Best Backpacks for Toddlers Traveling in Greece: Our Top 10 Picks

best backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

Are you thinking of arranging a fancy trip with your kids but don’t know how to manage their luggage? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Today, we will review 10 of the best backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece.

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Best Backpacks For Toddlers Traveling In Greece

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

Why You Should Use a Backpack to Travel to Greece with Kids

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece
Learning to pack!

Greece is all about moving from one island to another and daily ferry commutes. In such a stance, we can understand how hard it can be to travel with kids, especially with toddlers, even more so if you need to carry heavy suitcases.

However, it can be a lot easier when you have that perfect backpack for your little ones — to manage and store their luggage. 

Besides, kids will learn to organize their belongings, and decide what is worth taking with them on their trip… something that will be most useful in the future!

So, this is why I wanted to break down for you some of the best toddler-friendly backpacks in the market that are good for travel.

I’ve chosen backpacks that are conveniently priced, sturdy, and totally child-proof.

But before we move on to these products, let’s have a look at some important factors to consider while buying your toddler a backpack for traveling in Greece

How to Choose the Right Backpack to Travel to Greece for a Toddler

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

Here are some quick tips to consider while getting your toddler a travel backpack.

Weight: How Heavy it Is and How Heavy it Will Get

Make sure the backpack you purchase is light enough to be carried away by your little one.

In addition, it is important to double-check if you will be able to withhold it along with other luggage if he asks for your help.

Moms know that kids do that, so check this in advance. Remember, your kid will be tired at the end of a long day exploring, or traveling from one island to another… and guess who will be the one carrying the backpack around?

Dimensions: Ideal Size for Toddlers

Kids’ backpacks are usually available in dimensions ranging from 14” to 15”. Now what dimensions you select depends on two things. Firstly, how much your toddler can carry, and secondly, how much stuff he will take along with him.

Generally, I suggest you go for the mid-range ones as they are neither too bulky nor too tiny.

Avoid very small packs, or going too bold with designs if you want that backpack to be used at least for a couple of years.

Backpack Style for Toddlers

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

You might have seen kid’s bags with cartoons and quirky patterns on them. However, choosing the style of the backpack is your kid’s personal preference.

But if he travels every now and then, purchase something that can fit his style even after a year or two, if your toddler gets tired of that cartoon character or a particular color, you might need to change a perfectly good backpack ahead of time.

Hard Shell or Soft Shell

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

Both of them are good choices and for different reasons. Suppose your child has to travel with fragile stuff like an iPad, tablet, or any other gadget, then the hard one might be a better option.

On the other hand, one thing about soft-shell backpacks is that you can cram almost anything into them.

Because they are made of cloth, they are more spacious and flexible than hard ones, which often have more limited space.

With or Without Wheels

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

Wheeled backpacks are great for long-distance travel, for moving around in the airport, and for giving rest to tired little backs or sunburnt shoulders.

However, they might turn out to be uncomfy and clumsy for small kids, and even heavier.

As a general rule, prefer backpacks with wheels for older kids, and for air travel. If your kid is a toddler, definitely choose a model without wheels.

Do the same if you’re island hopping with ferries, or if you know that you’ll need to walk on cobblestoned alleys or climb stairs (Santorini here I come).

Definitely, avoid wheeled backpacks for day trips. For instance, if you’re planning a tour of the Acropolis with the children, then pack a smaller backpack for these occasions that can contain basics such as a hat, a book or game, a small bag with snacks, and a bottle.

10 Best Travel Backpacks for Toddlers to Use in Greece (and anywhere else!)

So now we have discussed what to look for in backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece; it’s time to go through the top 10 picks.

Here’s a thorough review of each of them for you to make an informed decision when the time to buy arrives. Take a look!  

Wildkin 15 Inch Kids Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This is one of the most spacious and durable backpacks that your kid can ever have. It has a lot of compartments to store your kid’s tracksuit, along with some snacks and an iPad, mobile, or tablet.

Additionally, it has adjustable and padded straps so your kids can adjust them accordingly.

The exterior of this backpack is made of 600-denier polyester fabric—soft enough for toddlers. Because of the inner moisture-resistant nylon lining, this backpack can stand almost anything you throw at it.

Wildkin 15 Inch Kids Backpack in short

  • Convenient design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Funky design, and plenty of patterns to choose from.

>>> Check more details about the Wildkin 15 Inch Kids Backpack

Toddler Backpack Dinosaur

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This is another handy backpack with spacious compartments to handle your kid’s snacks, toys, books, jumpers, and more.

The outer is water-resistant polyester that gives it a long life and it’s also very easy to clean.

Plus, you can alter it to fit your little one with adjustable straps. Whether going for a picnic or traveling for leisure, this backpack is what your kiddo needs.

Toddler Dinosaur Backpack in short

  • Easy to maintain
  • Spacious pockets 
  • Durable material
  • Easy to carry.

>>> Check more details about the Toddler Backpack Dinosaur

PUMA Kids’ Meridian Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

The outer of this backpack is 100% polyester, while the inside is made of soft cloth lining.

Although it won’t protect your kid’s stuff in rain or harsh weather conditions, the space and fine texture it offers are all worth it and kids love the design and style.

It has about 4 zipper pockets that can store a whole lot of stuff. With that, it also has a shoulder drop of 14” to keep your child at ease while holding it.

