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The Most Fascinating Books About Greece You Can Read Anytime!

Best novels set in Greece: Whether on a plane, your winter sofa, or even a [...]

Books About Greece: Greece on My Wheels, a Book by Edward Enfield

Greece On My Wheels, by Edward Enfield, is a funny, intelligent and pleasant read that [...]

Unique Reads: Great Books about Moving to Crete to Get Inspired (And to Make Up Your Mind!)

Seeking a life change? Thinking about starting a new life on a Greek island? Check [...]

Over 30 Beautiful Travel Coffee Table Books About Crete, Greece, and the World!

Are you looking for a gift for the travel fan in your life and have [...]

Best Books About Crete: Discover Crete from Home!

Best Books About Crete: We can still travel to the island with this +30 great [...]


I’ve Written a Book… It’s All About Greece!

My new book about Greece: The book Two weeks in the Cycladic Islands proposes a [...]

Books About Greece: It’s all Greek to me, a Book by John Mole

It's All Greek to Me: A book by John Mole about living life on a [...]

Books About Greece: An Octopus in my Ouzo by Jennifer Barclay

An Octopus in my Ouzo, a review of the book by Jennifer Barclay, set in [...]

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Travel and Reading: 10 Books to Carry with You on Your Trips!

Travelers have a favorite book, when we travel we spend lots of time reading Check [...]