Great Pubs & Bars in Rethymnon That Both Locals and Travelers Love!

bars in Rethymnon

There are so many great places for a night out in Rethymnon that you’d never know where to start without a little help from a local friend…!

This list brings you the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the old town, region, and by the beach… All you have to do now is to decide which of the best bars in Rethymnon you will visit first.

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Best Bars in Rethymnon

Best bars in Rethymnon, Crete

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Discover the Best Bars and Pubs in Rethymnon, Crete

bars in Rethymnon
Have a drink or two in any of the best bars in Rethymnon…

Do you wish to have a great evening sipping your favorite cocktail and enjoying the Cretan vibes? Rethymnon is one of the top places to head to while on Crete for an unforgettable night with friends. In this article, you can check a super thorough list of the best bars and pubs in Rethymnon.

Best Bars and Pubs in the Old Town of Rethymnon

These are some of the favorite places for locals and tourists to hang out in Rethymnon Old Town.

Living Room

  • Location: Eleftherios Venizelos 5.
bars in Rethymnon
Living Room, Rethymnon.

Stylish and lively, this lounge café-bar is always busy. The chic interior design and the beautifully decorated open space outside provide unforgettable experiences.

Their menu is impressive, and the wide range of cocktails and spirits guarantee a pleasant evening.

Pay attention to the unusual cocktails, such as Champagne Supernova with rosewater or Mai Tai Roa Ae, a new version of a famous cocktail with Greek tsipouro!

And the best part, they offer seasonal cocktails. My favorite this summer was called Breezy Day of August


  • Location: Eleftherios Venizelos 62.
Pubs in Rethymnon - Fraules
Fraules, Rethymnon.

This is one of the most popular places among Rethymnon youth and students. It can become crowded in the evening, but this is what makes it so great!

The intense and lively atmosphere, great cocktails, and the view over the Rethymnon Marina will make your evening far from boring.

bars in Rethymnon

Try their signature cocktail Fraoulitsa which in Greek stands for small strawberry! 

Queens Room

  • Location: Eleftherios Venizelos 5.
bars in Rethymnon
Queens Room.

A great new place with African vibes and Cretan hospitality! Step into the jungle and savor your drink surrounded by lianas and graceful ferns.

The sea breeze slightly moves the straw chandeliers, and the great jazz music creates a relaxing atmosphere. One of the best things to try here is the Mystique cocktails, a set of 4 cocktails with secret ingredients served each Sunday.

Another thing to know is that this place serves sushi, which is quite rare in Rethymnon.

Lux Café

  • Location: Eleftherios Venizelos 65-68.
bars in Rethymnon
(Courtesy: Tripadvisor).

The name speaks for itself. An interesting mix of old stone walls and blue neon light inside a stunning Venetian building will make you feel the lux vibe.

After 10 pm, the place turns into a nightclub with a live DJ playing great music.

The outside sitting place is decorated simply with lamps. Yet the ambiance is different in the evening when all those lamps are on. The cocktail menu is so diverse that you can easily lose yourself.

As for me, I keep coming here for their Emerald Desire, featuring the unique Mastiha liquor mixed with Melon liquor, fresh basil, and a bit of lime. 

Cul de Sac

  • Location: Plateia Titou Petichaki 7.
bars in Rethymnon
The bar at Cul de Sac.

Enjoy your drink admiring the iconic Rimondi Fountain in the heart of Rethymnon’s Old Town at Cul de Sac.

Sit by the exotic wall covered with plants, or in the outside area, pick one of the comfortable armchairs and enjoy premium drinks.

Whether it’s a Freddo Espresso with ice cream during the day, or a unique Flower Martini in the evening, you will spend a lovely time there.

Ali Vafi’s Garden

Location: Tzane Bouniali 65.

bars in Rethymnon

This is truly a magical place that will steal your heart! A bar hidden in the secret garden of a Venetian mansion in the Old Town.

The best time to come here is after dark so you can feel the unique magic of the garden. The old walls are covered with greenery, a bar made directly among the trees, candles and lights all over the place, and elegant hookahs. All mix to create a very romantic atmosphere.

bars in Rethymnon
Ali Vafi’s Garden.

Each evening, an old movie is played directly on one of the walls, adding charm to this place.

Their signature cocktails are among the best in the Old Town, and they’re always served with some treats, like homemade olive pesto with crunchy bread.

