Point α, the Most Beautiful Rooftop Bar in Athens

Cocktail - Lemon

Point A, Athens

One of the nicest experiences during my last trip to Athens was a round of cocktails in one of Athens’ most exclusive rooftop bars: Point α. Stunning cocktails and superb dishes surrounded by the splendid scenario of Athens.

Point α Bar & Restaurant Travel Bloggers Greece meet in Athens.
Cocktails in Heaven… Travel Bloggers Greece meet in Athens.

Eclectic cocktails on top of Athens

Impressive cocktails added a touch of drama to the evening. In fact, most signature cocktails boast names as Dionysus Mask or Act Two: Comedy.

Point α Bar & Restaurant.
Athenian Nectar.

I was in the mood for something bitter, so it was the Athenian Nectar for me. This aperitivo cocktail combines ginger essence, Aperol infused sage, coconut water, and a hint of grapefruit soda. It was just perfect.

Cocktails in Heaven, Athens. Point α Bar & Restaurant.
Cocktails with small bites, at Point α Bar & Restaurant.

A creative palette of dishes

Food is simply another chapter…

Well, calling it food sounds reductive. It looked as if there was no kitchen involved. Masterpieces came from an artisan workshop directly to our tables.

Cocktails in Heaven, Athens' best rooftop bar.
Loukoumades according to Point α.

The blogging ritual of taking pictures before actually eating extended dangerously because – trust me – there was a lot to picture. Tastes lived up to visuals. My favorite dish was the olive oil sorbet, delicate in taste and with an unforgettable presentation.

Moussaka, Point A, Herodion.
Moussaka by Point α: Pure lust.

Their version of the loukoumades with manouri cream cheese and warm honey on top was terrific. We also had the traditional moussaka which was everything but traditional.

Then it was time for pasta… Now, having spent the last 15 years in Italy, hearing about pasta does not exactly stand for innovation to me.

Cocktails in Heaven, Travel Bloggers Greece meet in one of the most trendy rooftop bars on Athens: Point A.
Ravioli with octopus ragù.

Still much less if I dine in another country. However, and against all odds, the last dish I tried was ravioli with octopus ragù. A thrilling combination of textures, color, and aromas quite close to my idea of paradise.

Heavenly atmosphere

You can choose to relax on lounge chairs or enjoy a cozy, intimate table while candles flicker in the soft Summer breeze.

Get ready for a selection of fancy dishes rooted in the Mediterranean tradition recreated with an excess of mastery and creativity. Let yourself go, admire the eternal beauty of the Acropolis.

Everything is possible if you are in Athens. Extend your hand; you can almost touch the Parthenon… just a bit more. Yes. You’re almost there.

Point α
R. Galli 4, Herodion Hotel 5th floor – Athens

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