Amazing Greek Presents for a Greek-Themed Christmas!

Greek presents

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I hear you! It feels like there’s been no time off this year and moving around the globe has not been as easy as it used to be. Vacation times seem too far away to fight back those Greece travel blues. Worry not, my Greece fan pal! I’ve come up with a kick-ass, all-Greek, catalog of Christmas presents to bring a little slice of Greece a tiny bit closer this cold season. Either for you or for that Greek fan friend who cannot stop thinking about going back to the islands. Pick some of these Greek presents for Christmas… Trust me, they’re truly amazing!

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Great Greek-Themed Christmas Presents

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The Most Iconic Greece-Themed Christmas Presents

Check this great list with the best presents for those in your life who love Greece, either for Christmas or any other occasion!

Virtual Greek Presents

I get it. This is gonna be a rather different holiday season. Whether it’s due to social distancing or simply because you cannot move around, gifting others with actual, physical presents won’t be as easy as it used to be.

However, that does not mean you should just mail a boring Christmas card. Rather the opposite, it’s never been as easy as it’s now to have presents delivered to somebody’s home… or better, to someone’s device!

What about surprising that Greece fan friend in your life with an inspiring set of images, stories, and even recipes filmed in the actual place of their dreams? Check these virtual Greek presents.

A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class

Greek presents

Three different seasons or a whole season to purchase for less than €10! If you love Greek flavors or simply enjoy spending time trying unique recipes, then this is a great present. A #1 best-seller Greek culinary video, perfect for you or to give!

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Zorba the Greek, the Book

Greek presents

One of the best books ever written about life and friendship. Set on the magnificent island of Crete, Zorba the Greek is an all-time classic by Nikos Kazantzakis, and a perfect gift if Crete is on the list of Greek places you long to visit.

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Looking for more Greek presents for Christmas?
>>Check the best books about Crete and Greece here<<

Zorba the Greek, the Film

Greek presents

Are you more of a film kind of guy but still don’t want to miss this stunningly beautiful story? Check the uber-famous film version of Kazantzakis book starring the unforgettable Anthony Queen.

You will be booking your ticket to Crete in no time at all!

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Greek Tales for Kids

Greek presents

Greek Tales for Kids are a compelling series of stories about the Gods and the magical beings of Greece. Kids will adore watching one… or all the episodes of the series!

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Ancient Greece, the Greatest Show on Earth

Greek presents

Travel with Dr. Michael Scott to Greece and discover the story of Greece and the birth of one of the most perfect arts of all times… Theater! A must-watch for everyone interested in Greek culture and history.

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Greek Food and Other Goodies

The Mediterranean diet has conquered millions of people all over the world! Great flavors and super healthy traits combine with the memories of that summer spent on a Greek island…

Why not bringing some of that taste back home to ease the eagerness of going back to Greece? You can either purchase a single made-in-Greece delicacy, a whole basket of goodies, or a Greek recipe cookbook for those who love to recreate those amazing Greek tastes at home. Here are my favorite.

Authentic Flavors of Greece Gourmet Gift Basket

Greek presents

Taste the richness and variety of Greece’s cuisine with this one-of-a-kind gastronomic basket full of Greek goodies!

This beautifully packed present showcases cheeses, olive oil, spreads, and more items imported directly from Greece.

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Halva with Pistachio

Greek presents

Who doesn’t love Halva? Or try i during this Christmas season!

Ok, it might not be as Christmassy as Melomakarona or Kourambiedes cookies, but it’s an authentic Greek delicacy you cannot miss this season!

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Hand-Made Greek Almond Cookies

Greek presents

Authentic Greek cookies always include rich ingredients, such as nuts and honey. Amygdalotas are a mouthwatering treat made with tasty almonds and delicious almond paste.

These are made with all-natural ingredients and are conveniently delivered to your door!

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Orange-Flavoured Olive Oil

Greek presents

Not just your common Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, but a gourmet version with a delicate orange flavor. Ideal for salads, cold cuts, and for any dish you want to try or prepare whenever nostalgia for Greece strikes!

On the Amazon page, you’ll be able to find more varieties, including organic, truffle, and basil flavored Greek olive oil.

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Traditional Golden Thyme Honey From Crete

Greek presents

Cretan honey is one of those flavors that I include in my Taste of Crete tour and I’ve witnessed tourists go literally crazy about it!

It’s rich, fragrant, thick, and full of delicious herbal aromas. This one comes from Chania, in Crete… And you’ll be eager to enjoy it over your Greek yogurt during your Christmas breakfast!

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Greek Alphabet Chocolate Mold

Greek presents

Do you enjoy spending time making chocolate and candy treats at home? No better way to kill time during a cold winter afternoon than preparing Greek-inspired sweets!

Check this Greek Alphabet kitchen mold to give a more Mediterranean feel to your homemade sweets.

