Crete Hotel Review: Pepi Boutique Hotel in Rethymnon

pepi boutique hotel

Only steps from the center, the old port, and the sea, Pepi Boutique Hotel is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the old Venetian town of Rethymno. Its heartwarming atmosphere is made of sunshine, fruit trees, and silence. Read this review to know why we loved our stay at Pepi’s and why you will, too!

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Pepi Boutique Hotel Review

pepi boutique hotel
The wonderful courtyard at Pepi Boutique Hotel.

This is a sponsored post. I was a guest for a weekend at Pepi Boutique Hotel, yet all opinions remain, as usual, my own and unbiased. Thank you to all the management and staff for the care and service.

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Pepi Boutique Hotel – The Concept

pepi boutique hotel
Pepi Boutique Hotel.

Shaped behind the idea of an adult-only structure, Pepi Boutique Hotel currently offers 13 rooms, 2 maisonettes, and 2 suites, all of them surrounding a magnificent garden like most old houses used to have in the old town of Rethymnon.

The courtyard, the heart of the property, is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a lazy time by the small and inviting pool. Palms and citrus trees, comfy lounges, wood, and traditional stone give the atmosphere character and warmth.

pepi boutique hotel
The garden.

In fact, Pepi’s garden is a place where you will want to spend time any time of the day: reading a book by the pool, enjoying coffee, sunbathing, or taking a nap under the orange trees.

Pepi Boutique Hotel’s main goal is to offer guests the best quality of rest possible.

Silence and quietness come together in ample and bright rooms, comfortable mattresses and pillows, luxury bathrooms, and amenities—all ingredients catering to your utter relaxation.

pepi boutique hotel
By the pool.

The property was created to protect the style and character of the old town, and still. The studios, which have been recently refurbished, include in-room facilities such as a small fridge, an espresso machine, satellite TV, A/C, and heating…

Because yes, Pepi Boutique Hotel is open all year round! This is very convenient because Rethymnon is probably the most lively city in Crete during winter.

The Stay at Pepi Boutique Hotel

pepi boutique hotel
Our room at Pepi Boutique Hotel.

I stayed for just a (very short) weekend, and I would have loved to have been able to extend my stay! Our room was huge and absolutely comfortable, and I felt taken good care of right upon arrival.

pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
And then, there are books everywhere for you to pick and enjoy.

We received a complimentary sparkling wine, flutes, and a fresh fruit platter. Although we made clear it was a special occasion, we did not expect such a wonderful reception. Super romantic!

The Premises & The Services

pepi boutique hotel
Old photos.

Pepi Boutique Hotel is located in what used to be one of Europe’s oldest public primary schools for boys and girls of the 20th century, known as the primary school Athina.

The building has belonged to the family since the time when Amalia, the school headmistress, retired.

The place stood empty and silent for years after the school closed its doors. As years passed, the building and garden became part of Rethymnon’s main market street. Later, it was transformed into a cotton and silk business.

pepi boutique hotel
The garden, once the school patio.

However, in 1986, a whole new era started when the family gave life to the former Pepi Studios. Rethymnon’s first (and oldest) hotel, The Idedon, also belonged to the family.

The property underwent modern renovations in the last years, making Pepi Studios into today’s stunning Pepi Boutique Hotel.

pepi boutique hotel
The pool.

Today, the hotel is an inspiring refuge in the center of town, and you would never say you’re staying in the center of such a vibrant city… after all, Rethymnon is known to be Crete’s most important university town where noise would be expected.

However, since the rooms and garden are located quite a few meters from the street, the whole property is peaceful! 

The Gastronomy

pepi boutique hotel
Unforgettable breakfast at Pepi Boutique Hotel.

Pepi Boutique Hotel pays homage to Crete’s gastronomy as it makes it clear through its menu. Crete is the island that inspired the genesis of the Mediterranean Diet.

In the hotel, Cretan gastronomy, even if limited to breakfast and brunch/lunch, is a holistic experience. Every morning, you can taste different and equally tasteful breakfast options, including Cretan breakfast.

At Pepi’s, you will learn that according to Linear B tablets of Minoan Crete, four thousand years ago, Cretans had cheese, yogurt, eggs, bread, cereal, olives, rusks, herbal mountain tea, fresh goat milk, smoked pork, and of course our superb thyme honey.

pepi boutique hotel
Breakfast room.

The buffet breakfast also offers vegan options, seasonal fruit, dried fruits, nuts, pulses, fresh cakes, soya, and coconut milk. But there’s more, such as lunch/brunch time!

Guests can choose a variety of enticing appetizers, from sun-kissed fresh vegetables and greens to nuts or local cheese, fresh salads, and handmade pasta with goat’s cheese, spices, and herbs.

pepi boutique hotel

Want more? Check out the meat and poultry section. Deliciously seasoned and served with extra virgin olive oil, these dishes capture the essence of Crete’s aromas, tastes, and textures.

pepi boutique hotel
The cellar.

A special word must be spared for the wine cellar. Here, guests can explore the magnificent quality of Cretan wines.

Pepi Boutique Hotel can lead your wine journey with its unique wine-tasting sessions. Here you will be able to find several local labels.

… taste the wine that was enjoyed by Egyptian Pharaohs, Homeric Gods and heroes, Roman generals, Christians of East and West the wine that allured Ottomans…the wine that is either ancient as the Minoans, famous as the Greeks or married with the renowned French vines.

The Awesome Atmosphere

pepi boutique hotel
Pepi Boutique Hotel.

It’s true that pictures don’t always capture the true essence of a place and that you have to be there to truly experience each herb fragrance, warm sunray on your skin, or cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Maybe these photos tell a better story than my words do…

pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel
pepi boutique hotel

Why You Should Stay at Pepi Boutique Hotel

I chose Pepi Boutique Hotel for a short escape during what are, for us (in Crete), the last weeks of summer. The stay was simply flawless, and the quality of services was amazing.

We were received with kindness, hospitality, and touches of authentic Crete everywhere.

pepi boutique hotel
The best thing about Crete is that you can enjoy the pool even in late October!

The room was extremely comfortable: huge, comfy mattresses, free Wi-Fi, a fantastic in-room coffee station, top-quality bathroom amenities, and an out-of-the-world patio with a pool where I had the most delicious breakfast imaginable!

You should stay at Pepi Boutique Hotel because it’s easy to access and close to every important landmark in the old town. Despite being in a central location, the premises are silent, and the sleep quality is incredibly good.

pepi boutique hotel
Breakfast is served in the garden.

You should stay at Pepi’s to enjoy an unforgettable wine-tasting session in a suggestive cava located under those stone Venetian arches that create an old-time, cozy atmosphere.

And because you will rest, recharge, and discover one of the prettiest old cities in Crete while spending a fantastic time in a traditional, historic building.
Wouldn’t you love to stay at Pepi Boutique Hotel?

Pepi Boutique Hotel is an adult-only boutique hotel in Rethymnon Old Town.
Tsouderon 22, Rethymno, 74100
, Greece 
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