Travel the Greek Islands: How to Get to Paros the Easy Way!

Paros Port and caiques

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Popular among tourists and locals alike, Paros is a great summer destination when visiting Greece. If you’re planning a trip to the Greek Islands but want to avoid the overpriced Mykonos and the overpopulated Santorini, Paros can offer every single ingredient of the Aegean lifestyle with more convenient and relaxed standards.

Are you wondering how to get to Paros? Don’t worry, this guide gives you all the info you need.

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How to Travel to Paros, Greece

how to get to Paros

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Where to Stay in Paros

Greece - Paros - Port

A quick guide to the best Paros hotels

BudgetI recommend the convenient and economical suites at Parian Village Beach Hotel.
Mid-range: Check out the gorgeous seaside pool at Pyrgaki Hotel.
Luxury: Check out the beautiful Sandaya Luxury Suites in Naoussa.
Rental Home Type? Check villas in Paros here.

Top-rated tours in Paros
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Santorini Boat Trip From Paros

General Information about Paros

A traditional Cycladic windmill welcomes visitors in the port of Paros.
A traditional Cycladic windmill welcomes visitors to the port of Paros.

Old settlements, whitewashed churches, mouthwatering gastronomy, fishing villages, stunning beaches…

Paros is the utmost iconic island in Greece. Besides, the island is full of entertainment opportunities for every kind of tourist, no matter age or budget availability. 

For all these reasons, being such a popular destination, it’s not really difficult to reach Paros almost at any time of the year while spending about 4 days in Paros can turn into an unforgettable adventure!

Just a few miles from another important Greek Island, Naxos, the island of Paros enjoys a rather central position in the Cycladic cluster of islands. It’s close to smaller islands such as Antiparos and the Small Cyclades and can be a great place to visit if you’re island-hopping in Greece.

How to Get to Paros, Greece

Paros is a green and rather low island in great contrast with the neighboring Naxos, known for its imposing Mount Zas and the rather hilly landscape.

Paros is also home to some unique beaches, and some of the most beautiful mountain villages in Greece. Let’s see now how to get there!

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Can you Fly to Paros? Getting to Paros by Plane

how to get to Paros

The airport of Paros is about 12 km from the capital, Paroikia (also written Parikia). There are direct flights from Athens (with Olympic Air) that reach Paros from 2 to 4 times every day, depending on the season.

Once you make it to the airport of Paros, you can either hire a taxi, rent a car, or take the bus that — in summer — takes you to the capital of the island.

How to Get to Paros by Ferry

how to get to Paros
Saint Anthony Monastery, Paros.

The Port of Paroikia is the real ferry hub in the Aegean. There are ferries arriving and departing from and to every island in the region, serving almost all the Cycladic Islands, as well as some islands in the Dodecanese.

Ferries also depart from the port of Naoussa on special occasions. Always check beforehand your ports of arrival and departure and do pay special attention if you happen to arrive and depart from different ports.

Ferries to Paros from Athens

There are 3 to 5 daily ferries from the Port of Piraeus, and one weekly ferry from Lavrio Port with stops on the islands of Kea and Kythnos.

Traveling to Paros From Other Greek Islands

how to get to Paros

Probably the most important ferry hub in Greece, there are endless ferry routes that reach Paros from other islands, this is great news either if Paros is your final destination or if you’re island hopping. Paros is a connection place to board boats for more remote islands too. There are ferry connections between Paros and the following islands:

Crete to Paros

There’s a daily ferry connecting Paros to the Port of Heraklion and, in summer, it’s also possible to board the boat service that twice a week departs from Rethymnon. Chania is also a port with daily ferries bound to Paros in summer.

Antiparos to Paros

There are two ports where you can catch a ferry to the nearby Antiparos. One departing from Paroikia, with a sailing time between 30 and 40 minutes, and another one from the more distant port of Pounda.

The ferry that connects Pounda and Antiparos departs every 30 minutes in summer and the crossing time is less than 10 minutes. You can board this ferry in your car as well.

Santorini to Paros

There are two to three daily ferries and the travel time can range from two to three hours. If you’re spending a holiday in Paros, taking a day trip (or a two-day trip) to Santorini can be really convenient.

Mykonos to Paros 

There are 2-5 daily ferries connecting Paros to Mykonos and the trip takes anything between 1 to 2 hours.

Naxos to Paros

From three to five or six daily ferries, depending on the season. The trip is about an hour which makes it quite easy to visit both islands during your trip to Greece.

The sailing time is less than an hour. Planning a day trip to Paros or to Antiparos can be a winning idea for those spending their holidays in Naxos.

Ferry Routes from Paros to Other Greek Islands

Amorgos: 2-3 daily ferries

Anafi: 1 ferry a week with a very long sailing time, about 8 hours.

Astypaleia: 1-4 weekly ferries, the trip lasts up to 5 hours.

Folegandros: around 3 ferry trips per week, the sailing time is 3.5 hours.

Kalymnos: 1 weekly ferry, the trip is about 8 hours long.

Kos: 1 weekly ferry, again with a very long cruising time, about 9 hours.

Kimolos: it can be reached twice a week and the trip lasts a bit more than 4 hours.

Milos: About 4 ferries per week (more in the high season).

Sifnos: 1-2 weekly connections.

Rhodes: 1 weekly ferry with a 15-hour ride.

There are also ferries bound for the islands of Syros, Serifos, Tinos, and Tilos.

Check ferry tickets to Greece here!

Finally, you can also reach the Small Cyclades with this ferry schedule:

Ano Koufonisi:  1-2 daily boats, three hours sailing time.

Donoussa: 3-5 daily boats.

Iraklia: 3 weekly boats.

Skinoussa: 1-3 weekly connections, the sailing time is one and a half hours.

Moving Around in Paros

how to get to Paros
Night landscape, Paros.

The bus station is just meters away from the center of the capital as well as from the Port of Paroikia.

From here, it’s possible to catch a bus to get to the village of Naoussa, the port of Pounda, and other local destinations, such as the mountain settlement of Lefkes.

Rent Your Own Vehicle in Paros

Nothing better than renting a car or a motorcycle to discover the island.

Remember that, during summer, several areas in the urban areas are close to the traffic with many roads devoted only to pedestrians. Taxis are affordable and a great option if you are not into driving abroad.

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How to get to Paros, Greece

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