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Are you a fan of Greek food?
>>These Greek recipe books are a perfect Christmas gift<<

Christmas Presents Inspired in Greece

Sometimes you need a little bit more. Something that constantly reminds you of your love and attachment to Greece…

Maybe your ancestors came from there, maybe you just fell in love with Greece in a past vacation… or maybe, you just simply love the country and cannot wait to visit for the first time. In any case, these Greek presents for Christmas might have all you need!

Greek-Inspired Coasters for Drinks

Greek presents

Bring a touch of Greece to your table with this delicate and pretty set of six coasters for your drinks.

These are made from special absorbent ceramic stone which works better than sandstone, this absorptive material will protect your furniture from excess condensation from cold drinks.

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 Sterling Silver Greek Earrings

Greek presents

Carry a piece of Greece wherever you go!

Check these super nice Greece-inspired earrings, a wonderful Christmas present (for you or for a friend) that you can wear all year round. They are lightweight and feature an easy on/off clasp.

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Greek Typewriter Letter Metal Stamp Set

Greek presents

Do you enjoy engraving, is jewellery your hobby or are you just a graphic design freak? Now this is an original gift!

This letter set includes the entire Greek alphabet and provides a traditional, cultural accent to your stamped craft and jewelry projects.

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Greek-Themed Curtains

Greek presents

Redecorating home this season? Bring a Greek touch inside your house with these beautiful Greece-inspired polyester curtains. They come in three different sizes and fit almost any rod size.

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Greek Santa Ornament for Christmas Tree

Greek presents

Don’t forget to Greekisize your Christmas tree! Add a Greek Santa (Agios Basilis) to your collection of Christmas ornaments with Greek-inspired landscapes from beautiful Santorini.

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Greece-Inspired Decorative Pillow Covers

Greek presents

An amazing gift idea to add a touch of Greekness and marine atmosphere to any home, these pillow covers come in different shapes and navy inspired designs. They will make your home look more Greek than ever.

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Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

Greek presents

Beauty products made with unique Greek ingredients are one thoughtful present you can give to your friends or that you can just buy for yourself!

The original Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser formula has been boosted with Greek Yoghurt to deliver 2.5 times more skin soothing and nourishing proteins. 

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The Best Greek Present of All: A Greece Trip of a Lifetime

Well… it’s true that it could be out of reach for the average pocket, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to surprise your other half with a unique, unforgettable trip to Greece?

Whether it’s a summer island-hopping adventure, a tranquil stay on a Greek villa overlooking the sea, or just a couple of air tickets, giving aways (or giving yourself!) a trip to Greece can be the most inspiring thing to do and something to look forward to in the next months. So… Why not check these ideas?!

Island Hopping in Greece

Greek presents

Discover the beauty of the Greek islands in a lifetime adventure at sea! Check these spectacular (and extra convenient) ferry ticket offers on Ferry Hopper. Booking now, you’ll certainly save on summer deals!

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Dreamy Greek Villa by the Sea


Have you ever thought about spending a whole summer in Greece living by the sea? Soaking in the beautiful views and enjoying the spectacular landscapes and atmosphere? Living like a local doesn’t have to be a dream anymore!

Check the most magnificent villas in Greece for an everlasting memory of a memorable stay!

>>Check home rentals in Greece<<

Looking for the best home rentals on the islands?
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Surprise your Better Half with a Ticket to Greece!

How to travel more with limited time off
Greek presents

Booking in December for a trip bound to happen in July or August is a great way to save good money and to spend your winter planning your trip!

Jet Radar & Avia Sales is a unique flight search engine that helps you find the best deals when it comes to air tickets to Greece, Europe, or anywhere else in the world!

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No matter which category you belong to, these Greek presents and themed gift ideas are just great to give away… or to keep!

So, what are you buying for yourself? Or for anyone else?
Let me know in the comments below!

Travel Plans for Greece?
More Resources to Organize Your Trip!

Greek presents

Start by heading right to my Greece travel guide for in-depth details you need to know about Greece. You can also check my post to plan a trip to Greece with children!

Get in touch if you need extra help to plan your trip. If you want to tour West Crete, check my guide. Want more? Join my Private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded travelers who love Crete as much as you do!

Make Sure You’ve Got Everything For a Hassle-Free Vacation!

Greek presents

Without my Osprey backpack, I never move around the islands…it’s a sturdy but light travel partner I just love. For short trips, I carry this crossbody bag. If I drive, I pack my Nikon D7200 and a good travel guide! Lonely Planet’s Best of Greece & the Greek Islands.

When it comes to plane tickets, compare prices with a powerful search engine. However, nothing beats traveling by sea in Greece. With Ferry Hopper, you can book in advance at the lowest price.

For accommodation, I use
Traveling to remote places is easier with Discover Cars. Other times, I join organized tours with GetYourGuide, which features anything from cooking lessons to airport transfer!


Get in touch and let me know!

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Great Greek-Themed Christmas Presents

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