The Most Incredible Things to Do in Prague in Winter

Charles bridge, Old Town bridge tower, Prague (UNESCO), Czech republic, Europe

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Prague is known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, so can you imagine how stunning it turns in winter? Let me tell you, a winter holiday in Prague is the perfect fairytale story.

So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this destination when the temperatures go down. Explore the best things to do in Prague in winter for a fairytale-like holiday in this magical European city. 

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Best Things To Do in Prague in Winter

Prague in winter

Basic Things to Know about Prague


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Where is Prague

prague in winter

The Czech Republic is a gorgeous country located in central Europe. The capital but also the most important city in the country is Prague.

Prague is also the historic capital of Bohemia province. It lies next to the important Vltava River. The country is located in Central Europe, bordering Slovakia, Germany, and Poland.

Why You Should Visit Prague

prague in winter

There are countless reasons to visit Prague, first of all, the city is small, compact, and very easy to discover in just a couple of days. It is very pedestrian-friendly and a perfect destination for a European weekend away.

But there is more to Prague than that… The city owns a unique history, partly because it had a leading character during the Habsburg Monarchy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

prague in winter

The city was also a key protagonist during the Thirty Year’s War and the Protestant Reformation that took place in several European countries.

Prague was also the capital of former Czechoslovakia during the post-war Communist years.

However, the thing that will strike you the most about Prague is its cultural atmosphere. Personally, I love to describe it with just one phrase: Prague breathes art!

prague in winter

Art is everywhere in town, through its architectural styles, including a strong Gothic influence, but also Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and even Liberty.

You will also be able to marvel at its cultural wonders, including Prague Castle, the Klementinum, the unique Jewish Quarter, and a lot more.

prague in winter

Finally, don’t forget that Prague’s historic center is included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Good to Know: The Czech Republic is also known as Czechia. In fact, in 2016 the country adopted the name “Czechia” as a shortened, informal name for the Czech Republic.

How to Get to Prague

prague in winter

Located in the center of Europe, getting to Prague is quite easy, meaning that you will only need a short flight from almost any city on the continent. However, you can also reach Prague by train.

The city’s Vaclav Havel Airport is the most important in the country and it is located about 15 minutes from the center.

prague in winter
My kids playing at Prague’s airport before flying back home.

It receives flights from most European cities from low-cost carriers including Easyjet, Ryanair, Vueling, and WizzAir. Direct flights from the U.S. (Delta, KLM) or Canada also exist.

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Getting to Prague by train and bus is also possible. There are several affordable connections between Prague and Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and other Central Europe countries. You can find more details here.

How to Move Around in Prague

prague in winter

Upon arrival at the city airport, you can get to town by taxi or private transfer, something still quite affordable.

Another alternative is to take bus 119 and get off at Nádraží Veleslavín Station (Line A of the city metro) that, with the same ticket, takes you to the old town district.

You can save some money and still travel comfortably by booking a shared shuttle from (or to) Václav Havel Airport.

prague in winter

To move around in the city, you can use Prague’s efficient public transport network which includes metros, trams, and buses, as well as very affordable taxis and even the Petřín Funicular Railway which takes you to the top of Petřín Hill.

Passes and tickets for public transport can be purchased at any metro station and all tickets must always be validated before the trip.

Prague in Winter Weather

prague in winter

Although temperatures start going down from the end of September, really cold weather can be felt from December until the end of February with temperatures ranging from 4 °C to -1 °C.

Even when I believe that Prague is simply amazing in summer, if you’re not bothered by cold weather, winter is the best time to visit Prague if you enjoy the Holiday season.

prague in winter
Magic Prague in December.

Christmas in Prague is perfect for those who love markets, mulled wine, trees, and decorations!

Prague in the Snow

prague in winter

Although it does not snow a lot at the beginning of December or in February, be certain that you might encounter occasional snowy days in the last week of December (perfect for that magic Christmas vibe, right?) as well as in January in Prague.

Where to Stay in Prague

prague in winter

There are many great places to stay in Prague, even if you wish to stay in the historic center.

I’ve always chosen the Malá Strana district (also known as Lesser Town) to stay in. I love its tranquil vibes despite being just steps from the historic center. Check out this gorgeous flat where we stayed in Malá Strana.

prague in winter

We did not use much public transport as everything was within a short distance. However, we did travel on the so-called tourist tram (Line 22) which passes through this district.

