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Looking for an inspiring book to read before moving to Greece? In search of a unique reading experience that brings you close to the Greek islands? Fighting back travel blues with a book set on Greece? Then check this fun story – based on real facts – about what it’s like to start a new life on the Greek island of Evia.

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It's all Greek to Me: Book Review

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Where to Stay in Evia


This book by John Mole is set on Evia (Euboea)Island. If you’re looking for a place to stay on the island, I suggest you check these hotels. In general, the budget hotels have a fee per night below €50. Mid-range are hotels and studios ranging from €50 to €80 per night. Luxury stays usually cost more than €100. Take a look…

Quick guide to the best hotels in Evia

Budget: I recommend a stay at Mitho Hotel, it’s very well rated for comfort and location. Check reviews and book a room here.
Mid-Range: With a more flexible budget, check the pretty Ilia Mare. Check availability and book here.
Luxury: One great place to stay in Evia is the fabulous Celini Suites Hotel, facing the sea on Fiyia Beach. Check reviews and book here.

It’s All Greek to Me: A Book By John Mole

it's all greek to me by John Mole

Of all the books one might choose on the verge of moving to Greece, probably It’s All Greek to Me could be the least advisable. All your idyllic dreams about a new life on an island might crumble after the first few pages… or not!

When facing the struggle that might be waiting for you down the road. As the back cover reads: “… John mole inflicts upon his family a tumbledown ruin on a hillside with no water, no electricity, no roof, no floor, no doors, no windows…” The list goes on. Yet, I loved it… and yes, despite I read this book when I was about to move to Crete, it never made me change my mind.

Language mishaps and cultural differences are vividly shown and bring a crisp touch of humor and humanity that had me laughing out loud.

Some things might have changed a bit with time, but the Greek essence remains much the same (thankfully in some cases).

All Greek to Me, Only a Cliché?

Loutra Edipsou, North Euboea, Greece
Loutra Edipsou, North Euboea, Greece.

This expression has been so misused and overused that I’m sometimes afraid to use it. However, its value is huge when you need to express that hopeless feeling in the process of adapting to a new culture.

It’s a phrase that becomes a part of you while you try to absorb the language and apprehend everyday rites. John Mole says: “For the first few months I went round in a linguistic fog…

Often I only realized what someone had said minutes or even days or weeks afterwards.

This linguistic fog is something that we, foreigners in Greece, either because we spend our holidays here or because we decided to start a new life in this country, go through over and over, daily.

Personally, it’s no surprise to discover I’m not alone when trying to understand a culture through its language and vice versa. Only to find, sometime later, the real meaning of what’s been said to you. And then start laughing again at the misunderstanding, maybe even months later!

Been there… done that! Yes, no matter how complex, life on a Greek island has fun as the main ingredient.

Characters: A Portrait of Greek Authenticity

Loutra Edipsou, North Euboea, Greece
Loutra Edipsou, North Euboea, Greece

Characters are another chapter as well as an essential part of the landscape. In this book, they’re especially (and awkwardly) real, touching, and, most of the time, entertaining. Any conversation with locals can lead to tons of laughing, prove provocative or bring a couple of tears.

We all live on dreams, after all, these are the dreams of a man who worked hard to make his dream a reality. We sometimes live on impulses too, certainly, this was the case.

One of the first lessons in Greece is that everything is difficult and nothing is impossible.

Maybe the author chose the hardest way to fulfilling his dreams, but the surroundings certainly helped him to ease the task…

Are you looking for a great book to get you inspired, then pick your copy of It’s All Greek to Me and have fun imagining how life can be on a Greek island!

Published by: Nicholas Brealey
Author: John Mole


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Disclosure Thanks to Louise from Nicholas Brealey Publishing, for offering me a complimentary copy of It’s All Greek to Me for a Review. I was not compensated for this post, I received a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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It's all Greek to me by John Mole

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It's all Greek to me by John Mole

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It's all Greek to Me: Book Review

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