, yogurt, and Sfakian pita with local honey.

Their fixed Breakfast menus include:

  • Cretan Breakfast
  • European Breakfast
  • Fitness Breakfast
  • Breakfast for Two

If you’re curious about them, check out their breakfast menu online before heading to Cul de Sac.


Location: 2, Dimitrakaki Street, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Serving lavish pancakes, fresh orange juice, fruits, yogurt, and a variety of coffees, this is another great bet for breakfast in Rethymnon.

Besides serving great breakfasts, the place is modern and bright, ideal for spending the morning checking the news or reading a book with your cup of coffee before heading to Rethymnon’s municipal beach—which is only a few minutes away!

Cafe Galero

Location: 2, Mesologiou Street, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Locals love to hang out in this coffee place in the early morning hours, breakfast options are simple and include coffee, fresh juice, croissant and other pastries, savory pies, and tea. However, the atmosphere is lively and friendly… and believe me, you might not want to leave!

The place is in the heart of the old town, only steps from the legendary Rimondi Fountain, and perfect for sitting and people-watching for hours. I also often go to Cafe Galero each February to celebrate Carnival!

The Macedonian – Το Μακεδονικό

Location: 4, Dimitrakaki Street, Rethymnon – website.

breakfast in rethymnon
Courtesy of the venue.

Look no further if you are looking for a place to grab some pastries and head to the beach. This is where to go in Rethymnonon for breakfast on the go.

Of course, you can also sit and enjoy your coffee with a top selection of pastries and other baked delicacies that, chances are, have just been taken out of the oven!

Their must-try? Bougatsa, of course! Made in the authentic Macedonian style, it is truly delicious!

Meli Melo

Location: 38, K. Paleologou Street, Rerthymnon – website.

coffee shops in rethymnon

Meli Melo is a fantastic traditional kafeteria where you can soak in the Cretan tradition of coffee time. They not only serve great Greek coffee, but the highlight of the shop is the freshly cooked loukoumades (Greek donuts).

The place is in Old Town, and it’s a great stop to enjoy your coffee with a view of the picturesque narrow streets. Not to mention the friendly staff and perfect traditional design—all these ingredients make the place worth a visit.

So, which one will be your first stop for breakfast in Rethymnon? Please, also remember there are more places for coffee and snacks in this other Rethymnon post! Where are you planning to enjoy your breakfast when visiting Rethymnon?

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breakfast in rethymnon

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