Incredible European Destinations for Summer!

European Destinations for Summer. - Santorini

Any holiday is the ideal period to relax, unwind, or go for an adventure of exploration and discovery. But most people wait patiently for summer holidays all year round.
After all, summer is the best time for beach days, hiking in stunning mountain ranges, exploring diverse landscapes, and tasting delicious fresh food. If you’re looking for sunshine, sea, and delicious food, then Europe can be just the right place. So, let’s see the best European destinations for a summer holiday.

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Best European Destinations for Summer Holidays

European Destinations for Summer

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For summer holidays, Europe is undoubtedly the best continent for sunny days and warm weather. Also, Europe offers diverse experiences in different countries.

Still, it is no secret that Mediterranean countries are the ideal destination for the perfect summer holiday. But plenty of other European countries are worth visiting in summer for a holiday.

Let’s check out some of the best European destinations for a summer vacation you’ll never forget!


European Destinations for Summer

With thousands of years old historic sites and landmarks, a gorgeous coastline, stunning islands, a diverse culture, and magnificent nature, Greece is undoubtedly a top summer destination in Europe.

If you are looking for a summer destination where you can relax on the beach all day long while enjoying the sun, sipping at a tasty cocktail, and savoring delicious food, Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros are the best choice you could make.

European Destinations for Summer
The Parthenon, Athens.

Otherwise, if you want to experience Greece’s long history through museums, archaeological sites, and other landmarks, Athens is a must-visit destination. After all, all history lovers fall in love with Acropolis. 

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Tuscany Italy

You can’t have a list of the best European destinations for summer and not include Italy. After all, this beautiful country is undoubtedly one of the most stunning countries in the world. 

First of all, Italy has some of the most coastlines in the world. Specifically, the Amalfi coast is a renowned area with gorgeous rocky and sandy beaches.

Europe destinations for summer - Amalfi

Also, it is a beautiful area with numerous towns and villages perched on high cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

But Italy is also a country of romantic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Similarly, Tuscany’s rolling hills and vineyards offer the perfect scenery if you want a relaxing and romantic summer holiday.

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United Kingdom

European Destinations for Summer
Sunset in London,

The United Kingdom has always been a popular destination all year round. It is a country filled with plenty of attractions and various experiences or adventures that can satisfy everyone. 

Firstly, London is undoubtedly a must-visit destination loved by couples, young travelers, seniors, and families.

It is a city where you can do numerous things, including taking a selfie with Big Ben, visiting great museums, and strolling around beautiful squares and streets. 

European Destinations for Summer
Wales, United Kingdom.

But apart from London, summer is the perfect time for road trips in the countryside or visiting other parts of the United Kingdom, such as Wales and Scotland.

For example, Wales is famous for its beautiful beaches, stunning castles, and unforgettable hikes, while Scotland is known for its historic cities, gorgeous valleys and lakes, and unspoiled islands.

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European Destinations for Summer

Spain is an incredible country offering unforgettable experiences from delicious culinary adventures to sunny beach days to pilgrim trails in nature. 

The best area in Spain for delectable food is Andalucia. Specifically, the cities of Granada, Seville, and Cordoba offer sensational dishes, such as tapas, Jambugo’s jamon, and fresh seafood.

For those seeking sunshine and sandy beaches, the best can be found in Ibiza, Mallorca, and Tenerife.

European Destinations for Summer
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Otherwise, if you want to combine a beach holiday with an urban experience, Barcelona is a fantastic choice… any time of the year!

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Best things to do in Avignon, France
Avignon, France.

If you choose to discover France you will definitely fall in love with the country, have a blast enjoying gardens or museums, and indulge in some of the best gastronomy in the world!

Personally, I believe that France is one of the best European destinations for summer!

If you’re unsure where to start, head south to enjoy the villages in Luberon. Over here, you can make a stop in nearby Avignon or the gorgeous Aix en Provence for a refreshing look at the French countryside.

European Destinations for Summer

Alternatively, head to the port city of Marseille for some interesting city life or to Nice for a romantic escape by the sea.

If French wine makes you curious, then nothing like a stop in the gorgeous city of Bordeaux while Lyon is nothing but a foodies’ paradise!