There is also a metro stop (Line A) in the area, Malostranska.

prague in winter

Malá Strana is located on the left bank of the river, but still very quiet and residential. It is part of the area known as Prague 1 which also includes the old district (Staré Město).

Before we go through the list of the best wintery things to do in Prague, check these suggestions for where to stay.

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Mid-range: Malostranská Residence
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prague in winter
Little and colorful houses in Prague.

Luxury: Golden Well Hotel
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Top Things to Do in Winter in Prague

prague in winter

In no particular order, these are some of the best things you cannot miss in Prague when the temperatures go down!

Visit Prague Castle

prague in winter

No matter what season you plan to visit Prague, you must visit this beautiful and enormous castle. After all, it is a UNESCO-listed site.

A lot more than just a castle, the complex features stunning palaces, the imposing Saint Vitus Cathedral as well as other churches.

prague in winter

You will marvel at unique towers, gatehouses, gardens, and tons of cultural treasures. Probably the most incredible place of all is Golden Lane, where Frantz Kafka’s house is still open to the public.

However, winter indeed has its advantages. First of all, during winter, there are shorter lines because generally there are fewer tourists.

prague in winter
The Golden Lane.

Be aware that it is required for everyone to pass a security check.

That means you will need to open your bags to show their contents and pass through a metal detector frame.

prague in winter
With the kids before entering the castle.

During winter, Prague Castle is undoubtedly even more magical.

Starting on November 23 and until the first week of January, the castle hosts two Christmas Markets, one at St. George’s Square and another one in the Stables Yard. 

prague in winter
Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Like most Christmas markets, they feature numerous stalls selling everything from handmade wooden toys to glass ornaments and many hot foods and drinks.

You can visit Prague Castle by taking advantage of these tickets and tours:

Explore the Old Town Square

prague in winter

Prague’s most famous tourist attractions are all conveniently located at the fairytale-like Old Town Square. 

It is the heart of the city and is surrounded by several beautiful Gothic buildings, such as the Church of Our Lady, the Baroque Church of St Nicholas, and the Old Town Hall with the magical Astronomical Clock.

prague in winter

In the wintertime, especially during the Christmas period, the square is beautifully decorated with vibrant lights, red-roofed market stalls selling hot chocolate and mulled wine and a giant Christmas Tree.

prague in winter
Street Christmas market, Old Square.

In other words, during winter, the square is a real-life fantasyland. To fully enjoy this charming spot, be sure to watch the procession of the Twelve Apostles as the Astronomical Clock strikes every hour. It is a unique ceremony that is even more magical on New Year’s Eve.

These tours can help you discover a different side to the Old Town and the rest of Prague:

Discover the Jewish Quarter

prague in winter

The Jewish Quarter, or Josefov as it’s known in Czech, is a must-visit in Prague in winter. It features a maze of lanes with beautiful colorful buildings and quite a horrific history.

To experience the area’s history, be sure to visit the museum, which is a symbol of the life and survival of thousands of Holocaust victims. 

prague in winter
Jewish cemetery.

Furthermore, the area features monuments such as the Maisel Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Klaus Synagogue, and the Ceremonial Hall. 

prague in winter

Another spooky yet beautiful spot you should visit is the Old Jewish Cemetery. It is the oldest surviving in Europe, with around 12,000 stones jumbled together atop approximately 100,000 graves. 

You will certainly learn more about this fascinating corner of town by joining a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter that also includes admission tickets.

Catch the Sunrise from Charles Bridge

prague in winter
Charles Bridge at about 10 am. Compare this to the photo below, same place at 7 am.

Charles Bridge is probably one of the most famous bridges in Europe and for a good reason. It is a stunning 14th-century bridge that inspired many artists, writers, and photographers. 

Usually, Charles Bridge is overcrowded with overzealous tourists wanting a photo of the stunning scenery.

Furthermore, at the bridge, you will often find street artists or stalls selling art, crafts, and handmade jewelry.

prague in winter

So, to avoid the crowd, the best time to visit the bridge and take stunning photos is at sunrise. And you don’t really need to set up the clock that early after all!

I got there just a little before 7 am and I was able to catch the first sunrays without a soul around.

During winter, the bridge is surrounded by thick, cotton-like fog creating an eerie, magical atmosphere.

prague in winter

Also, even though Charles Bridge is gorgeous from every angle, head to the Old Town Bridge Tower to get a shot with a snowy Prague Castle in the background. 