There’s a great selection of colors that will please both boys and girls alike.

PUMA Kids’ Meridian Backpack in short

  • Durable and soft material
  • Nice color range
  • Easy to carry 
  • Spacious

>>> Check more details about the PUMA Kids’ Meridian Backpack

Nice Choice Preschool Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This 15” backpack comes with a zipper closure and it has a large capacity for storing almost everything.

The artsy design is loved by most kids and toddlers. Moreover, it comes with main zippers and side pockets where your kid can actually store his water bottle or snacks.

Overall, the backpack is made of durable, water-resistant oxford fabric. Also, it is light in weight and easy to carry & maintain.

Nice Choice Preschool Backpack in short

  • Really good for traveling as well as for preschool 
  • Fine and water-resistant material
  • Padded shoulders
  • Spacious and attractive design

>>> Check more details about the Nice Choice Preeschool Backpack

John Deere Tractor Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

A backpack recommended for kids from 3 to 5, this is a toddler’s size backpack featuring plenty of room inside. There is also an outside pocket that is also a reasonable size.

The straps are light but not padded, and adjustable. All in all, this backpack will be more than loved by your younger ones. It has this cute green tractor design that every kid wants to own.

It comes with a single zip closure that is enough to accommodate almost all of the stuff of your toddler.

John Deere Tractor Backpack in short

  • Adorable design 
  • Adjustable straps
  • High-quality material 
  • Best for toddlers 
  • Light in weight

If your kid is a huge fan of cats, then this is the backpack for them. It has this cute cat pattern in pastel colors all over the backpack.

The material is waterproof and anti-scratch with a nylon lining. Moreover, to keep your youngster’s stuff organized, it has metal separators inside the zip compartment.

The material is waterproof and anti-scratch with a nylon lining. Moreover, to keep your youngster’s stuff organized, it has convenient separators inside the main compartment.

While the front pocket can store small stuff, side pockets are ideal for a water bottle and umbrella.

Joymoze Leisure Backpack in short

  • Light in weight 
  • Best suited for kids ranging 5+
  • Easy to wash 
  • Spacious enough to carry more stuff 
  • Safe to use

>>> Check more details about the Joymoze Leisure Backpack

Orezy Cute Kids Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

If your kids are fond of spaceships and planets, this backpack is a perfect gift for them. With 100% polyester outer and inner lining, it is a high-quality, durable, and lightweight backpack.

It comes with a spacious main pocket to store enough entertainment for a long airplane trip or even a day trip on a Greek island!

There are also 2 side pockets for storing water bottles, or even a wider thermos, as well as snacks—making it the best option for traveling. 

Orezi Cute Kid Backpack in short

  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to maintain & organize things 
  • Colourful design

>>> More details about Orezi Cute Kid Backpack

Blubook Kids Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This dinosaur-printed backpack is spacious and has plenty of zippers.

The outer is made of smooth, water-resistant polyester material. It is easy to wash and is super light in weight. It has a cushioned, ergonomic back panel too.

This bag features eye-catching colors and practical features, it is perfect as a casual daypack for hiking, camping, and travel but also for preschool and daycare back home!

The adjustable padded shoulder straps put this backpack among the most comfortable backpacks for both parents and toddlers traveling in Greece!

Bluboon Kids Backpack in short

  • Lightweight material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water-resistant 
  • Serves for a long time

>>> More details about Blubook Kids Backpack

Bluboon Girls Backpack 3 in 1

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This spacious 3 in 1 backpack is made up of soft polyester material with cat faces. With so many compartments, it can accommodate almost anything you put in it. It has a durable outer, and the straps are adjustable just according to your little one.

Featuring also a lunch bag and a pencil case, the backpack comes with smooth zippers for easy sliding.

It’s more of an older kid backpack, featuring also a padded laptop compartment and a zippered front pocket for an iPad.

Bluboon Girls Backpack in short

  • Spacious compartments
  • Padded shoulders
  • Extra durable material
  • Comes in 3 different travel sizes

>>> More details about the Bluboon Girls Backpack 3 in 1

Mygreen Kids Backpack

backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

This 14-inch backpack has a perfect aesthetic for kids. Having a polyester outer, this backpack can withstand every wear and tear.

It has the comfiest padded back and adjustable straps that can be tailored according to your kid’s size. 

Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-pull main zipper, side pockets for storing water bottles for convenient use, and an extra pouch for small objects, such as earbuds or pocket money! The zippers are very smooth, so kids can easily glide them for a zero-frustration experience.

Mygreen Kids Backpack in short

  • Best suited for older kids
  • Attractive design
  • Smooth zippers
  • Easy to maintain
  • Light in weight

>>> More details about Mygreen Kids Backpack

Pick the Right Backpack for Your Kid!

These are, according to MommaLovesGreece, the best toddler backpacks for traveling in Greece, they are ideal for island-hopping, but also for excursions and day trips, as well as to hit the beach in style!

They are also perfect for long-haul flying, as they all can accommodate your kid’s in-flight entertainment needs with ease.

We’ve searched for comfy, easy-to-carry backpacks, with padded or very light shoulder straps, ample compartments, and made with a material that makes it easy for moms to clean any mess on the go.

I hope you liked our collection of the 10 best backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece. Let me know which one you picked for your adventures on the islands!

Are you traveling to Greece with your toddler soon?
Let me know in the comments below!

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backpacks for toddlers traveling in Greece

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