The last time I visited, I enjoyed Mrs. Peacock’s, a surprising mix of Mastiha liquor, pear juice, and ginger beer.

Chaplin’s Rock Pub

Location: Eleftherios Venizelos 52.

bars in Rethymnon
Chaplin’s Rock Bar.

This small bar is situated on the seafront of Rethymnon. And it’s the perfect spot to listen to good rock and roll.

The place is famous for its great music playlist, featuring world hits from AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Queen, and other rock legends.

The walls are covered with rock signs and slogans, as well as with photos of their own parties. Yes, this place transforms into a bombastic rock nightclub with live DJs and Greek rock singers.

Their drinks and spirits menu is quite simple. But great music and the beach view will pay off. By the way, they have a happy hour each day from 7 till 8 pm, offering all the drinks at half the price.

The Roof Highrise Bar

  • Location: Daskalaki 1.
bars in Rethymnon
A great place to enjoy the views of the city of Rethymno.

This is the only roof bar in Rethymnon that offers such a stunning view over the Gardens, the Old Town, and the Fortezza.

It’s situated on the rooftop of the Brascos Hotel, directly in the center of Rethymnon. The place is ideal for a morning coffee with a view and an evening drink, admiring the city lights.

I love enjoying a glass of Cretan wine in this bar, as they have a really good wine list. I’d go with a glass of Cretan Rose Kotsifali from Klados Winery for summer evenings.


  • Location: Gerakari 150.
bars in Rethymnon
A billiard bar in Rethymnon.

If you like billiards, then this place is right for you! If you don’t, instead, it’s still worth a visit as it has one of the best craft beer menus in town!

More than 20 kinds of beers, including authentic local ones. You can order a set of Cretan beers with up to 6 different kinds for tasting.

Five pool tables are set in two air-conditioned rooms, perfect for a game with friends. The hall hosts numerous billiard tournaments, Karaoke nights, and live DJ parties. 

Metropolis Society Bar

  • Location: Nearchou 15.
bars in Rethymnon
Do try their Margarita!

A top nightclub and bar in Rethymnon, Metropolis, can be found in the Old Venetian Harbor. Great parties are thrown here every night all year round.

The place hosts DJs and famous Greek singers, making it even more compelling.

Beautiful interior design and an outdoor space with outstanding views over the Venetian Harbor plus some great cocktails and here you are – an excellent formula for a great night!

The bar has impressive drinks for you to choose from, and their Margaritas will make you party till the morning!

Fortezza Lighthouse Bar

  • Location: Nearchou 14, Old Harbor.
bars in Rethymnon
(Courtesy: Fortezza Lighthouse Bar).

This is where the nightlife in Rethymnon begins! Here, you will find an outstanding dance floor and some of the best DJs from the rest of Greece.

Friendly service and great drinks are guaranteed. If you feel hot from dancing, grab your drink and head outside to enjoy a stunning view of the Egyptian lighthouse and the harbor.

By the way, the place works as a restaurant during the day, but I would not recommend this place for food (quite overpriced with an ordinary menu).

However, if you are looking for a superb party time, this place is among the best, and their signature drinks will keep your night at a pretty exciting level.

Antika Irish Bar

  • Location: Arampatzoglou 42.
bars in Rethymnon
Antika Irish Pub.

You can find this peculiar place on a tiny little alley of the Old Town – the one and only Antika Irish Pub (once known as The Punch Bowl).

The pub is famous for its remarkable collection of Irish memorabilia covering every centimeter of the walls and space around.

Once you step inside you are surrounded by millions of unbelievable things, like old gramophones or leather sandals size 76!

The pint of real Irish Guinness is a must-try. Besides that, the pub offers a great choice of craft beers, both international and Cretan, and some of the finest whiskey.

The rock and blues bits will help you feel the atmosphere of this Irish tale.

Top Bars in the Rest of Rethymnon Region

bars in Rethymnon

If you wish to spend a lovely evening outside the city, still enjoying a festive atmosphere, there are many cool venues to discover. Here are some of the best bars in the Rethymnon region.

Vinzi Café

  • Location: Epar.Od. Peramatos-Panormou, Panormos.
bars in Rethymnon
Another top place to spend a great night in Rethymnon.

A relaxing café during the day and a bustling bar in the evening, this place is set in the charming village of Panormos, just 20 min drive from Rethymnon.

The bar has a great outside terrace directly above the small port, offering picturesque views over the lagoon and the mountains.