Tour Prague’s Museums and Galleries

prague in winter

There is a certain beauty to exploring Prague’s narrow streets, colorful buildings, and cityscape vistas from Charles Bridge in snowy winter.

But it might be more appreciated to escape indoors and discover the city’s culture and history through museums.

prague in winter
Museum of Film Special Effects, right next to the Musical Instruments Museum.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or more interested in bizarre exhibitions, Prague surely has a museum to satisfy your curiosity. 

To experience the city’s culture, visit Franz Kafka Museum, which exhibits the writer’s original letters, photos, diaries, and manuscripts.

prague in winter

If you’re more interested in odd sculptures but are not particularly crazy about art galleries, check out the spectacular main Post Office Neo-Renaissance building near Wenceslas Square (Jindřišská Street).

prague in winter

Alternatively, look out for Lucerna Gallery, a covered passage with a unique upside-down horse statue (61 Štěpánská Street).

prague in winter

Similarly, the Museum of Communism offers an insight into post-World War II life with a school classroom, interrogation room, and propaganda posters. 

prague in winter

For a historical tour, the National Museum is a must-visit. It features a large collection that covers everything from puppets to medieval art and weapons to zoological and anthropological displays.

The following original tours and activities in Prague will guarantee that you do something completely different while exploring the best of the city in winter:

Watch a Seasonal Show

prague in winter
Opera House, Prague. Celebrations on New Year’s Eve.

You can’t have a European winter holiday without watching a seasonal performance at one of the many theaters, opera houses, or even churches. 

Prague has numerous spots for concerts, musicals, and other special performances.

However, in December, the whole city turns into a large stage. Dance shows, chorus presentations, and orchestras perform special Christmas concerts all around the city.

prague in winter
Street artists, Old Town Square.

Look for special classical music performances at the Basilica of St. George at Prague Castle or the Mirror Chapel at the Klementinum Library complex, where Mozart once played the organ.

prague in winter
The tower at the Klementinum. This was one of the visits we enjoyed the most in Prague.

Or, check the schedule at the majestic Smetana Concert Hall at the Municipal House for orchestras, operas, and gala concert venues.

My favorite, and definitely my kids’ favorite was an exhibition at the Black Light Theater (Srnec). They enjoyed it immensely and laughed from the beginning to the end.

prague in winter

We booked the tickets in advance here and arrived a bit earlier so as to also visit the nearby Museum of Communism (which was not necessary to book).

>>Spending time in Prague in New Year? Listen to live jazz music while taking in gorgeous views of the city. Ring in the New Year with a glass of prosecco and fireworks at Charles Bridge. Check out this New Year’s Eve Cruise.

Go Ice-Skating

prague in winter

Unlike other European countries, the Czech Republic is passionate about ice hockey. So, it is no surprise that the locals also love ice skating.

The city hosts a range of ice skating rinks on postcard-pretty backdrops. For instance, you will find ice rinks near the Estates Theatre, the river, the iconic Zizkov TV Tower, and Galerie Harfa Shopping Mall’s rooftop. 

prague in winter

When winter is very cold and the river’s water freezes, you can see Czechs ice-skating on the Vltava River or the Slapy dam, about an hour outside Prague.

The Exhibition Grounds Holesovice and Ice Arena Letnany offer indoor ice rinks if you prefer to avoid Prague’s cold winter.

Relax in a Sauna

prague in winter

What’s a better way to avoid the cold winter wind than warming up in a sauna? In the Czech Republic, saunas are a centuries-old tradition, so they are often found at spas, wellness centers, public swimming pools, and even water parks.

In Prague, you will find large places offering several sauna options. Some types are the Russian banya saunas, Finnish saunas, and steam rooms, with very high humidity and combination systems.

You will also find Roman baths, a type of semi-private steam cabin where temperatures reach 65 degrees Celsius, and warm swimming pools with ionized water kept at 30 degrees Celsius.

It is definitely worth trying a sauna. However, be aware that saunas are usually mixed, and nudity is a common practice, so be prepared.

prague in winter

As you could see, in winter, Prague turns into a snowy, vibrant fantasyland, making you feel like you traveled in a romantic Disney movie. Overall, it is a majestic city. But in winter, it has an unparalleled vibe that you don’t want to miss!

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Everything you need to know about Prague in Winter

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