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Sometimes when you plan a trip you have no idea where to start from or how to fit many things to see and do on the same day, here you can find some tested, helpful itineraries to use as is, or to combine while you’re on the road.

We used to enjoy traveling as a family a lot. We still do… but kids are growing, and you know, traveling with mom is not so cool anymore!
And, little by little, mom is back on the road alone again!

Food and wine are two of the main traits that help define the nature of any culture. Food and wine let you discover a bit more about the traditions of any new place you visit. Check this section to enjoy the taste of gastronomic tourism.

I’m obsessed with photography gear (my fav hobby next to traveling) and I also hate to pack! However, I’ve learned that the best way to face the dreaded task is to be organized. Here are a few tips and reviews of gear and packing.

Reading is, I believe, the best way to travel with your imagination. You can learn about different countries without even boarding a plane. Check my favorite books and also the travel guides I wrote.

Check my personal selection of hotels and restaurants, but also touristic attractions and places visited during the last years.

Join my gastronomic tour of Chania. Discover the wonderful tastes of Crete and visit unique corners of the city that only locals know about.

And remember… you can also check the rest of my articles, most of them covering Greece, especially my home, the island of Crete.