Where to stay in Athens: Hotel Review of AthensWas


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The views of the Acropolis are one of the most romantic scenes to experience during a trip to Athens. In the morning, when the sun touches the summit, it’s clear why this was the center of the ancient Athenian world. The Acropolis shines the same way it did through the centuries, so who wouldn’t love to combine the Acropolis view with a place to sleep in Athens? Who wouldn’t love to wake up looking at this view? Here is where to stay in Athens with an Acropolis view.

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A room with a view: Where to stay in Athens, Greece

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Experience AthensWas

Hotel athenswas
Playing with my camera and the mirror.

The range of rooms varies from Deluxe to different types of Suites and Superior rooms with views. If you are able to do without the stunning Acropolis View (which you can enjoy from their fine restaurant), Classic rooms are perfect for those staying in Athens for just one or two nights or coming to town for business meetings or a shopping spree!

The Classic room is a smart and convenient choice, with access to the best parts of town within minutes. My favorite thing of all was being able to reach Plaka in minutes and enjoying night walks in the area.

athens was hotel
Classic rooms are comfortable and convenient.

Breakfast a la carte is a modern idea that more hotels are taking into consideration. The Breakfast menu in Athens Was was rich and very varied and it also offered the opportunity to choose a “Full-Breakfast” menu for those uncertain of what to pick from the list.

The Brasserie Moderne breakfast restaurant is elegant and modern at the same time, with an interesting use of glass to take advantage of natural sources of light.

Breakfast area, Brasserie Moderne.
Breakfast area, Brasserie Moderne.

AthensWas is a modern setting in one of the most beautiful parts of central Athens. The staff will take care of your needs and go the extra mile to offer you the best comfortable experience. You will be able to choose your pillow from the pillow menu, as well as take advantage of the mini gym. The hotel also has business facilities for meetings hosting up to 20 people.

AthensWas will show you how Athens used to look like. This was Athens and its landscape back in Ancient times. AthensWas’ name is also a concept, an idea that puts you in the right mood to be part of the surrounding scene.

Fine Dining with an Acropolis View

Sense Rooftop Restaurant (Capture courtesy of Margarita Nitaki, Athens Was Website).
Sense Rooftop Restaurant (Capture courtesy of Margarita Nitaki, Athens Was Website).

Sense Rooftop Food & Bar, the rooftop restaurant of the AthensWas hotel is one of the features that I enjoyed the most during my stay in Athens.

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I’ve prepared an extensive review of the dinner I was lucky to enjoy during one of the evenings.

The restaurant offers a stunning view of the Acropolis, which is already worth the evening, but chef Thodoris Papanikolaou and his creativity were the most pleasant and unexpected surprises of the stay.

Mr. Papanikolau reinvented the definition of Greek cuisine. He is capable of respecting those key elements of the tradition we have all learned to love in our favorite Mediterranean dishes, but he also adds creativity and freshness giving shape to a different concept in Greek cuisine.

You can read more about this experience here and take a look at some of the amazing pictures of his dishes on Sense website.

food sense restaurant athens
Greek Tiramisù, a treasure.

Location & Booking

If you are looking for a place where to stay in Athens, AthensWas Design Hotel is a great hotel. The venue is located in the heart of the city, comfortably close to Plaka, Anafiotika, the Acropolis Museum, and the Acropolis. steps away from the Temple of Olympian Zeus and round the corner from the metro (Line 2 – Acropolis metro station).

This review only includes our personal views. We were offered a complimentary stay at AthensWas. Ideas and opinions remain unbiased and our own.

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Athens Was Hotel Athens review

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Athens Was Hotel Athens review

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A room with a view: Where to stay in Athens, Greece

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