Unique Stays in Crete: Why You Should Stay at The Theodore Boutique Hotel in Chania (And Why You’ll Love it!)

the theodore boutique hotel

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Opposite the lonely Theodorou Island, inhabited only by wild goats and marine breeze, in the seaside town of Agia Marina, and just minutes from the center of town, you will find an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

It’s the Theodore Boutique Hotel. They call it the Sanctuary, discover why…

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Theodore Boutique Hotel

the theodore boutique hotel

This is a sponsored post. I was a guest for three days at The Theodore Boutique Hotel, yet all opinions remain, as usual, my own and unbiased. A heartfelt thank you to all the management and staff for the care and service.

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The Theodore Boutique Hotel – The Concept

the theodore boutique hotel
The Theodore Boutique Hotel.

Evoking essential emotions such as inspiration, essence, and beauty, this place easily reflects an intimate relationship of love for Crete, its people, and its hospitality.

As the owners like to put it, love for its ancient traditions and heritage, in a contemporary way. 

Created as a home away from home for everyone stepping inside, it’s not difficult to fall in love with the atmosphere you breathe at The Theodore Boutique Hotel. 

However, details are not just what distinguishes the property, they are much more. During your stay, their focus remains on you— and your journey to Crete. And it’s easy to feel it.

the theodore boutique hotel
Theodorou Island, opposite the hotel.

The place brings a natural state of well-being and connection with yourself. Clear and neat spaces, bare and calm, everything asks you to pause, breathe, and relax.

Everything calls for tranquility, from yoga mats to soothing earthy colors, from a smiling staff to delicious, healthy cuisine… made from traditional and fresh products from the island. What is there not to love about The Theodore?

The Stay

the theodore boutique hotel
My room, Inspiration.

I stayed a total of three days and two nights at The Theodore… and I could have stayed a century!

My room, Inspiration, had privileged access to the beach with imposing views of Theodorou Island.

Unique comfort and thoughtful details have been the trademark of my stay.

the theodore boutique hotel

The Theodore allowed me to disconnect from frenetic city life and routine, it gifted me with unforgettable sunsets, delicious flavors, and top-class service, always with a heartfelt smile.

Truth must be said, the service is excellent, and the staff is among the warmest I’ve ever met. Hard to beat hospitality…!

The Premises & The Service

the theodore boutique hotel

There are only 9 boutique suites at The Theodore, and they are simply magnificent. Beds are comfy with delicate linen and inviting pillows.

Warm lights, quality toiletries and amenities, books, and gorgeous decor are just part of the deal.

the theodore boutique hotel
Beach Bar at The Theodore Boutique Hotel.

The common spaces are modern, in natural tones, with extra comfortable lounging puffs, and cushions for a restoring nap under the sun or a delicious signature cocktail, like the Visit Crete, my favorite! 

the theodore boutique hotel
The beach.

A small, cozy, and beautiful dining room with a domed ceiling and a corner featuring unique gifts and souvenirs from the island. 

And direct access to the beach, where a bottle of iced, pure water will be waiting for you after your swim or will be brought to your umbrella every few hours. A thoughtful blessing during the scorching summer days on the island.

The Gastronomy

the theodore boutique hotel
Salmon with potato salad.
the theodore boutique hotel
The welcome dips.

A shout-out to the chef and the kitchen staff at the Theodore Boutique Hotel.

A simple yet refined selection of dishes including light salads, delicious wraps, and one of the most creative breakfast menus I’ve seen in a long time.

the theodore boutique hotel
Chicken Tortilla.
the theodore boutique hotel
Chania Boureki.

A heavenly cheesecake and a mouthwatering, homemade strawberry jam I’ve eaten in ages. Really. Probably the best jam I’ve ever tried (kudos to Zoe, in the kitchen, every praise is not enough!).

the theodore boutique hotel
Visit Crete Signature Cocktail.
the theodore boutique hotel
Strawberry cheesecake.

A word to be spared on their wine list, essential but offering just the right labels for you to pair with your food. When it comes to cocktails, a variety of traditional proposals and some unique signature cocktails that you should try.

The Details

the theodore boutique hotel
the theodore boutique hotel
A bottle of fresh water for your time at the beach.

Details are the keyword when it comes to your stay.

You start noticing them little by little and then, when you look at them as a whole, then – all of a sudden – they fit in place, they make sense and they give a theme to your stay or a frame. Rituals that give shape to the sanctuary.

the theodore boutique hotel
Books for the soul… and surprises.
the theodore boutique hotel
For your Yoga needs.

Theo-sophy (TM) stands for Love + Wisdom, and every evening as part of The Theodore turn-down service, you receive a practice ritual based on the core philosophy and elements that inspire the hotel.

These rituals are nothing but enriching ideas that invite you to reconnect with yourself, your dreams, and your expectations for your trip to Crete.

They all come with a quote by Nikos Kazantzakis, Crete’s famous writer, and they all make you pause and think before sleeping, something we tend to forget when we are all caught up in our daily routine.

the theodore boutique hotel
Theo-sophy rituals.
the theodore boutique hotel
Repurposed traditions: Vourgia.

These are some of the details that have created memories and that have made my stay unforgettable:

  • Fragrances: The subtle smell of fresh mint on my patio, which was surrounded by lovely herbs. Every day I woke up to the soothing aromas of thyme, lavender, oregano, and sage. The comforting smell and softness of our beach towels, an aroma that made you feel at home…
  • Yoga mat: In every room, you will find all the elements you need to practice yoga.
  • Traditions: Beautiful elements from the traditions of the island are found reinvented and given a new purpose, like the vourgia, the woolen backpack carried by Cretan shepherds, now serving the purpose of keeping your hairdryer.
  • Books and cards with a meaning: There are interesting books waiting for you in your room. Some about the island, some about Greek Myths, and some that will surprise you.
  • Fresh water: Nourishing our bodies is something that the hotel takes very seriously. Cold water is there right when you need it. I was surprised that I never had to ask for it. It was there and available when I needed it most: next to my sunbed after a swim, in my room after coming back…. everywhere.

These are details that put you in the center. These are some of the details that would make me choose The Theodore any time, again and again!

Why You Should Stay at The Theodore Boutique Hotel

the theodore boutique hotel

Well, maybe my enthusiasm gives you an idea, or maybe the pictures tell the story better than I do. But if you trust me, and my instinct (and your e-mails) tell me you do, a stay in The Theodore is worth it for more than a million reasons. 

Because you will reconnect with yourself and nature while discovering a familiar place with heartwarming hospitality because there are dozens of five-star hotels on the island, but not all of them will think of you as a five-star guest.
Yet, and mostly, because you will feel at home.

The Theodore Boutique Hotel is a beachfront hotel in Agia Marina.
Agia Marina 7, Agia Marina Nea Kydonias, 73014, Greece 
Book your stay through the hotel website or click here to compare prices.

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Chania Hotel Review: The Theodore Boutique Hotel

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    I could never have described it as beautifully as you Gabi, but those are our exact sentiments; We adored this hotel , our 5 nights there were just perfect! So glad you have written this review and that you loved this place as much as we did.

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