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European Destinations for Summer

Switzerland is known for its jaw-dropping nature and beautiful, colorful cities, offering various holiday styles. Therefore, no matter what you prefer, Switzerland has something for you.

However, undoubtedly, Switzerland is the perfect destination for outdoor adventures, both in summer and winter.

European Destinations for Summer
Interlaken, Switzerland.

Some of the best experiences include hiking the spectacular Jungfrau region, exploring the picturesque Alpine villages, and skydiving in Interlaken.

If you prefer a more relaxed summer holiday, Switzerland’s urban spots are as much as spectacular.

For instance, Geneva is well-known for its charming old town and museums, while Zurich is ideal for cozy cafes and nightlife venues.

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European Destinations for Summer
Belem Tower, Portugal.

Technically, Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but it still has the charming and carefree culture of a Mediterranean country.

Also, Portugal has a rich history, diverse culture, stunning coastline, and mesmerizing nature.

Lisbon is famous for being the second oldest capital city in Europe, so it is a perfect destination to explore Portugal’s history and admire various landmarks and museums.

European Destinations for Summer
Faro, Portugal.

Additionally, Lisbon is the sunniest city in Europe, so it is undoubtedly a fantastic spot for a summer holiday.

Alternatively, you can explore the nine isles that make up the Azores off Portugal’s coast. They are the country’s hidden gems with magical and serene landscapes.

In fact, they are home to UNESCO World Heritage sights, hot springs, gushing geysers, bubbling mud pots, dark caves, and romantic grottos.

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Europe destinations for summer - Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Slovenia is a beautiful country mostly known for its charming and elegant capital city, Ljubljana, and majestic nature.

If you are looking for a beach holiday, Slovenia’s coastline may be short, but it has gorgeous beaches.

Otherwise, if you prefer to go for a city break, Ljubljana offers a fantastic experience through cultural and historical attractions and venues.

For instance, Ljubljana has a unique culinary scene and one of the best nightlife in Europe. 

European Destinations for Summer
Lake Bled.

Furthermore, Slovenia has some of the most beautiful nature on the continent which makes it nothing but a great summer destination in Europe!

A must-visit spot is Lake Bled which boasts a tiny island hosting a 17th-century church, crystal-clear blue waters, and a cliff-top castle. 

Check out this site for one of the best tours of Lake Bled from Ljubljana.


European Destinations for Summer
Vik, southern Iceland.

As surprisingly as it might be, Iceland is undoubtedly one of the best summer European destinations.

This is because Iceland is Europe’s best spot for adventurers. After all, it offers numerous experiences you might not find anywhere else in Europe.

Iceland’s weather in summer is between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Ideally, for a summer holiday, you would avoid such temperatures. Still, Iceland’s summer is perfect for the country’s adventurous experiences, such as ice and lava-caving and glacier, fjords, or volcano hiking.

European Destinations for Summer

Alternatively, you can combine adventurous summer holidays with cultural experiences by visiting Iceland’s enchanting east or the wild west, where you will find stunning waterfalls and bubbling hot springs.

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European Destinations for Summer

Croatia has become a popular summer destination in recent years, and for a good reason.

Croatia offers stunning sandy beaches with brilliant blue waters as a Mediterranean country. Also, it has more than a thousand islands and is one of Europe’s top sailing destinations. 

The most popular island is Hvar island, which has trendy bars, exciting nightlife, and exceptional restaurants.

European Destinations for Summer
Panoramic view of the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Another popular destination is the coastal city of Dubrovnik, which has been dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” 

But apart from beach summer holidays, Croatia offers many other experiences.

For instance, Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is a beautiful city with rich history and culture that you can experience through its various museums, castles, restaurants, and nightlife venues.

Furthermore, Croatia has beautiful, diverse landscapes of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. 

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Pisa Italy
Pisa, Italy

There are many amazing European summer destinations worth a try simply because the continent has everything you might desire.

If you are traveling with kids, there are many family-friendly destinations where children can indulge in beach activities and long exploration days in bustling cities.

Things to do in Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence, France.

Also, many destinations have fantastic nightlife and adventurous outdoor activities for a wild and unforgettable holiday with friends. 

So, depending on whom you are traveling with and what kind of holiday you desire, choose your favorite destination and go for a memorable summer holiday in Europe. 

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European Destinations for Summer

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