Herodion Hotel Athens (Review)

Herodion Hotel

With just one night to spend in Athens for my visit to the Greek Wine Exhibition, Oinorama, I decided I needed to stay in a centrally located place that would be able to offer me some extra comfort to relax during my few spare hours in the city. The choice fell on the Herodion Hotel, pure comfort in the heart of Athens. And I couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay in town

Landing very early on a city, often means you’ll have to wander around till it’s time to check in. I’m fine with that usually, but the morning I got to Athens, it started raining so heavily that walking the streets was not an option. Besides I had a rather heavy backpack full of electronics and no umbrella whatsoever. I took my chances and headed to the hotel fairly ahead of time. Not only they provided me with a very comfortable early check-in, but they also offered me a complimentary breakfast to warm up after being caught in the cold rain!


A Room with a View

My room was a perfect Superior Twin Room with an Acropolis View that – I must admit – captured my attention all the time I spent there. Just looking out of the windows was as if I could touch the glorious history of Athens. Stepping out of the balcony was a unique experience at any time of the day. However, not only the views were perfect, besides a delicious welcome basket of fruits and a selection of local magazines, the room was really classy, comfortable and spacious.

Wooden touches gave the atmosphere a special warmth that turned it into a cozy place to be. I also found a well-assorted minibar, comfy slippers, and a soft bathrobe as well as a fine marble bathroom. There, a classy variety of olive oil toiletries and modern shower facilities, ideal after a cold rain!

My bed was super comfortable, probably the most comfortable one I’ve ever slept on, thanks to the anatomic mattress with the quality signature of COCO-MAT, a guarantee for perfect rest.

Perfect Place to Work

The Herodion also provides the latest technology as far as Wi-Fi connection and business facilities, these made my stay a breeze as far as work is concerned. I could choose between a dedicated business area as well as an incredibly comfortable lounge, where you sit and work while enjoying a cup of coffee from the bar.  And… If you are a lover of art, keep your eyes attentive, there are interesting pieces in every corner of the hotel.


The evening dinner was a surprise I’m eager to write about (a post coming soon), just bear in mind that the hotel restaurant, Atrium, is truly one of the best places to dine in Athens. Not only stunning dishes, but an enchanting atmosphere and top-class service, neither easy to forget.

Night Views and Extra facilities

One of the things I loved the most was their perfect 4th floor. It boasts an elegant wooden deck with two jacuzzi tubs that are the end of the world in terms of comfort, relax and views. Enjoying a nice cocktail from the bar, at night, looking at the Acropolis can be incredibly beautiful. Doing so from a hot tub – even under a light drizzle in the Athenian night turned out to be alluring.

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On the 5th floor, instead, a fantastic roof-top bar with impressive views of the nearby Acropolis Museum is priceless. I visited last Summer and really couldn’t forget their cocktails and dishes. Whether you visit it during the daytime or at night, you will be captured by the magic this city embodies. Definitely, one of the most privileged points in town to have a 360° view of Athens-


Herodian Breakfast

The modern breakfast lounge is just as inviting. Comfortable sofas with tons of cushions as well as more traditional sitting chairs are there for you to choose from.

Morning food ranges from the traditional (and ) American breakfast, to dishes of the most Mediterranean tradition.

There’s also tasty essence of the well-known Greek tastes, represented by fresh fruit and vegetables, home-made cakes and cookies and a good choice of local cheeses, olives, and rusks. Everything fresh and constantly replenished by a very attentive staff.

This is, probably, one of the many hotels in Greece I will never forget, the service was excellent, the staff attentive and the comfort superior… but there’s one thing that few hotels can beat, that view of the Acropolis was simply unique.

Just two steps from the best places in town. The Herodion Hotel is just Pure Comfort in the Heart of Athens. It’s near to many of the Archaeological Sites, next to the Acropolis Museum, and just a few steps away from the enchanting neighborhood of Plaka. 

Rovertou Galli 4
Athens, Greece
+30 21 0923 6832



Thanks to The Herodion Hotel Athens for offering me a complimentary stay. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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