Vinzi features a variety of spirits and cocktails for any taste. I suggest you pay close attention to their section with Raki Cocktails, like Rakoujito, an interesting version of Mojito with Raki.

Eyes Live Lounge

  • Location: Leof. Machis Kritis 206.
bars in Rethymnon
Piña colada.

You will want to return to this place again and again. The bar offers a huge selection of hand-crafted cocktails with interesting additions. The Piña Colada here will make you taste the Caribbean.

The place features great background music and an awesome live band with singers playing every Tuesday evening. By the way, if you think you don’t sing, their Karaoke nights will definitely change your mind!

You can easily find this bar on the old road on the way to Heraklion, just a 10-minute drive from Rethymnon city, in the village of Platanias. 

Bell’Ellen Pub

  • Location: Adelianos Kampos.
bars in Rethymnon

This small, cozy bar is for those wishing to spend an evening in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  It is situated on the old road in the village of Adelianos Kampos, 4 km from Rethymnon on the way to Heraklion.

The bar, run by a local family, has a small garden to enjoy your drink. And a bonus for cat lovers – the owners adore cats and have dozens of them. The cats like to play with guests, and the little kittens are so cute… (great picture opportunities!).

Their drink menu mostly consists of classic cocktails and spirits, but they add ingredients grown in their own garden and serve tasty mezedes as a compliment.

The Mojito with freshly cut mint is a must!

Great Beach Bars in Rethymnon

bars in Rethymnon

Because… who would come to Crete for a summer vacation and miss an evening by the sea in one of the great local beach bars, right?

Take a look, these are my favorite!

Bora Bora Beach

  • Location: Ari Velouxioti 42.
bars in Rethymnon
(Courtesy: Bora Bora).

This beach bar is one of my favorite ones! You can choose the tropical-style bar, offering comfortable armchairs and fresh air from old-fashioned ceiling fans. Or you can go to the beach and enjoy swimming and suntanning at one of their sun loungers.

The service is also offered at the beach, so you can easily order drinks and food directly to your umbrella. I recommend sitting at their beach sofas and savoring their featured Caipirinha.

bars in Rethymnon
Bora Bora Beach Bar.

The background music is amazing here, very often they host live DJs at the beach all day long, which later on in the evening continues as an awesome beach party!

Cactus Beach Bar

  • Location: Ari Velouxioti 7.
bars in Rethymnon

Cactus Beach Bar is your place if you wish to spend all day on the beach.

Fast service is delivered to your beach bed, and voila – a great day at the sea is guaranteed!

Here, the atmosphere is relaxing and great for young crowds with the great summer hits music. Their hand-crafted cocktails, in particular the Strawberry Daiquiri, are outstanding.

Baja Beach Club

  • Location: Chiou 12.
bars in Rethymnon
(Courtesy: Baja Beach Bar).

This is an amazing place to enjoy luxurious beach time with relatively low prices.

Chill at their huge pool or go for a swim in the sea. Get your drinks served at your beach bed or by the pool deck.

The baristas and the professional sommelier will help you with your choice or will suggest you try their Secret Cocktail, which changes every season. The area is spacious, and even if it gets crowded, everyone has plenty of room. 

The place is famous for the fantastic beach parties with live DJs that usually last all night.

The mornings here are more relaxed; you can have a massage or participate in a yoga class.

Aiolos Beach Bar

  • Beach Skaleta
bars in Rethymnon
(Courtesy: Aiolos).

Get out of the city for a relaxing day in Aiolos Beach Bar. Situated in the village of Skaleta, about 15 minutes from Rethymnon, on the way to Heraklion.

The beach here has crystal clear waters and a spectacular view over the Cretan Mountains.

Aiolos features a great bar with an exhaustive list of drinks and good gastronomic choices, including homemade food. A combination that will make your day unforgettable.

The sunbeds are free if you order something to drink or a snack. And by something to drink, I certainly mean their Cuba Libre.

Sundays here are spent the Greek way, with traditional Greek music and lamb cooked on the open fire.

Whatever choice you make, you will always get great service, beautifully decorated signature cocktails served with some tasty bites, and a small compliment from the owner at the end of the day (or night!).

Besides, the bars often offer great food choices, like finger food and full dishes for those who can’t stay long without tasting Cretan food!
What drinks are you craving to taste in one of Rethymnon’s bars?

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