Bago Travel Bag Daypack Review: The Best Foldable Backpack to Explore on Crete!

Bago Bag travel bag

Are you looking for a good, sturdy, packable daypack for your travels? Then, check my review of this wonderful foldable backpack by Bago Bags that we have used during our many exploration trips on Crete and which has also been a unique beach bag for the whole family!

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Bago Daypack Review
Great Travel Companion and Top Beach Bag!

Bago Travel Bag Daypack review

We love to travel light when possible. Even for long trips, we normally pack two 40/45-liter backpacks, a huge camera bag, and a 35-liter backpack.

These contain all our travel needs for parents and kids. We roll, compress, and use many packing cubes.

Bago Travel Bag Daypack review

However, packing this way doesn’t leave much extra room for day bags. Once at the destination everything gets downgraded, we transfer the cameras we need for the day into a smaller bag and beach stuff to another one.

Daypacks need to take the least possible room and Bago Travel Bags Packable Daypack does the trick!

Bago Packable Daypack

Bago Travel Bags: Daypack and Toiletry Bag review.

Over the years we tested several solutions and even when we chose extremely light and resistant backpacks, once opened they looked awful, losing their shape or assuming strange ones according to the content.

I hated that and avoided foldable bags as much as I could.

My quest for the perfect day pack came to an end when I found the Bago Travel Bags.

This little bag is not that little! It weighs close to nothing and once you open it, it looks like a real, decent backpack.

A waterproof backpack that turned out to be amazing as a beach bag.

Bago Travel Bag Daypack review

Wide, extremely light for the kids to carry, with breathable mesh straps that are fantastic as they adapt to a child’s small shoulder, making it easy to carry without losing it on the way: A surprise!

When it was time to explore the city, it was perfect. There are two hidden pockets inside, another zippered pocket on the outside, and three comfortable mesh pockets too.

Bago Travel Bags: Daypack and Toiletry Bag review.

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When we were on the road, exploring or for interviews, it easily carried a big camera, a microphone, my notes, maps, and a bottle of water, plus any extra scarf or jacket to visit sanctuaries.

Bago Travel Bags: Daypack and Toiletry Bag review.

I found my ideal travel day pack. And the best of all? Once home I just threw it into the washing machine and… As good as new. 

Bago Toiletry Bag

Washbags, toiletry bags, make-up bags… Well, I might have bought hundreds of them, and always thinking This is it!

Guess what? It was never it. Either too big, too small, foldable but uncomfortable, or easy to roll but things kept coming out…

Anyway, this Bago Travel Bags Toiletry Bag fits our needs perfectly.

It’s big enough for our family’s needs but not huge so as make it difficult to pack. It’s possible to hang it (an awesome feature in hostels) or just place it on the counter, open it, and use it.

We received two of them matching our backpacks, but honestly, one is perfect for all of us, so I thought…

Would you like to try it?

Bago Travel Bags: Daypack and Toiletry Bag review.

So, if you would, just leave me your comment below, and tell me… What colors does Bago Travel Bags make this toiletry bag? It’s an easy one, just go to their website and check (Tip: there are more than 4 colors!).

The contest is open until November 26th and, if you are lucky, you will receive a brand new Bago Toiletry Bag I will be happy to send you!

Answer just one simple question in the comments below.

What colors does the hanging toiletry bag come in? Check on Bago’s Website… and don’t forget to subscribe!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I did receive samples for my review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. I received two daypacks in exchange for an honest review, I received two complimentary toiletry bags, one intended to be the prize of this giveaway. 

ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents in Europe who are over 18 years of age. Employees of The Tiny Book or Bago Travel Bags (affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household) are not eligible to take part.

What’s your favorite packable daypack?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Bago foldable daypack

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48 thoughts on “Bago Travel Bag Daypack Review: The Best Foldable Backpack to Explore on Crete!

  1. Frenchie on the road says:

    I received the Bago Toiletry Bag! It looks very handy and can wait to bring it on my next adventures!
    Thank you Gabi and Bago for this giveaway 🙂

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      Thanks a lot for letting me know! I am very happy to read you liked it! Wishing you the best on -and off- the road!

