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Santorini is one of the most romantic islands of the Aegean and the Caldera, the most famous cliff in the world. It’s a natural scenario of unforgettable sunsets and traditional settlements, perched like white pearls on the top of the rusty-red cliff. There’s a lot to see, do, and experience on the island. This awe-inspiring place offers more to those who visit than any other place you can imagine. In this section, I’ve listed ideas, suggestions, tours, activities, and some of the things you should absolutely need to discover while you’re spending your time in Santorini.

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Alternative Things to Do in Santorini with Kids

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Santorini island is magical, inspiring, majestic. Captivating, alluring and mesmerizing? It definitely is. Yet it is also more than just a …ridiculously gorgeous island. Spectacular to the eye, but also fulfilling to the soul! Santorini has a strong cultural heritage that it displays with pride, if you are keen on discovering it… even with kids!