  2. Priyanka Singh says:

    I didnt know any bagpack company offers such varieties of colours and range for everyone’s need. Those bright colours are so appealing and catchy that I would like to have one but your giveaway is void in India. So sad!!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      The backpack is not part of the giveaway, just the toiletry bag. Anyway, I’m sure if you contact them, they will find a way to send it all the way to India.

  3. Ami Bhat says:

    Blue green pink purple and black…. Can I have the black one please :)., I love the flexibility of the bag. Makes it so easy for travel

  4. EG III says:

    Well, I’m not a legal resident of Europe, but the colors are green black pink and blue 🙂
    I love the versatility of both packs though and how you can easily fold them up to fit inside a larger bag but open them up when necessary for a quick trip!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      You don’t have to be a “legal resident” an European address to send the bag in case you win is just enough 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Janine Good says:

    These are fab. I don’t like heavy day packs as they leave indentations in my shoulders! These look lightweight, versatile and come in my favourite colours. I am going away for 10 weeks and this would come in handy!

  6. iamsuanlee says:

    These bags look so comfortable, versatile and easy to spot when in a rush! I am often trying to hunt down my plain black backpack in amongst the rest of my things so this would make a much nicer treat to find. They seem like such practical and handy bags, awesome!

  7. Alina Popescu says:

    It looks like a nice bag to have, quite colorful and well-designed to fit as much as you can in an easy to reach way. I am a bit obsessed with toiletry bags, and those you’ve shown seemed quite practical.

  8. Komang Ayu says:

    The bag is great for travel. Lots of places to store stuff. I like a bag like this, very practical and comfortable to use. But if the colors just this? Are there any other colors? I love the color pink.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      I chose blue and green for my boys!! if you take a look at Bago travel bags website, you’ll see they come in more colors too, just like the toiletry bags, pink included.

  9. Blair Villanueva says:

    I love foldable, lightweight bags! I always bring mine to my trips overseas, so I could store my shopping finds on my way home 🙂

  10. carmyy says:

    This seems like such a cute backpack. I trust your opinion on the comfy straps as your kids seem to like them! I find that with a lot of backpack straps, they dig in over time and it is such a pain carrying them around.

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      The straps on this packs are so comfortable, and breathable. I really don’t see how other brands didn’t see it before!

  11. Sarah @ Expat of the World says:

    I really need to get my hands on proper bags, instead of lugging around the one I have which is falling part! Looks great for kids, too.

  12. Léa says:

    I really enjoy travelling with family, and we would have love these bags! Beautiful colors and look very handy too, love them!

  13. Verushka Ramasami (@Verushka143) says:

    There are so many bags on the market so it is always good to here about a bag from a traveller and not just an advert online.Love the colours.

  14. Joanna says:

    It looks like a great day pack. I have experienced quite a few foldable day packs but they always broke as soon as a heavy item went in, like a big bottle of water for example. I’d love to try out one that is actually steady.

    The colors are: pink, purple, green, blue and black

  15. Alberto C. says:

    Very nice bags, they definitely look quite handy! They would be great for my next trip 🙂
    The colours are blue, green, black, pink and purple

  16. Indrani says:

    Bags are evolving continuously! Each day a better variant is launched. Loved the colors and spaces in these. Seems very practical.

  17. anjuprakash says:

    These look super versatile and comfortable. Plus, its stylish! I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable shoulder days due to badly designed bags, think ill give this a try!

    • Gabi - The Tiny Book Family Travel says:

      It’s really convenient, you won’t regret it. I have spent so much money on “famous” and “stylish” daypacks… This one is unbeatable as far as price, confort, weight and design.

  18. gobeyondbounds says:

    Hey there are four colors green, black, pink and blue. If we are lucky to get one we would like to choose the blue one 😉

  19. Frenchie on the road says:

    These backpack and toiletry bags look very handy! The colors for the toiletry bags are black, blue, green, pink and purple!

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